Sunday, February 18, 2007

More 5th grade Quilt of Valor

Here are some more of the kids laying the quilts out. I just love the way they designed them. We discussed that there was no wrong or right, we just wanted them to be pleasing to the eye. I told them a little about seeing how your eyes move across the quilts - do they get hung up someplace, is there a specific area that draws more attention? It was fun listening to them ask each other those same questions over and over.

There are 72 kids in the class - and they all participated! After we layed them out we pinned the tops together so we wouldn't forget the placements. The next friday was the sew day!

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Judy said...

72 kids? OMGoodness!! You do have your hands full.......but they love doing these things so much that they usually aren't a problem. Tell the kids that I think their quilts are AWESOME!! I love what they are doing :>)