Monday, July 03, 2017

EnProvence Progress and Kevin the Quilter Mystery

In case you didn't know.... Kevin the Quilter is hosting his very First Mystery Quilt!!! Yay!!!

And you all know  I love mysteries.... And I know! The timing is at the same time as mine... ( sort of) but what the heck!! What is just One! More! Project!   ??

Hubby says it's one more thing to keep me out of trouble... so get to stitchin'!!

This is my start of Clue #1!!
I still have the stitching to do - but the cutting was fun!
Kevin promised it would help me whittle down my scraps... I'm thinking he doesn't know the extent of my scraps!! 

And My EnProvence!!
I have the insides all stitched together.
I wasn't sure I was going to add the outer border.... But After looking at it for a few minutes
I'll get to stitchin and put it on!  

Check this out!
Our 4H Group is going to be in a parade!
So the Lovely people at Ericksons Floral in Greeley are sponsoring our float
and!! They taught us all about decorating it!!!

We do have some more to do - but we had so much fun so far
( the boy in the turquoise - he is mine)

Just so you know
I don't like HOT so much
So on days like this weekend where we hit 100
I dream of this!!

Back to work!!
Hope you have a Happy 4th of July
and I will see you Wednesday for the start of:

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Ramona said...

Your En Provence keeps getting prettier and prettier. The yellow in the design looks like twinkle lights. Love it!

Home Sewn By Us said...

Hi Alycia,
Ooh, a mystery QOV quilt. Hmm, I am not the greatest at mystery quilts. I am trying to participate in Pat Sloan's QAL that just started on Wednesday but am waiting for the fabric to come so I'm already behind. Maybe I should join in. ?? Hmm. Enjoy the holiday! ~smile~

Judy Hansen said...

Thanks for telling me about Kevin's mystery quilt. I didn't know about it. Thanks also for linking up to Design Wall Monday.

Phyllis said...

Your En Provence is awesome!!

Vicki W said...

Having seen your stash I laugh at Kevin's comment. There will be no evidence of any dent in your stash! 😁

WeedyMama said...

As long as you dream of "it", and don't have to shovel "it", you can dream. It is hot here too, although not in the *** digits. I feel so much better in the warmer weather.

Send pix of the parade entry. I remember the year I was "Queen of Absolutely Nothing" and my niece was "Princess of a Whole Lot Less". It was so much fun, and our picture made the front page of the local paper! Throw candy, the natives get restless when you don't throw candy!

WeedyMama said...

PS. Really love the BH project. We think alike.

Preeti said...

Love love love your En Provence. It is like 4th of July celebration quilt - red, white and blue with a touch of the fireworks (gold/yellow). Hope you had a great holiday.

Kevin the Quilter said...

Great minds think alike.........right? LOLOLOL I hope you have fun with "Sapphire Stars!" Less than a month and I get to see you!!

Andee said...

I am so behind on my blog reading that this is the firsy I have heard about Kevin's mystery. Ack!