Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Quits of Valor CO

Just a Quick Reminder.... before I get too excited about the quilts.....

Our new QOV Mystery Starts on July 5th!!!

The Day After Independence Day.... the first Clue will be the Fabric Requirements... so an easy peasy start!!!

Alright - On to the Quilts and the inspirations!!

These first two come From Diana and her stitchin Crew down at High Prairie Quilt Shop
Aren't they beautiful? They were quilted by the awesome quilters at Juke Box Quilts!  So Two Colorado Quilt Shops!!

This one ( Below)
was made by our QOV Group

And another Lovely Pieced by Marilyn
These two were also quilted at Juke Box Quilts

This one (below) was a part of a Challenge from another QOV group
and they sent it to me to quilt!
It is now back in their hands awaiting its destination

As well as this one ( below)
I had such fun quilting them!

Then we have one of my OMG quilts from April
I made 6 tops, and only had 4 of them finished at the end of April
Finishing this one.... makes all 6 finished
Whoot Whoot Whoot!!
( I did earn a piece of chocolate for that!!)

PS - The snippet of the quilting was in Sundays/Mondays Post

The three below were also put together by my QOV group
I can't name names, because the sneaky Stitchers just put them in my bucket
and I forget to label them
( I might also forget pens.... sheesh!)

They were Quilted by Hollie in Texas

Alright you all!! Start setting an hour a week aside for the month of July....
Write it in your planners
And plan on a crockpot meal that day....

( or better yet - make someone else cook!!)

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Judy Vollan in Thornton CO said...

Love them all!

Goofin' Off Around the Block said...

Those are all such lovely quilts and for such a good cause. Thanks for sharing all of these pictures. They are truly eye candy for me. --Andrea

Gypsy Quilter said...

Wooo hooo, go team!

Pat Richie said...

Beautiful quilts!!

Karol said...

Beautiful as always! Is there a pattern for the other QOV challenge quilt. I Really like that one and would like to do it. I could probably figure it out or get close but the pattern would be so much easier :-)

Susan said...

Some beautiful quilts this week - thanks for sharing!

The Joyful Quilter said...

Another fabulous collection of inspiring QOV quilts!! Makes me want to go dig through my red, white, and blue fabrics. Lucky thing the next mystery is coming up!! :o))

Phyllis said...

Awesome quilts!! Thank you all!!

Tami C said...

What a great bunch of beautiful quilts! Thank you everyone!