Monday, March 05, 2012


Today is not a design wall for me, Somehow the weekend got away with out any piecing. I did work on a customer quilt - and can't wait to show you that when I am finished!!

My kiddos all wanted to go see the Lorax movie - so Friday night we ventured into town... holy cow - LOTS of people go out on Friday Nights... I must have been hiding out here!

We saw the Lorax in 3D - Middle bit didn't want his picture taken... but I found other volunteers

Aren't they cool!!!   I loved the 3D glasses look - priceless!

Sunday I spent the day at Combat Veterans Cowboy Up!! Go check out their website - I'll wait -   .I have been there before, but I so love it each time I go. They have 2 new colts on the ground and a LOT of work to be done...

John ( the owner) was talking about how a bit ago they were out of hay and all of a sudden these $5 donations came in, and there was enough to buy hay to get thru a week - which was a GodSend for them....  Do you all remember that - that was US!!! Many of us gave up our McD or starbucks run and donated it to him!!! How awesome are we!!

I think I am going to do that again. I think that I will pack the boys dinner and donated that McD money to him for more hay or whatever he needs. We have dog training tonite and usually do the drive thru ahead of time.... not tonight!!   

Hope you all have a great day - and for cool design walls head over to   I'll have something sewn for next week ( maybe) LOL

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Diana said...

How awesome are you!? Very cool of you to help someone in need! It is good for the kidlets to know they are helping others. You are awesome!