Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Quilt shows

Can you tell that I am loving these quilts? I love seeing all the cool ideas. Just so you know - not all of these are still here. We had a run on QOV's in February - and that meant a lot of running for me.  I was talking last night to the family, and wondering how I had so many things to still *do* . I was laughed at and told that I could get them done if I stayed home.... hurumphhh - that's no fun!

On To the quilts - now thats FUN!!

Last year - I went to speak to the Alpine Quilters in Genesee CO - and I fell in love with the area!! Here is a quilt that they combined to make - it is pieced by Joyce, and quilted by Pat ....

Don't you just love it???

This next one was made by Miracles and quilted by Mindy M from Elbert CO

I kind of like all the crazy fabrics in it!!! and the border - oh wow!!

This next one was also pieced by Miracles and Quitled by Mindy.

She tried some really cool feathers - I LOVE em!!

The last one was pieced by Julie at  and Quilted by Mindy!

She used a variegated thread and it really gave it a cool effect!!

Hope you enjoyed seeing these today! We have a little bit of a winter storm coming in, and of course, we are planting the front 40 with grass seed. I hope they get it finished, and then the snow settles in on top of it, and it make really green grass this summer!!


Nancy said...

Love all these quilts and the quilting on them.

The storm blew through here last night and left very little snow, but lots of ice, but the sun is now shining. It will be a beautiful day.

Mike Pearson said...

I love them all, but my favorite is Miracles. It's the patchiness that I am drawn to. I think I'll have to "pin it" :)

Gypsy Quilter said...


Kathie said...

they are all so pretty and terrific quilting also