Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wed Quilt of Valor Show

Thank you all for the kind words and prayers for my friend. She made it thru the surgery well, but found out its a little more invasive than was originally thought. She is a Warrior and tough as all get out, so I know she'll be okay... but please keep her in your prayers..

On to the Quilty Stuff!!  It looks like QOV central around here, and I feel like its 24/7 and its AWESOME!!  

So - From the Happy Hearts Bee of Columbine Quilt Guild in Colorado - all Quilted by Audrey T - check these babies out!!

This ( above) was the center panel on the back of the QOV - its the Declaration of Independence - I LOVE it!!

Pat R - down in southern Colorado - and my dear friend who quilts butterflies and won't let me keep them has been quilting up a storm for us too!! Check out these Beauties that she quilted:

This first quilt was pieced by Connie and Kathy ( the sweet dears who brought me my lovely flowers!!)

This one was made by Ethel - Can you tell we had a few panels? Those are just the coolest panels!!

This top was pieced by Miracles!!

So were you inspired? Is there one that jumped out at you? I, being spoiled get to see them all up close, and I can tell you.... they are all WONDERFUL!!!

Enjoy your day!!


Nancy said...

It is exciting to see that your QOV pantry is being filled again and again.

All of these quilts are lovely. Nice job, everyone!

Impera_Magna said...

Wow....lots and lots of beautiful quilts and tons of inspiration!

beaquilter said...

wow these are really nice....!

Anonymous said...

Another stellar show!! Such a wonderful group of quilters you know.

Shari in AZ

Jan said...

What lovely quilts! They will bless many soldiers!