Monday, December 09, 2019

Vacation Photos

Way back in October... we went on a small quick little trip, and I was searching my photos to see what more I had besides the Elephant Seals..... and to my sadness - I had not downloaded all of them!

Me!! Who lives with her camera!!! How can that be?

So now I am going to share with you... and they will make me happy, as today - when doing my chores, I am still climbing over piles of Crusty snow, and we have had a few days of dreary fog.... so the beach photos will make me happy!

we went on a Whale Watching trip, and cruising thru the harbor was so fun, it was such a different perspective that walking the harbor walks.

Don't those boats just look so cool?
They are all docked in the water and they have to take little dinghys out to them.

This is the Powerplant
( I don't think it is in operation any more - but I didn't think to check)
It looks different from the water side

and they have a Huge Population of Sea Lions has grown immensely.

They were decreasing in Population along the California Coast 
and in 1972 a Marine Mammal Protection act was passed and the population has grown
It was less that 87,000 in 72, and now they count them at over 250,000

I love how the congregate, and they don't really care that we went by.


This is my Titanic Photo
Except I was not brave enough to hang over the edge
I feel that someone ( ok my husband) might have pushed me over!!

After our Cruising we headed over to the Dunes for some hiking - It was awesome!

I'll have to show you those later - we found tide pools and little sea animals!!
Enjoy your Monday - See you Wednesday for Hour 5 of the Winter Quilt A long.....


Loris said...

You were in my neck of woods :-) I live in Cambria just down the shore from those big ol' elephant seals. They are the Fun neighbors!

The Joyful Quilter said...

I love it when you allow us to travel through your camera lens. Thanks for sharing!

Farm Quilter said...

Your pictures make me long for the warm days of summer!!! I love the shore and your pictures make me smile!