Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Moving, rearranging and a lot of work!

So this weekend we learned that we are getting a new TV.... the one in the corner was pretty cool I thought - but my dad is upgrading and so now is my Husband Well - in the first picture this is our current TV. The new one will not fit across the diagonal - so this corner is becoming my new sewing area.
My Current sewing area is next to the Fireplace. Keeps me warm, but makes me nervous with all the fabrics that I (sometimes) keep up there. So this could be a good move. Now I have been trying so hard to keep my upstairs sewing area really organized and only have 2-3 projects at a time. I also have a downstairs for keeping stuff - next to my LongArm Machine. The Pic to the right was my current sewing area - I thought it looked pretty good, until I took the picture. So I took everything out of here and put it on the dining room table. At this time I was still thinking that I had done pretty good - not too much "stuff", not too many projects. Of course, everything is piled so what do I really know???
After a lot of moving, vacumning and whining - my desk had to be moved too and it was heavy ( did you hear the whine with that), my new sewing area was born.

I thought it looked pretty nice, and as I started taking things off the dining room table to organize them in my newly expanded sewing area I found stuff!!! I thought - WOW I will have so much more room, hope I don't pack it to full, and come to find out I HAD ALREADY packed it full!! I found 8 ( read that 8 - not 4) Quilts in Progress. Now I knew they were all in progress - I just didn't realize that I had left all of them Upstairs. Good thing my husband is a forgiving man, and really excited about his new big screen TV!!! Distraction worked in my favor this time!!
So the 8 things I found:
1. The string quilt that was on the cutting table/ironing board ( I knew this was here I have been working on it)
2. Cowboy Quilt - I have the border fabric washed a pressed....then stalled.
3. 4 Patch Log Cabin - 12 blocks ready for setting!! ( what happened, when did I stop??)
4. Lessons from Mama quilt - again Knew this was here - my goal is 1 block per month - I have two blocks left to do - then start the borders.
5. All the fabric cut and ready for a Big Quilt ( the BQ) - how & when did that happen???
6. Carrie Nation Quilt of Valor - Well I remember thinking I could really use this block for a leader ender project - but again - who cut the fabrics??? They came from my scrap bin.. I recognize them!!
7. Binding on a Gift Quilt - to be bound by Christmas ( knew this was here)
8. Reproduction Quilt - I knew this was here too - I have just been trying to finish the other things before I start - all the fabrics are ready, the pattern is here, I AM planning it - and well, again I stalled.
I guess I have a clear list now - I must make a clear plan right ......
Off to plan!
Have a great day


Helen in the UK said...

Sounds like you have plenty to keep you busy there!! Hope you enjoy your newly rearranged area and your DH enjoys his new TV :)

Quilter Kathy said...

"How did that happen"?!?!
You are so funny!!

Glad you found some old treasures!