Saturday, November 17, 2007

Thanksgiving at the School

The school has a Thanksgiving dinner the week before Thanksgiving and the kids get all dolled up. They invite the parents. They also invite the folks from the senior center. The 5th grade kids get to help serve the meal. Its kind of a neat thing.

My first grader got to be a pilgrim - so of course Mom had to join him for lunch.
Today it has just been my little guy and me, the other 3 are off in the great wilderness. So we watched cartoons, made chocolate chip cookies, went to the fabric shop (I had a gift certificate that expires monday!!), went Christmas shopping for the brothers, went out to dinner ( he is easy to please - McD's) and watched Surf's Up. And now he is quizzing me over all sorts of things I don't know - it is scary how much I don't know .....
We are almost off to bed - and maybe Mom can sew a few minutes ;-)
Have a great one!!

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julieQ said...

Love those few minutes of quilting after the babies are asleep, right?