Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Happy Half Square Project Block 4

I hope you are having fun with these  - either seeing them, or stitching along! 

When I find my  most favorite block - who knows - I may just stitch a whole 'nother quilt of them!!

Here is
 Happy Half Square Project Block Number 4

On this one I really like the idea of making a center star, and Full Confession - I have made this block before. And when I was making it - I sorta remembered that I really did like it three colored.

I am going to make a QOV out of all of these - so I am keeping them Patriotic

Here are all 4 blocks so far up on the design wall.  I am pretty sure that I won't set them in the order that I make them - but who knows - I may???

Oh Look!!
See this was one of my Favorite blocks
I made a Whole quilt last year out of them!!

Are you following along? Is anyone else stitching a few of them? Come back on Friday and Link to finished ( or not) friday - so I can check them all out. Or leave a comment below, so I can check out your blog!


Barob Book Blog said...

I am making these Alycia. Mine begin with 5” squares and so far I've made each design in two color ways, all for QOV. We go back East for a couple months and I’ve already packed up my 5” scraps to continue along with you. This project is fun to play along with. Thanks!

The Joyful Quilter said...

That's a pretty block (and it made a pretty quilt!)

qypsyquilterdesigns said...

Very pretty blocks. thanks for sharing.

Susan said...

Now that I've caught up on the patterns, I'm going to try to do at least one block by this weekend! Thanks for another pretty block.

Nancy said...

I love the three-color stars, and the row of blocks across the bottom of the post are beautiful, too.

Vicki in MN said...

You picked just the right fabrics to make this block shine brightly;)

grammajudyb said...

I’ve been following along, lurking and drooling. I haven’t started them yet....but soon I think!
Had a little outside DIY project to re-work.ill share tomorrow.

Delighted Hands said...

I do favor this block -in both HSt and with diamonds.