Thursday, July 02, 2020

Colorado QOV Double 4 patch block...and our new Quarterly block

For April. May and June - Our Colorado Quilts of Valor made Double 4 patch blocks:

I always love having a Patriotic Scrappy Block that I can use as leader Enders... and A couple of you all decided to join in .. AND I LOVE IT!!

But! Here is my confession... I started a list of the blocks that arrived, and then I am not sure where I put it. In my defense... I cleaned my sewing table... so it is probably in the most logical place- that I can't think of.... so I hope I am not missing a single person..

Here is the List:
Verna B (walden CO)  9
Laura R (california)   62
Jan S ( eaton CO)     4
Karen K  ( Colorado) 8
Alycia ( me)       16
Joyful       6
Holly M     50
Dianne M (washington)    8
Sheree C ( Eaton Co)    12
Amanda R ( Baton Rouge LA)   6   ( and strips to make more!!)
Barbara L  ( Thornton CO)              38
Sue from Athens TX with 108 !!

For a total of 399 Blocks!!

That is so awesome and will make great quilts. These blocks are all going to our Buena Vista QOV chapter to make quilts - so I will pester her to share their creations ;-)

Oh!! And here is our Next Quarterly Block:

it is the Missouri Star Quilt Co Disappearing Shoo Fly Block!!

The version they show is even in Patriotics - like the one hanging behind Jenny.
That is what we want to do - patriotics!!

Have a good day!!


The Joyful Quilter said...

That should read:
Joyful 1
Ella 6
I don't want to take credit for blocks that she made (and there should have been 7 blocks in that box.)

Delighted Hands said...

What fun and a great showing for the QOV blocks!

Kate said...

Those will make some very fun QOVs.

Susan said...

Now that looks like fun! Thanks!