Tuesday, July 07, 2020

Books.... as in I read one or two

At the end of every month a few of the bloggers I follow post the books that they have read - and I LOVE THIS!!!   But I don't read as much as I used to... when I hauled kids around to all the million of sporting events.... I always had a book.... 

and I like Books - I didn't think I would like a kindle or a reader... cuz I am old fashioned... Until!!

My son set me up on a Kindle I pad thing and now - I love it. It is even on my phone..... I feel so technological.... ( Or unlogical? depends on the day!)

Now I can share some of the books that I have read - and just so you know - I did read some hard cover books as well as kindle books... you can't make me change that fast!

My First hard Cover book was:

I am a huge Sandra Dallas Fan.. and this one did not dissappoint!  It is set in 1852 - in Chicago - and there is a wagon train looking to take Women ( and women only ) west to help tame the west.... as in marry these women off to men already living there.   

A side note - My husbands Great Great GrandFather Arranged a very similar trip to sail women around the horn from the east coast to the west coast in 1864 - ( google the Mercer Girls)  so this book held a lot of interest to me.

I Told you about this one - I had seen it on another blog. At the time the libraries were closed and I had no patience - so I just bought it.... Hard Cover - which is good, because  I passed it to my mom, and my dad, and as soon as I get it back it is going to a friend!

This is about the Red Cross girls During World War II - It is historical Fiction - but there is a list in the back of the stories she used to compile this book. And Being able to be around Veterans from this era - wow - this book really was one I couldn't put tdown 


I also read this one... I give it 2 1/2 stars of 5.... It was not my favorite - but it was a good look at the lives of Immigrant Women in America in the early 1900's - 1908 I think.  I am a fan of having a goal to get to, and this was more like a meandering conversation... ( to me)

Now this one... it is not my usual type of book! But I really liked it - Bea is sort of homeless after some unfortunate events ( and she is elder) ... she starts in on some crazy capers and along the way - Allie jumps in with her ( she can't drive yet)  

It was a heartwarming story to me of two opposite lives and how we should value the people in our lives

That is my Book Report for June ... I have new books downloaded and purchased for July. You can't get me to go all 100% electronic - haha!!

Now if you do a book post too - leave me a comment so I can go check your post out and get even more books to add to my list!!


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I read the Beantown Girls and liked it and have the Westering Women on hold from the library it will be awhile before it becomes available. I have had a kindle for about 10 years and really like it - I rarely read a hardback book anymore - I have gotten so used to the lightweight kindle

Quiltdivajulie said...

I prefer real books but I read lots on the iPad Kindle reader, too. Funny how sometimes the e-book is cheaper but many times the physical books are less expensive . Go figure.

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

I always said that I would never get an e-reader. Just loved the feel & smell of real books. Still do. But.....holding hardcovers started to make my hands hurt and the print seemed to get smaller & the lines closer together. So I got a Sony reader and liked it. Then the Kindle Paperwhite came out & I've had one of those for 5 or 6 years now and that is mostly what I read on now, with the occasional hardcover if I'm too far down the Overdrive list through the library.

dj said...

I love to read and swore i would only read "hard" books...well,I now use a kindle fire to read to me in my sewing room and a paperwhite for all others. I have different books going on them,too! Gotta love technology!I also have the kindle app on my laptop and have a couple of quilt books on there,that to me is always a hard decision whether to get the hard copy since I do enjoy looking at them that way but they're usually cheaper on kindle leaving more $ for fabric.

Susan Earle said...

I am a multitasker, so nearly always have an audio book going while I sew!! I’m a Librarian and our library offers three databases, so it’s not often I fail to find something to listen to. It’s a win-win.

Delighted Hands said...

I can't believe I went with a Kindle but I read from it almost exclusively. (MS made it hard to hold a book and also hard to see-the Kindle helps in both areas so technology can be a boon for me!)

Vicki W said...

Thanks! I put WW on hold at the library.

Susan said...

What wonderful books those all sound like. I'm waiting for my library to open again on Friday. 8 branches opened a month ago, and more are opening this time, including my favorite. In the meantime, I've read a whole LOT of books on Kindle Unlimited in the last 4 months.