Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Happy Half Square Block Seventeen

Probably you all think that I am just perfect by now.. and that I always get everything done on time, and that I probably deserve an A.... but I just want you to know... its an illusion!!

One: Yesterday one of my sons showed up and we played hooky and went hiking..... 
Two:   I sorta forgot what day it was, 

            Did I mention the Hooky thing??
Three:  I woke up really early and sat up and went - wait!! I think this morning may be Wednesday!!!

So.... Block Seventeen is in it's RAW form....  you like RAW right?

I had my half squares prepared - but alas.... they are not sewn together... but!!

Welcome to 
Happy Half Square Block SEVENTEEN

and here is your layout drawing.

Dawg says... what is up!

Why do you not know what day it is ALL the time?

Horse says.... heck fire girlfriend
I am keeping an eye on you!

alright you all - today is Wednesday.... that means that TOMORROW is THURSDAY!!
CLUE #1 day.... and ... I am ready for that!!


Kat Scribner said...

Will the weekly clues be on Thursday this time?

julieQ said...

Alycia, I really love these blocks! Very pretty...what a fun quilt in the end!!

Quilt Mouse said...

Some days you have to take a mental health day & just walk away & do something for yourself! Then doing it with your son (or any family member or friend) is a bonus. I forgot what day it was & went to bed last night thinking I needed to get up early & wash fabric for A11 before the clue came out. It was a relief to know I had another day.

Quiltinana said...

I smile at this post because I do it all the time!

The Joyful Quilter said...

Mystery tomorrow?! YIKES!! I need to quilt faster so I can play.

Delighted Hands said...

haven't you heard? If you ask a dog what time it is, the answer is always, "Now!"
This block is very nice--a fussy cut center would fit perfectly in this one, too, I think!

Kate said...

Sometimes you have to do the thing with the kids, the block will wait.