Thursday, October 01, 2020

Mystery A11 Fabric Requirements

Happy Thursday Morning!!

Today is the day!!! the Fabric requirements for Mystery A11 are here!!

The first clue will be October 15th - so you have plenty of time to finish all of those UFO's.... right?

Fabric  Requirements

Based on 40 inch wide fabric

Red   1 3/8 yards

Blue   2 1/8 yards

White 2 ¼ yards

This does NOT include backing or binding.

As you know I do all of these mysteries in Patriotics or Plaids… but

What you are really looking for it TWO contrasting Darks ( red/Blue) (Purple/red) (Black/red)  and one light – this light needs to make your darks pop.

If you decide to go scrappy – I think it will work, but remember I LOVE SCRAPS, therefore anything scrappy to me is pretty!.  You will just need to adjust the directions to give you the same number of pieces. Most pieced will be 3 ½ inches or larger…. Hope that helps a little.

This quilt will finish at approximately 60 x 80 inches

Here is a link to the PDF!!!  

A11 fabric requirements pdf

As many of you know -I am a huge supporter of Quilts of Valor - have been for 16 years. As the organization has grown - so has the number of Quilts requested. And knowing, ( and witnessing ) first hand what a difference an award of a Quilt of Valor can make to a Veteran touched by war, I was surprised to learn that there is actually a back log.   As in there are more requests than there are quilts.

We have been SO blessed and SO supported here in Colorado, that we are not really behind. The little bit of behind we are is due to Covid - not a lack of quilts.... but those that are backlogged - it tears at my heart.... I want each Veteran to know that they are loved.. and sooner , rather than later.

So! Quilts of Valor is starting to roll out what they are naming * Call to Action 2018*  this is where the team is going to start working on all the backlogged requests... so here is where you can help!

1. Make a quilt

2. If you are a QOV member and you would like your completed quilt to be part of the CTA2018 program, please contact Nancy or Ginger and they will provide you with the name of a veteran to receive your quilt and where to send it.

3.  If you are not a QOV member and would like to donate your completed quilt to a requesting veteran, contact Nancy or Ginger and they will provide information for where to send your quilt top or complete quilt.  

 So see - you can help - as we are working through this mystery - maybe you will decide you would like it to go to a Veteran touched by war, that is a part of this back log.....  and we would LOVE that!

CTA2018 is just getting underway - so in the following clues I will be providing the ways to get a hold on Nancy and Ginger.... 

now!! as of today - message me - or leave me a comment with your email and I will get you in touch with Ginger or Nancy... they are setting up a direct email for this CTA2018  at the moment .

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Cathy said...

Well, I wasn't going to participate but now that I see there is a backlog I changed my mind. Not only am I going to participate but I'm also making it my goal to finish quilting that 2018 mystery so it can be put to use.

Kimberly Smith said...

My stash happened to have the exact right amount of yardage for the blue and red I had in mind -- I'm taking that as a sign. I'm in!

Susan said...

Okay, so scrappy it is. =)

Delighted Hands said...

I think I will enjoy this....

Kate said...

I'm really tempted as the yardage requirements are such that I can use left overs from other quilts. I still have last year's mystery quilt that's waiting to be mailed. If you could get me contact info for Nancy or Ginger, I'd love to help reduce the backlog. Email is