Saturday, February 21, 2009

Quilt Tops

I have been thinking ( gasp - I know!) and organizing ( yes - I get it, something is in the air!) and quilting today. The quilting part has been the funnest, and most challenging today. The quilt was a baby quilt, that they added fabrics to to make it queen sized.... so I had to piece batts, and really think about it! I think it turned out great if I do say so myself.

Anyways here is what I was thinking and organizing

- Quilt Tops for Quilts of Valor -

Here is my thought - feel free to shoot me, I am too far away for it to hurt!

I have sent out a lot of tops to other longarmers, many have already been posted on the blog, and some more are to come back in for binding. I have tops here from people, and groups, and others that I have bugged into making something. Enough to keep my QOV quilting time full. So ( see this is where the thinking comes in) If you are wanting to donate a top still, there are 2 ways to do this.


First - You can go thru the website, and request a Longarmer. Send them the top and the backing and have the Longarmer send the finished quilt to me. If it is not bound, I will have my wonderful Binding ladies ( the Greeley Gals) do it, because they love me ... still. If you don't want it to come here - you can then fill out the destination form - again at the . They will tell you a place to send it. Those people run a tight ship!! They are there for you ( and me!!)


Second - If you want to send the top and backing to me - go for it. But... I can not promise that it will be quilted in time for this years delivery - but rest assured it will get to a soldier. Because that is what I am all about - getting these quilts into the hands of a soldier! If I can, I will get it done for this year, but I still have 3 children to raise - and feed. Apparently children need food EVERY day - not just once or twice a week. Not like fish! Who knew? So no promises.


I am sure there are lots of other ways - but those are the 2 I pondered today as I was working. I don't want to discourage anyone - as this is a truly WORTHY project. The soldiers - these quilts mean so much to them. Don't believe me - find a soldier and present him a QOV.... its the truth!

A few years ago my family presented a QOV to a VietNam Vet in my parents' church. The man thanks me every time we see him. Seriously - every time, and his wife, she hugs me every time to thank us for his quilt. Its amazing. He takes it with him to the VA for treatment, he snuggles in it at home....

Okay - Thanks for listening. I have a new quilt loaded - and I can't wait to see how it quilts up. It is a pretty Brown and Cream Quilt of Valor!! Have a good one.

= Oh and because you might need a picture - here is my Eagle. He lives on the place, and he dive bombs my house - and this is his power pole - that just happens to bring the power into my house.


Julie in the Barn said...

I have been this close (picture index finger and thumb an inch apart) from sending you 3 tops for the QOV project. There was just no way I could allow myself to put the burden of quilting and finishing my donations on you or anyone else. For me, it is not a true gift from my heart if it isn't ready for the recipient. I am so glad you have posted your limits. Take care of you family, Alycia. The quilts will still get done. Mine are in the works.

Anonymous said...

Okay, here is my suggestion. I have the last of your tops on my frame right now and should finish quilting it tonight or tomorrow. If Julie in the Barn or someone else wants to send tops to Louisiana, I feel sure that I can get at least 5 quilted, bound and sent back to you before your delivery date. I will let you give my email if someone contacts you, and then they can send the tops directly to me. Also, if you have any that you still need quilted, send them south. Thanks!!

Roma said...

Alycia. I have watched your dream come full circle. And it was you who inspired me to contact my local Veterans Quarters facility to get the ball rolling my area. This is a place for homeless vets to go while they are being treated as an out patient at my local VA Hospital.
Is a wonderful place but so stiff looking.
So to you I say, Well Done Alycia,Well Done!!

If it is ok with you I will keep you up dated on my progress. Thought it will not be as quick as yours I will get this done.

Roma in NC