Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Finished Quilts

I told you that some wonderful Long Arm quilters volunteered to help out with the quilting of some of these tops. And I jumped at it... the more finished the merrier.... so let me show you what we have finished!!!


So - the top left quilt is a Stars And Bars quilt. You can find the pattern up in the right hand links. And you are welcome to make a quilt with the pattern if you'd like! This one was made by Audrey of the Livermore Quilters. The Blue and Teal one is made by Willa of the same group. Both of these were quilted by Sharon B. of Kansas.

- The next three quilts were quilted by Judy L of Oklahoma. The coins quilt was made by Deb in my Heartstrings group. The Not So Top Secret Project is also a pattern that is available in the right hand links/patterns part. It and the patriotic one were made by Marilyn in Ca ( http://northhillsquilter.blogspot.com/ )

Well - Goodness - I have even more to show you so maybe I will do it with another post. I mean really.... do you have anything else to do other that read my blog? Hope you all have a good one.

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