Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday Fun

What an incredible feeling! The Quilts of Valor project has made me a more caring person. When you think of those wounded soldiers in Fort Carson, or all over the United States, it brings out love in your heart. The project has also made me a more patient person. Making these beautiful quilts makes me very patient. The last thing the Quilts of Valor project has taught me is to respect what all of the American soldiers have done or sacrificied for our wonderful country. Care, love, and respect are some of the traits that the Quilts of Valor project has brought out in me. I feel honored to make these quilts for our soldiers. ~~ D.W. 5th grade
Today was pick out the quilting pattern day on our quilt tops. It was also the Valentine parties in all the classes - the energy was lifting the roof off of the school!
My middle son is is 4th grade and I went to his Valentine party. I was a helper - but the room mom - great ideas! They had a ice cream sundae. One of the moms made sugar cookies and iced the kids names on their own cookie. Good thing these moms are out there, they made my kiddos day! I gave him a rice cake. Doesn't that sound good? I guess I could have put icing on it. But the mom who did them did a LOT better job!

This is my son - he likes ice cream! And Bananas, and chocolate... smart kid!
Okay - I was asked what I use to make labels for the quilts to iron on. This is what I have been using. I can run them through my printer and then I usually let them dry overnight. They iron on, and I have washed, dried in a dryer (or over a shower rack) and they seem to stay on perfectly. Hope that helps? I know there are tons of ways to make labels - but this seems to be pretty easy for me at the moment. Plus today I found out that they come in a 10 pack, as well as a 3 pack, and at Joanns the 10 pack was on sale - half price... so I bought 2 ( ackkk)

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Anonymous said...

Dear 5th grade QOV'ers,
I just wanted to say how proud I am to see all of you young quilters doing this project for our wounded. I also want you to know how thankful I am for you because I have a son in the military and it would mean so much to me as a mom to have someone care as much as you do if he were ever to be wounded. You are doing a wonderful thing and the world is a brighter place because of you!

Much thanks,
Jackie Dudek
mom of a sailor and QOV'er also