Monday, February 09, 2009

Finished QOV's

This first QOV was made by Willa of the Livermore Quilters. It was Quilted by Donna M of Colorado Springs. Donna's husband is a retired Military officer, and has been in and out of Afghanastan. They have two boys in the military too. So the quilt is definetly quilted in Love! Thanks Donna!!

The Blue and Cream Not so Top Secret Project was made by Theresa in Denver, and quilted by Merrie of Aurora CO.
Merrie also quilted the black quilt, that was made by Theresa. Theresa has a son living in Greeley, so when she came to visit we got to meet in person. Wonderful lady!! Thanks Theresa for the quilts!

And she quilted the RWB Rail Fence, made by Sheri - another Livermore quilter. She did a wonderful job! I sure appreciate the help Merrie!

This last quilt was made by Charolotte of the Pieceable Friends Quilt Guild ( this is my guild!!) And I quilted it. Of course - it is going back to her to bind, because she volunteered and I would never want to hurt anyones feelings over binding *giggle*
Shew - that is five more quilts done! What a roll we are on... it's awesome!

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swooze said...

I can tell you are really torn up over not getting to do that binding!