Sunday, February 22, 2009

Betty from CO

Okay - I didn't get shot - but I sure got some funny emails. One of them ( more than one, actually) was about feeding my kids. Someone asked if I got three meals a day when I was a kid.... and if I did - why did I not remember how much kids eat? This really got me to thinking. I am sure I ate 3 times a day .. or more! I have a great mom and dad, and seriously - I got blessed with a pair of the best. BUT... I don't remember my Mom ever stressing over what to feed us, the food just appeared! Mom? And apparently in my house - this feature was left out! I am depressed. I bet after market, to add an automatic food machine would cut into my fabric budget.

And - here is even the worst part - I could survive on Rice Chex ( gluten free ya know) and chocolate if I had to. But the boys, they would not, could not, nor could their dad. They need steak, and I like steak, it just takes effort to cook it..... oh boy....

Back to quilts!

This beauty came from Betty in Arvada CO. She is a friend of a friend, and defineatly a good one to know! Isn't this pretty?

Thanks Betty - It is perfect!
The top picture is one of my sons after his spelling bee. This was the school spelling bee, and he placed high enough to make it to the next round which was districts. I can not remember the place he took at school - but he got 3rd at districts. So he was pretty happy.

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