Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thursday Quilts

Good day!
This first quilt was made by PJ, quilted by Kim B, and bound by Betty W - all of La Junta, Colorado! They make an excellent team. Thanks ladies!! Oh and they made pillowcases... but that picture just vanished....
This next quilt was made by Rita E. of Arizona. It was quilted by Jude M of Laramie, WY. Wrangler mans old stomping grounds... for a few years. I liked this quilt to begin with, but the quilting really accented it and it turned out awesome.

The third quilt for today comes from all over. It was pieced by Laura L in Chula Vista, CA, then it was quilted b Linda J in Lucedale, MS, and now it is here ready to go to a soldier. Ladies - it is perfect!!
Thank you all for your contributions!!
This little link should take you to an article in the local paper. I told you I spoke to a PEO group, and the ladies and some quilts were featured in the Newspaper.

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