Saturday, August 31, 2013

It's that season

... I need a catchier title - but I just can't come up with one. It is roping season in the summer!  My nephew is doing High School rodeo, Wrangler Man has been on the "tour"  ( just kidding - he has been in a few select rodeos)  and my youngest is 'in training'... so we spend a LOT of time outside.

for me - it is a great time to photograph. I love working on different angles, I don't love the dust.....

I was safe.... but that was cool to have the calf come right at me.
Maybe he thought he could sit in my lap? 

My nephew (top and bottom)
His dad was working the chute - which was nice.
I did it the next night.
My arm was sore.

Seriously Swoon worthy.

Someday I will have to tell you the story of this mare .
How she came to live with us.
and what I had to do.

See the dust?   Ya - that's not the fun part.... 

My other nephew.

Little Bit says you have seen enough of him lately, so gladly gave over the spotlight to his cousins.

Hope you all have a great day!!


KaHolly said...

You captured some great images! There are always a lot of handsome young men in the rodeos!

Gypsy Quilter said...

I imagine the horses love the practice also. Such a beautiful ballet to watch. Hope your arm is better soon so you can get back to quilting.

Carla said...

Great action shots and love the mountains in the background. My husband and son used to motocross and the dust there was awful, but the action was fun. Thanks for sharing.

Tami C said...

You got some really lovely photos of your nephews roping! It really does looks like that calf might want to sit in your lap! I don't like all that dust either.

Kate said...

Great shots. A high school rodeo team? Hmmm, not around here, but it sounds more fun than football.