Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Quilts of Valor show - sponsored by Waterpik

Waterpik has sponsored our BIG BLOWOUT BLOCK DRIVE - with an AWESOME shower-head!!! And I have to tell you, from personal experience..... after sewing all day, and quilting.... this is a WONDERFUL way to relax tense muscles!!!

As of this morning - here is the list of blocks received this week:

Ruth C from GA
Joan K in CO
Sandi C in IA
Terri J in CA
Karyl D in IA

Linda F in AZ
Julie S in KS
Sally T in VA
Joanna P in MA

They are starting to fill the design wall...... LOVE it!!  (can you see your blocks?)

And Now - A word from our sponsor:
Waterpik ASE-833

It’s easier than ever to transform your everyday shower into your own private spa with the Waterpik® Rainfall+ PowerSpray shower head.

This sleek looking shower is packed with features. Its dual arms position the large 8” face directly overhead.   It has 8 different spray settings to choose from.   Try the massage for tired muscles or the pulsating rain for a truly relaxing experience.  For your everyday shower try the drenching rainfall and the powerspray which will rinse shampoo from the thickest hair in a jiffy.   You can try one of the 3 combination sprays too.  There is even a water-saving-trickle that allows you to reduce the flow to a trickle while you lather, shave or shampoo.  You can keep your water at the right temperature and save water until you are ready to rinse. 

 Best of all, choosing each experience is easier than ever with the easy turn spray dial located at the base of the arms where it is easy to reach and easy to turn.   

Installation?  Well no plumber is needed here.  The product is so easy to install that anyone…yes even you…can install it in just a few minutes.  It comes with an installation wrench included with the easy instructions. 

This showerhead typically retails for $99.99.  However, it is available for a limited time at Costco Wholesale at a HUGE discount.  Give it a try.  You’ll be glad you did.  Or simply enter Alycia’s block contest and take one home for free.  A luxurious spa experience awaits you.  

If you want to check out other types of showerheads check out

**** Remember - for every 5 blocks you send in you get one entry in the drawing for all of these wonderful prizes!! Be sure to check out and thank them for their support of our project!*******

One more wall of blocks - This is SO much fun!!


Rubydell said...

Wow, better than my imaginary ones for sure, just hadn't been able to get the picture in my head yet. Now I am truly inspired.

Anonymous said...

Exceptionally beautiful string quilt shown today. It's amazing what such a simple block can make.

Terri said...

Love the quilts. Thanks for the sneak peek.

Quilty Grammy said...

I am working on my 5 blocks. I wish I could do more but I am in a time crunch.

Kate said...

Fun blocks!