Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Tales from the Pig

Hello , My Name is Pig - and I am a Breed.

Farmer Boy and his dad got up really Really really early and came to see me. If you remember from my last story.... they had washed me clean and made me a new bed of shavings and so I was sleeping in my RedNeck House.

Anyways - it was SUPER early - I wasn't even hungry yet - can you believe it????

They drove me to the fair! We got there and I think...I heard Farmer Boy say it was crazy!! Tons of others were in line in there Red Neck Houses too. We waited in line, and then this guy ( Farmer Boy called him a Vet) looked in my house, and checked me out.

I strutted... I mean seriously - if your going to look in, I had better Look GOOOOOD! right?

Then I had to go on that scale thing again. Seriously? this weight obsession - its getting out of hand - seriously...  but I "made weight".  That's what the tall guy said. I said if they gave me marshmallows I could have made a smile too... but no one listened!

They herded me down to a new pen, and put new shavings in, and I burrowed!!

Later that day I got to go to the wash pens... these are too cool!! You can run around and they can chase you with the green thing that spews water. I got all handsome for .....

The "Breed Show"

 Did you know I was a breed?  This is a show that the Weld Country Swine Breeder Association Sponsors. And if your Breeder is registered with this association - you can show....so there I was!

Here's me and Farmer Boy - waiting to get in. I got a little bored and kinda, sorta ran out the gate and down the pig pens first. There was a lot of new faces! I had friends.. but Wrangler Man and Farmer boy brought me back ( as well as two strange men)

Here I am in the Show ring (again) - I am getting good at this.

The Judge is in the Blue Shirt - so I give him my best view... my Butt.... okay - not really . I look better from the side!

Spiffy Spiffy!!!  Don't I look good?
 Check this out -to get back to my new pen I get to twist and turn down these alleys - and there are PEOPLE everywhere.... I could have ran over as many of them as I wanted.

See how they see me coming and move!! I am too cool - right?

Well - that's it for today. I had to go eat, and get some rest. The next day I had a TON of shows. Everyone wanted to see how beautiful I am!!  See ya soon!!!!


Impera Magna said...

Too cute... and Farmer Boy is getting tall!

Judy said...

Looking good PIG. You are catching on to this show thing. Keep up the good work.

Gypsy Quilter said...

I do believe Wilbur is big enough to wear a quilt block or 2 advertising Quilts of Valor. Perhaps Little Bit (who by the way is no longer little) could wear a vest advertising QOV. Just think, if 1/4 of those folks at the fair got involved, you could fill your SUV 4x with quilts for our soldiers. Just a thought. Good job Wilbur.

Terri said...

What was it that Charlotte wrote in her web? Good Pig!

Kevin the Quilter said...

Mr. Pig! Did you win any ribbons like Farmer Boy and his Mom do at quilting?

Nancy L said...

Sounds like my grandkids when they show at the fair in 4-H and FFA.

Great story. wish them well.
Nancy L

Quilter Kathy said...

If pig is going to be so beautiful and important, a new fancier name will be required!

Sherrill said...

Too funny! I bet those people move cause it would probably hurt BAD if Pig stepped on their toes! HA

LizA. said...

Good job, Pig! But I till think they should have named you Bacon, or Pork chop.....or, I know, Pork Butt! How you brought home some ribbons......