Friday, August 02, 2013

Flashing Back

I am Flashing Back to the year 2008 - April exactly....

This quilt came to me from a lovely client. She had these 30's plates and wanted to do something neat with them. So she chose this setting over a really nice yellow - and we decided to quilt the heck out of it!!

I really love these prints - so dainty!!

I think the yellow set the colors off very well.

So!! It is Finished- its a Flashback - its Friday - and I had better get back to work. Bless my childrens' hearts - we finally tuckered them all out - AND they are still sleeping (whoot whoot)


Jessica Christensen said...

Wow! Gorgeous quilting!!!

Terri said...

I do believe the prints are from the 30s... they appeal to me, too. I've been thinking you need some girly in your life. Surrounded by men and you make quilts for men (mostly). You need something pretty. And Voila! here it is.

Missy Shay said...

I love the quilting on it!

Muv said...


The prints are beautiful, and you picked the perfect background colour to go with them. The finished quilt is gorgeous!

Love from England,

Kate said...

Absolutely gorgeous!