Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Quilts of Valor 2014 6/3

Happy Wednesday!!! My favorite day!!  Well.... I actually like all the days - but I love sharing quilts soo.... today is now my favorite days ;-)

Here is an awesome Vet in our WTB. She is amazing!! I just loved talking with her!! She chose this beautiful quilt and could not wait to wrap it around her!

This quilt was made by Mary M and quilted by her sister Sue. It is a Buggy Barn design. I loved it!!!

This one was made by Deb and Kathy. Aren't those planes cool!  It was quilted by Dawna

This one was pieced by Deb out of all those 9 Patch blocks that we given to us. I love all the variety that Deb put into this one. It was quilted by Dawna. Check out Dawna's new web site:  tell her I sent you ;-)

This lovely came from NaLa's Quilt shop in Fountain CO. It was a shop hop quilt that they did in Patriotic Colors - and Ta da - it is a perfect Quilt of Valor!!!

This one was pieced by Connie. She made all the blocsk with the sayings in them and then used our Block Drive Blocks to complete the quilt. Isn't it cool?  It was quilted by Laura and her daughters!

Here is another one pieced by Connie and quilted by Laura.

This one was also pieced by Connie from Scrappy Trip Block Drive Blocks. I quilted it ;-)

I got a new Edge to Edge pattern that had musical notes on it... I love it.

The next three quilts were pieced and quilted by Linda R in Nebraska.  I think this one will go on my bucket list!

And you know how much I love string quilts!!! The blues really pull this one together!

And Linda also patcipated in the New Years day Quilt along by Judy at
Her color choices are lovely!!

Hope you enjoyed the quilts today!! I am in Day 3 of my sons computer class. I tell you  - it is so fun watching the way he thinks... but my brain HURTS!!! Seriously. Some of you asked what kind of class it is.... it is above my head!  It is a programming and design class. He LOVES it! I... am learning......


KaHolly said...

As always, I love them all! What a great bunch of talented ladies, and so giving.

JL said...

As usual....... a smiling soldier starts out a wonderful show. Thank you for all you and your piecers do for QOV!

Andrea @ Mouse in My Pocket said...

These are all beautiful. A big thank you to you and your friends for doing something so meaningful for our troops.

Bonnie said...

Great quilts Alycia. Lots of great ideas for any quilts. I particularly like the up-close of the quilting with the stars and stipple. I like the more rounded feel of the stars. Something to put in the back of my head for future use.

Barob Book Blog said...

Once again this week's quilt show for QOV is an inspiration. Thank you!

Miss Carol said...

That does it! I'm putting my Quilt of Valor on the machine today! :)

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you share these.

Terri said...

Love the quilts! (Where can I get some more time?)Thanks for the inspiration.
Are you taking the same class with your son or one taught by him? Either way, good luck. I think my 3 year old grandson knew more about computers than I did at the time. (Some how it seeped into his genes.)

Tanya Perretta said...

I am wondering if Linda R. in Nebraska used a star pantograph for that blue star quilt? If yes, can you please share the name of it? Thanks,
Tanya Perretta in Springfield, MO

Anonymous said...

As always your quilt show is amazing and it inspires me to want to spend all my time sewing. Marilyn

Lorna McMahon said...

What a sweet smile. It's always nice to see the recipients with their quilts. And what a gorgeous line up again this week. My fave is the Buggy Barn design!

Kate said...

More amazing quilts for amazing people.