Tuesday, November 14, 2017

SkyBall Day 2

Day 2 was just as exciting for me, but it was way Different

Where Day 1 was more intimate, and smaller numbers of people - day 2 was flooded with people!!

AND!! we were at an Airline Hanger!!  Too cool - and!!! there were planes - lots of planes - and I was in awe!!

Look !! An Osprey!!
I volunteered to fly it - and no one took me up on it 
so sad!!

We travel with our own VietNam Vet
and this pilot wanted to meet him - 
so after he was done with our Vet - I stole him!

He gave us a personal tour, and I almost convinced him to let me fly
Instead he volunteered to take a photo with me and R

and Look!
Another plane

and a C-130

and a plane that was a three War Veteran plane
It served in WWII, Korea and VietNam

25 Missions

It was so cool
After touring the planes we headed into the hangar and I was so in awe 
I put my phone in my pocket  - and that is all

Gary Sinise and the LT Dan Band played
and we were entertained by Terry Fator

we watched 3 Veterans receive lots of love and care
and we learned about the new IWheelchair and the ExoSkeleton

So much info!!!!


Cherie in St Louis said...

Wow, so amazing! I also love that you put your phone away and simply lived in the moment....and yet you still painted a picture for us...Gary Sinise and the LT Dan Band must have been great fun. Thanks!!

Jan @Cocoa Quilts said...

I am enjoying your SkyBall weekend. Thanks for sharing.

Donna said...

What a fun weekend! You got to experience things most of us only dream of!!! Those planes are amazing!

Gypsy Quilter said...

Great photos of an adventurous day. Thanks for sharing.

Quiltdivajulie said...

I can feel your excitement and awe through your words. Kudos for putting away the phone!!!

The Joyful Quilter said...

Looks like fun times. Too bad they wouldn't let you fly!!

I've flown in a C-130 on a refueling mission when I was in AFJROTC in high school. It was totally cool! You can be jealous. :P

Kate said...

Those planes look pretty cool. Another fun day with fun people.

Patti said...