Monday, November 06, 2017


It is that time of year where there is a bit of secret sewing going on.... and on that front - I am making a secret quilt for a secret somebody - and I finished the top!! Yay!! I am so excited - and it turned out so cute, and I know it will be loved...... and!  I can't show you   *sigh*  

Now on to the back!!

I also glimpsed over Bonnie Hunters new Mystery * On Ringo Lake* and the colors she is using are some of my absolute favorites  - so today - it is search through the stash and find those colors!!

And so - because I have no photos of those to show you yet.....

My Ranch Photos A Day!!!

This is Saturday:

Happy Trails to you...

And Sunday
Cleaning the Corrals

and this was just the afternoon
Puppy likes the sun, and hanging out with me,
He is behind my sewing chair
Soaking it in

I am starting a new project - I may actually have some quilting
that I can show sometime soon ;-)

Happy Quilting


Kate said...

Congrats on getting your secret sewing done. I've been known on Sunday afternoons during the winter to stretch out in the sun on the floor of the sewing room for a nap, so I can relate to your puppy. Unfortunately that means I'm not sewing. Happy stitching this week.

The Joyful Quilter said...

LOVE Saturday's Ranch photo! That flash of sunshine gets every time.

Julie said...

I look forward to seeing your projects when you can share them! I am debating about the mystery. Your pictures are great, all I can see is snow around here! It's too early!