Friday, November 03, 2017

Trimming and Prepping and *gasp* organizing!

Does any one else struggle with their schedules when it starts getting darker longer, each morning?  I am a sort of Rise with the Sun person.... or just a little earlier - but I tell ya! The sun not rising till after 7 is sure messing with me!!

I get up and think its the middle of the night - and then I hear - "come on - lets go, you need to give B her medicine"   B - my Horse, will only take it from me - go figure  ......

after chores I got all sorted out sort of - My leader/ender project had gotten way out of hand - so I got it back to organized:

Truly - that's organized - I now know where I am in all these parts to make::::

This Block
Its a great scrap Buster!

and the kids that my son is stitching with - this is their stack of blocks
I squared them for them

(These are the Kevin the Quilter 2014 Block drive block pattern)

AND!!  I made a few Superhero Bowl Cozies
I sold some of them, and my son wanted one - so I thought - maybe more will sell?

And then!!  ( like a TV Commercial ) Wait! There;s more!

My blogging friend Snowcatcher - Go ahead - click her linke
She is just an amazing Photographer - as well as quilter, stitcher, and book writer!

Started a November Project with her photography

And I thought - Wow! I want to do something like that
Mostly to get me outside, doing fun things in the Fall/Winter
Instead of just chores

So I thought! What a bout a Ranch Photo a Day?

I like my place - I like to walk.... hmmmm


Gypsy Quilter said...

Boy I'm right there with you. Where is that sun when you really need it? Happy sewing!

Dorothy said...

As to what sold----I absolutely love B & W note cards. Would have probably bought all you had if I lived there

Janice Holton said...

Yes, do it! do it!

Vicki in MN said...

I will struggle more this coming week adjusting to the time change, I hate it when it gets dark so early! Yes you should do a pic a week for us-we get to know you more that way:)

Sue said...

Love my bowl cozie. Got one of the Rockies for my Rocky friend fan and for my husband. Hubby gets a kick out of getting his soup in the Spiderman one as he watches sports. I make a big pot and then warm left overs with the bowl in the cozie. No hot hands when removing it from microwave.

The Joyful Quilter said...

What a busy quilter you are!!

Kate said...

Yeah the light changes with the time change will play havoc with me for the first week. It's not so bad at home, but it really messes with me at work. Looks like you got a lot of fun stuff ready to go. Hope you find some time for stitching and photography.