Friday, July 06, 2012

Carpenter Star Quilting

A way long time ago.... Judy made a Carpenter Star quilt, and then she did some cool videos on ideas to quilt it .  And I was inspired!!

I also wanted to be able to have it completely done to show to you... but that was just a pipe dream!! I was almost finished, and then it was time to head out the door.... I just didn't get back to it...  maybe this afternoon.  ( we are heading out the door again!! Swim meet time!!)

The top border as I was starting.

The triangles

The crazy squares in the middle

The center star

And just another view - cuz I really like the textures that feathers make.

So pretend it is all done - okay? Okay! Thanks!!

PS. I do feel we got a lot done anyways - 
  • 3 shooting sport projects done, and ready to turn in today
  • A start on middle bits Fair quilt. It is all cut and 1/2 way sewn
  • Backing made and little bits fair quilt ready to quilt
  • Record books are all up to date
  • And I made dinner ;-)
Hope you all have a great Friday!


Kate said...

The quilting is gorgeous. Congrats on getting so much done.

soscrappy said...

Awesome feathers. You DID get a lot done.

beaquilter said...

love the feathers, I miss doing feathers, I think the next quilt I'm working on will have that... - my neighbors quilt. though I can't long arm quilt for a long period of time now, being 34 wks prego, it's kind of awkward, I can't lean over, can't stand up for long, then I also crouch down to have my belly be BELOW the bar :-)

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

I love feathers and yours look great. I agree about the texture they give a quilt. I'm always buying feathery pantographs because I'm too chicken to try free-hand ones.....the possibility of ripping, you know!

JustPam said...

Your feathers look amazing.

Dirt Road Quilter said...

Oh, Girl! That is some amazing quilting! I am impressed - I know how crazy things get when record book time rolls around! And you fed them! That made me laugh, but only with you, not at you because I can relate. :)

Amy said...

Your feathers are beautiful!

Paula TheQuilter said...

You are one busy woman who make dynamite feathers. I have 3 QOV to get to you. How do you want me to do so?

Patti said...

I love your feathers. Will this be a QOV?

Wonky Girl said...

Quilting on the star top reminds me of Angel wings. So suitable to wrap a Wounded Warrior. I hope to be able to quilt beautiful feathers like that some day (soon).