Sunday, July 22, 2012

Fire Benefit

Yesterday was a Fire Benefit up at Livermore CO. Livermore, Glacier View, and Red Feathers were the three Fire Departments hit rather hard by the High Park Fires... not only in loss of houses, but also in damage to the fire equipment. All three of these departments are Volunteer Departments, yet, don't get much federal support.... so we all supported them!!

The benefit was at the community center, and it was a blast. Firehouse Quilts  and Marilyn  provided over 60 Kid Comfort Quilts, and I was the lucky one to deliver them. The firefighters were ecstatic. 

Air Link  was also there, as were numerous bands, a BBQ joint, a silent auction - and ME... 

Air Link - and my oldest - he asked if Grandpa would buy the helicopter for his birthday. I can't quite remember the answer???

In this area - Air Link is one of the first ways to get injured people to the hospital - its pretty rugged terrian. The pilot of this chopper was a blackhawk pilot in Iraq. He . Was. Awesome!!
Dunk Tank

The food tables, and friends!! - the BBQ was amazing - and they had Quiche!! Many REAL men ate quiche yesterday!!! 

These two musicians were entertaining as you walked thru the silent auction. I sang with them for a while. We were asked to go on tour... they wanted me to start right now, but wanted the guys to stay and play awhile.

I took it personally.

Another little blue grass band entertaining by the booths.

Air Link Taking off. I only have 3 million and 42 batrillion shots of it. I think we all might be addicted to aircraft......  plus a little boy ( who I did not know) kept shouting at me - take that picture, and take that one... He was cute!

Air Link Nurse ( and Marine Corpsman- Iraq) Left - Jake the Pilots Wife - right ( Army - Iraq)

Fire chief G( aka My Dad)  and Eddie( aka the horse Doc) putting quilts into the Chiefs Vehicle for handing out to victims of the High Park Fire.

And EMT Sherry handing out a quilt to a little guy whose house was lost. Sweetest little guy in the Entire. World.  Although the had quite the grip on the quilt - and was defineatly claiming it!!

I hope a lot of money was raised, I hope a lot of hearts got happier, I hope that these wonderful people are able to put their lives back together.  


Nancy said...

Thanks for sharing this post, and a BIG thanks to Marilyn for the quilts!

marilyn said...

Love seeing quilts in the hands of kids. Makes me want to stay up all night and quilt more :) My daughter is having a sleepover tonight...maybe I can convince her friends to make quilts! Ha!

Impera_Magna said...

What fun... and what a wonderful way to raise funds (and quilts) for the men and women who put their lives on the line to control/extinguish fires!

And YES! Grandpa should buy a 'copter for his grandsons!!!


LizA. said...

Sounds like a great day for a great cause. Thnx for sharing.

Dusty Darrah said...

What a wonderful story on your blog, Alycia. It was great seeing you guys again last week. It does our hearts good to see a stack of our quilts in the arms of the fire fighters/EMTs, ready to load ém up for the kids they see on their emergency runs. Our volunteers are thrilled that our quilts are being received by children, right here in Colorado. Thanks again, Dusty

Pat R. said...

It's such a long journey back for those who lost their homes...God bless them all.