Saturday, July 21, 2018

Flags for Sue Updates

Oh you All!!!
Our hearts are full!!
Little packages and baggies are showing up all over the place!

Kevin's  Block

And Sheree;s

 I had a drive by:

Gail H dropped a block off at our lane !

And from Yvonne at

And from Sandy in PA

And the little messages that have been coming - I am saving them all for Kathy ( Sue's Sister) .... okay maybe I am taking photos and texting her first - and THEN saving them  .... 
( i can be annoying that way ;-)  )

and then....  I went to the Post office - and the ladies were shocked!! I told them what we were doing and they cried... too cool

They came from Illinois!
Thanks Terry!!

And from Audrey in CO
She might be an overachiever!

and from Julie in Idaho
And Julie - your note made Mine and Kathys hearts so happy
Go you!!

And from Barbara in the mountains
Where she better be cool and send us some cold air

( PS - can you tell I couldn't wait to get home to start taking pics?)

The Gym rats might have been laughing at me!!
And from Dianne 

And from Gina in Longmont!
She used the pledge of allegiance - and it looks AWESOME

And from Cynthia at

and from Shar in Grand Junction!

From Susan in Tennessee 
(I think I spelled it wrong on the photo - I blame the heat)

From Christy in KANSAS!

From Jamie in Texas

and from Corrie in Washington

They are coming from ALL over - and it is so cool!
As of this moment - as in the moment I hit publish - we have 70 blocks -

You all - my heart - be still!!
What love!!

Friday, July 20, 2018

Stringing along with a visitor!

We had a visitor to Colorado!!  And I am going to hold off telling you *my truth*  Ha ha ha - until he has a chance to get home..... but!!!

KEVIN THE QUILTER came and spoke at our Guild, and then did a workshop for us!

It was a lot of fun - and a lot of energy, and a LOT of inspiration.... so much so....

I spent yesterday afternoon sorting some of my fabrics.... ( just some - I didn't want to get too excited!)

This is my Workshops project in process.... It's Kevin's String Stars Workshop

And just cuz you want to see all the smiling faces and the fun we had.....

Of course
That quilter has no off button
So we had to do some stitching as well
and we made a few more Flags for Sue

It is really fun to get to a workshop
Even if you think you know how to make that specific project - GO!!
you will learn something, and have fun, and enjoy hanging out with fellow quilters

AND if you guild is looking for a GREAT program!
Kevin the Quilter really does Deliver!!!
We never laughed so hard, and the whole crowd was involved!!

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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Quilts of Valor Colorado

I have to tell you that June was one of the craziest Months we have had in a while - and I sorta got behind on my QOV posts - and my QOV picture taking - but my quilters/ Quilt groups and myself - did not let our QOV making efforts decrease.... they just went undocumented - until NOW!

I am slowly catching up - and have had my tall kids home to help by Quilt hangers - IN THE DAYLIGHT!! ha ha - so its all good....

Ready for some inspirations now??

This one I put together out of Blocks from all of YOU!
It was the Half log Cabin Block drive - and I had to make a few extra to finish
but YAY!
Kathy and Sue Quilted it for me
( Yep the Same Sue that we are doing *Flags for Sue* about)
The Pattern for this quilt was designed by Jan

PS - this was the back 
Pretty cool huh??

This next one is a top that was made during the University of Northern CO Softball teams sew day
and it was also quilted by Kathy and Sue

and then - this is where I mess up
I send the next two quilts out to quilters 
and the tags did not come back with them
But!! They are quilted and ready to bind - so thats good!
I think this one was made by Sharon D

and this one was made by Barb R
But I may have them backwards 
And I apologize!
I want every quilter to get their credit
these quilts are not made overnight
and they are so loved by our Veterans!!

They are showing off for you!!

Hope you were inspired

Monday, July 16, 2018

Devils Backbone

There is this place that we like to hike called Devils Backbone... and just so you know - it gets pretty hot there ( for Colorado) . But I think it is a beautiful place.

So I gathered the kids and the husband this time - and we headed out for a short hike... our pedometer thingies on our phones told us 6 miles .. totally worth it.

This little butterfly posed for us!  Its on a thistle - which is really hard for a rancher to not want to pull - but since these were not our pastures ...we controlled ourselves.... well except for the million photos I tried to take of the butterfly

Some of the rock formations
They are just really cool and tower above the ground

And you know me - gotta try that Black and White
You just never know if you will like it or not.... I do!

The little sunflowers
They may be weeds also - But I love them
and they way they came up over this wood fence.
Kinda wish I had a place like this at my house

As we were hiking in this HangGlider came flying over
About half way through the hike I was wondering if he did pick ups ;-)

Proof that we were there

This is the keyhole - pretty cool view from up there.

This is the other side of the keyhole
I thought it looked imposing

and then!
I tried my skills at a Panorama
With my Camera - not my smartphone
Are you impressed? 

The best part was the ice cream afterwards
okay not really - but it sure cooled us down
it hit 100 that day
which is not happy for us Coloradoans!

Friday, July 13, 2018

Flags for Sue being made

Oh My Stars!!!  My heart is overflowing!!

I got home from a baseball game last night and sat down to make a few more Flags for Sue -

Then this morning I thought - well should I post them on the blog, or should I wait - or should I not?  and I started reading some of the comments which lead me to blogs - which led me to awesomely sweet amazing people - and check these out!!

These are just a few of the quilters wanting to Honor Sue - this is going to just make her family flip -




my heart is full
Thank you!!

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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Flags for Sue

Last weekend one of our great QOV quilters passed away.

Sue May was a part of the dynamic duo of Kathy and Sue - Sisters in real life, and Stitching Sisters.

These two are so amazing and Sue! What ever she could do to help ~ stepped up to the plate. She ran her Quilting machine almost round the clock to help out and make sure we had enough quilts for EVERY presentation. and she would drive up to me to help with whatever.

She always had a smile and a hug and an encouraging word to say. She will be greatly missed. Oh! and she helped teach her Dad to make Quilts of Valor!! ( she might have put anyone to work that she could!)

Please keep Kathy and her whole family in your thoughts and prayers - this has been a tough time for them all.

Our QOV group has decided to make a block in her honor and Put together Quilts of Valor in her memory 

This is the Block that we will be making for Sue. 

 Not only was Sue involved in Quilts of Valor but she also volunteered at the Police Department, so I thought this would be fitting.

 The block will be 14 1/2 x 18 1/2.  ( Mine came out at 15 x 18 1/2 - no worries I can trim to size if yours does too)
This was a really easy block to put together - and the pattern and directions can be found here:

You can also see the finished quilt there that we would like to make - of course - will make it a little bigger - to make it more like 60 x 80 inches

If you would like to participate - we would love it - all blocks should be sent to me by September 1st 2018
PO Box 233
Kersey CO 80644

PS - those are supposed to be Red and White - apparently the pic is turning out dark for some people so here is a better one:

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Ode to the Churn Dash

It's a vicious cycle - this leader/ender scrap quilting thing.... I tell ya....

As you know - I have a thing for churn dash blocks.... 2017 was my year of the dash - I think I made red, purple, green, blue, and even RWB ones for Quilts of Valor.... well I keep my handy bucket of 5 inch squares next to me all the time.

As I was starting to sew the rows together for *Inspired by Cynthia*   I needed a Leader/Ender project.  ( PS - My gramma called them sew offs as she made scrappy blocks while sewing our garments - I just like Bonnies name better)

I remembered that I have a bunch of Churn Dashes in progress - so grabbed my handy dandy bucket and started in....

 I was sorta surprised at how many I had!!
But Wait!! theres more... I got inspired, and while I should have been making dinner really late after the basketball tourney.... I stitched....

And then late Saturday Night when I was quilting a client quilt I remembered I  had this panel... and I started dreaming - so Early Sunday morning - I put it up.....

But Wait! There is more....I might have started stitching and putting the top together

But Wait!! It really needed one more row on the bottom - It looked better that way.... you know all visually aesthetically pleasing and such.... I'm all artsy that way ( ha ha ha)

and Now!! I need a back to and  to quilt it!!

Ta da!

Oh and that wave on the right side that makes it look like its not laying flat - totally the panel! I walked by it a million times trying to straighten something that is really truly flat!!! It worried me!

Now I must nap ;-)
Not really - I was enjoying my stitching time! 

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Monday, July 09, 2018

Inspired by Cynthia Progress

A little Progress.....

I got all the blocks stitched - and because I can not count - I made some extra red ones.... which turns out to be perfect - as this months Rainbow Scrap Challenge color is red!

Oh -and I now have 3 rows together!!! Oh ya!

So I actually might get this months RSC blocks done.!!  ( then I can go catch up with the ones I missed)

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Thursday, July 05, 2018

A little roping time

This time of year is the fun hot time, but you can rope till your hearts content....

so we did...

And I took my camera ;-)

This one is my favoritist ( that is a word right?  So the little boy on the left - his mom is the announcer - and she is calling him through the loudspeaker - and he is totally ignoring her.  It was so funny - someone says - I think he's at the horse trailer...... sure... we will call it that!   ;-) 

PS - he is a good kid and got down to go help his momma once he *really* heard her

This is my guy - 

These calves were fast and little - and they took off like lightening...  but he sure looked good didn't he?

I sent this one ( below) to his mom - the first thing she asks is - Did he catch?  I rolled - I was like - hey this is my artsy photo - I didn't pay attention to the run ...  That's the sign of a real ranch mom I think - his mom is a real hand ( that's a compliment - she can outwork us all!)

So there is a barrier that can't be broken until the calf passes it - gives everyone a fair shot - and these little calves would just mosey to the barrier - and then jump and start running like wild men once they broke it. The horses were beside themselves - they wanted to run too but they had to wait - hence the look in the eye of my horse.... I am pretty sure he was cussing that barrier

One of my favorite things is to watch the horse and rider work together - see how this one stops so well and sets his hind down - this is a good horse

And this one - catch that dirt in the back - the rope is just making it's catch, and the rider is just moving in the saddle and that horse can read him so well , he is putting on the brakes.

and another of my buddies - that horse is just intense.

Hope you all enjoyed a glimpse in to another part of my world 
Its a pretty fun place to be

Ps -- You can find me on instagram in two places - really Quilty at @quiltygirlquilts or my all about me @alyciaquilts