Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Quilts of Valor 2015 - October #1

It's starting to stay darker, longer in the morning. We are needing our Headlights to do chores in the morning. That is NOT my Favorite way to do chores - it's hard to see ( duh)  but it's even harder to see the cats that trip me when I am walking, and.... well.... snakes.... It's not cold enough for them to go away yet!

But enough whining..... let's get to the Quilts!!!

This one is made with those Moda Just One Star Blocks
We might have made more than Just One Star
Kathy and Connie put it together and Ellen  Quilted it

This quilt I think was made by the Columbine Quilters
It was Quilted by Ellen and bound by Joyce

Elenna made the top below
She used the Block Pattern designed by Candace W for the MQX block drive
But made her top here instead
Ellen Quilted it and Joyce bound it too!

This next one was made by The Quilting Bees
They did a fantastic job 
It was Quilted by John Scott ( he is fabulous!!)

Kathy N Pieced this one
and Dawna quilted it
( if you are looking for some new pantographs for quilting - go check out her site)

This is an Eleanor Burns pattern
Everytime Kathy and Connie make one - you all ask me the pattern
and I never can remember!

We have had two new (ish) quilters join our Greeley Group
And they are going gangbusters!
Nancy and Sharon Made this quilt
Ingunn in CO quilted it

Ingunn quilted this one (below) too
It was pieced by Carol H - here in Greeley
If I remember right - this was a shop my stash challenge.

I brought in boxes of fabrics and we put it out on the table 
Everyone was to choose fabrics and come up with something

Fun challenge!

Sue S and Nancy put this top together from our Block Drive Blocks of a year ago?
The block can be found under my Free Patterns Tab
Ingunn quilted this one as well.

The Heart quilt was pieced by Lori and her crew
It was quilted by Sue and Kathy

I have received more packages of the Wonky Star blocks
I am so excited to go through them and take their photos too!
( I might have stolen my design wall tho - and need to get those blocks off!)

Enjoy your week

Go forth and Quilt
( and make a wonky star block or 5 - they are fun!!)

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Orca Bay - it is FINALLY a Finish!!

yay!!! There was some Happy Dancing going on, and a Whole Lotta Happiness in my house.....

Instead of picking on myself for not meeting my goal - I decided to leap with joy - that I didn't put it back in a box!!!!

Here it is in all of its glory ( ha ha - can you see the kids kinda going mom??? Seriously???)

Here is a little close up - so you can see the quilting. I just did a texture Quilting on it. It is such a busy quilt, I didn't think real custom would enhance it much

The back

I think it turned out pretty cool?

It was cold enough last night to need a Quilt
So we tested it out!

I used Hobbs 80/20
Quilted with Sew Fine 

And I even bound it 
Yep - all by my little ol' self!!

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Monday, October 05, 2015

Not a Design Wall Monday

My design wall looks the exact same as it did on Friday..... With all my RSC blocks up there.... It's pretty... I like it still.... BUT!   Our weekend was crazy - I had two boys running in Two different places - and ( gasp) one boy ( sob) checking out ( tears)   a College.....

So, after I had a good cry..... I headed to a Cross Country meet.....

My College boy.
His team won the D2 Champs of the meet
He did awesome. He finished really fast and there weren't a whole lot of other
runners ahead of him. Needless to say - I was impressed.

Back to Quilting
( and laundry - ugh)

Friday, October 02, 2015

Rainbow Scrappy Challenge update

I really really have been playing in the Rainbow Scrappy Challenge....
I am just wayyyy slower than most!

My original goal at the beginning of the year was to use my 30's prints scraps
And Bust them ( ALL!)

So  the last month or two was Orange and Reds 
( don't hold me to the exact months - I get days confused real easy!)

I didn't have much Orange 30's
So I combined them with the Reds...

Then - I was out of large scrap piles so I started in putting my leftovers into the same blocks

And I ended up with 17 really scrappy ones
( number 17 is hiding outside the view finder - but I promise - Its there)

And then!!
This is my Conclusion of the 30's for this year

I ended up with 
10 Red Blocks,
17 Purple
11 Green
13 Yellow
17 Pink
21 Blue
and of course the 17 mixups

And now.... 
I need to figure out what I want to do
Mix and Match
Color schemes
2 quilts, 7 quilts
6 quilts
 ( with 106 blocks that is WAY to big to make 1 quilt)

(PS - and THIS is why I have UFO's ....
although that pile is diminishing too!)

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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Quilts of Valor Sept #5

You ever have one of those weeks where all of a sudden you realize it's Wednesday??

Last night we were watching Agents of Shield - and I had that Light Bulb Moment.... It's Tuesday nite..... which means that tomorrow is Wednesday!  Get Moooooving!!

I will tell you this is a Photo Laden Post - But I hope you will find it worth it!!

This group of Combat Veterans were so very surprised to be honored with Quilts of Valor
It was pretty cool, and sort of hard to keep my mouth shut (ha ha - no comments about that ok!)

On to the Wonky Stars that have arrived

These blocks are from Debbie in FL
They are bringing some sunshine!!

The next group comes from Carlie
in North Carolina 

Then we have blocks from Dianne in CO

And Next ( yes I had boy help!)
A huge stack of blocks from Holly in Brazil  .... Okay .. Brazil , Indiana 
but doesn't Brazil look cool?

Holly also sent in a Bunch of Backings!!  Thanks Holly!

And now on to the quilty inspirations!!
This first quilt is pieced by Marilyn and Quilted by Sandi
Both of these ladies are in my Quilt guild!

The next one is MQX block drive blocks
Assembled by the UNC Softball team
Bordered by K. T
Quilted by Sandy

The next Five quilts come from the Columbine Quilters
in Colorado.  This pattern was designed by one of their members

This quilt was made by the Interfaith Quilters
If you look at the Veterans Photo Above - you will see who received it.
he was Amazed

- Wonky Star Blocks - You can still send them in - until November 11th to be eligible for prizes..

Prizes you ask??? Oh Yes - the Fantabulous Vicki Welsh (find her Etsy Store here: )  She has graciously donated Two Packs of Fabric!!

I'll show you more next week - but All your addresses are going into a drawing bag - on the 11th of November I will draw two winners for the fabric packs!!   YAY!!!

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Random Shots from the Ranch

White Horse

You think he is saying hi, but actually he is cussing me.
I didn't have grain with me

He is snarky that way.

Mother and Daughter Horse team

They gaze longingly at the roping arena...

They also participate in synchronized Swimming!
They make quite a pair

Two Face Kitty keeps them all inline though

Enjoy your Weekend!

Friday, September 25, 2015

A new Pantograph

My client brought me this adorable jelly roll quilt -
 and I decided that the New Pantograph JellyFish would look great on it.  

I used the panto in the big rows, and then in her little separator rows and did a squiggly line
It Turned out really cute!

Go check out the panto - 
and if you are going to Quilt A Fair this weekend
go Check out Dawnas Design Threads Booth
(tell Dawna I said hi!!)

Here is a link to the Pantos again

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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Quilts of Valor - Sept #4

Good Wednesday Morning!!!  ( Sort of, it might be afternoon for some of you!)

I started the morning early - and then it got away from me. I was the sole Chore do'er this morning. And the calves slimed me, so I had to come in and change, and then my son forgot something here at home .... and so.... NOW I am back to my computer to show you some AWESOME blocks from the WONKY STAR BLOCK Drive...... and Quilts!!!

These are the blocks that have arrived!!! Thank you to Ruth Ann ( from CO), Gail ( from IA) , J C. (from PA) Bonnie ( from Ohio) and Sally from  - that is so fun to just keep adding them to the design wall.

Last week - I told you if your blocks arrived by Last night I would put your names in for a drawing for the Machine Quilting Unlimited and Modern Quilts Unlimited magazines -

The names drawn were:  JC, Bonnie and Bev - so quilters - I will get those in the mail to you!!

(Ps - some asked why I did it so soon - those are magazines, and I wanted you to be able to read them Right away!!)

There are MORE Prizes!!! I am going to tell you about one next week !!!

On to some Quilty Inspirations!!!  These are all Quilts of Valor

The first Five quilts are all from my Dear Meredith in AZ..

Meredith has such fantastic taste in Colors!!
They were all quilted by Ron O in NM.  

The next three quilts come From Liz in WA
She is so much fun - but this summer the view from her sewing room  was fire!!
So I am impressed that she got these done!
( Fire is a little bit of a distraction!)

You might remember the one below?
It is a pattern designed by VIcki Welsh called Allegiance

And the last quilt for today

Made by Patty in Greeley
Quilted by Ann in Co Springs

Ann is such a busy quilter ( as Many of you are)
So I really appreciate the time you all take to honor our 
Service Veterans touched by War!!

Go Forth and Quilt

(or in my case - keep cutting those 3 1/2 inch squares!!)

Monday, September 21, 2015

Orca Bay

My goal is to have this quilt finished before the end of the month......could someone please STOP the month!! It is going WAY to fast!!!

Here is where we are.....

I ran out of the trianglly things , and I was too lazy to make more ( or starting to see the finish made me want to just be done!!

 Cell phone pic ( below)

And now!! The top is finished!!
Ta da

Its on to the back now ( sigh) 
If only backings would fall from heaven!

Here is my new gang!!
Someday they will trust me to wear leather like them
( they are SO cool!!)

Hope you all have a great day!

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