Sunday, April 14, 2019

Hands 2 Help Check in

Ah!! Did you know today is the first check in for Sarah's Hands 2 Help??

I am sure I wrote it down.... but where I wrote it down - I can't say!!!

So here is my check in!!

I have now quilted up 4 little baby quilts for Jacks Basket.

Just need to cut them up and Bind them!!
( and if you remember - Binding is always a downfall - so wish me luck!!)

Go see all the other projects - such a giving group of people!!

Hands 2 Help

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Friday, April 12, 2019

Spring Blizzard

So a little Spring Blizzard passed through... and now it attacking the east ( sorry peeps!!)
We got some great moisture, awful winds and... the road was closed!

All my family was home, we are all safe and sound.....

but...... they should not give me 48 hours of unsupervised stitching .......

Just sayin'

Before the wind really started ( and I worried about the power going out)
I quilted this Quilt of Valor

and then!!
I topped this quilt
I made a backing for it

and then!! I decided to start a new project -
the pattern is called Merry Go Round by American Jane Patterns

and now I have more scraps to decide what to do with

and then I decided I should top this Quilt of Valor - and I made a backing for it!!

And then!! I finished my Marvelous Mystery Top - and I made a backing for it!!
PS - you can find all the clues for this awesome Mystery that Linda Swanekamp designed right HERE ON THIS BLOG!!!!  Isn't that cool - Its called the L1 Marvelous Mystery 

and now...
I started a new project.....

I have a problem ...
can you tell???  
Ha ha ha 

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Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Mystery L1 Clue 7 AND Clue 8

Good Morning Quilters!!

It is pretty here now - but they tell us by Noon we are under blizzard conditions!! And will be snowed in for 24 that means I give you ALL permissions to stay in a sew ALL day - because...

you are under a blizzard -  ha ha!!

So here is what you need to download today - 

Clue 7   ( Click here for CLUE 7)


If you are  only wanting to do one step at a time - just download Clue 7 until you are ready to move one and come back for Clue 8

If you are ready - and want to see the reveal!!  Download Clue 8 as well!!!

I got to this point and I REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted to see how it worked out - so I just couldn't leave you all in suspense as well!!

Happy Stitching


I am hosting TGIFFriday on April 26th!! So - that is your assignment - Finish your Top and show it off by then
( that sounds about fair - right??? ) ha ha

Tuesday, April 09, 2019

Fabric For You?


I have been cleaning out some of my Fabrics - and realized that there is some I am just not going to get to in this lifetime.....


This Group of Fabrics weighs in at  4 pounds and will be shipping from 80644

So if you want it - Leave me a comment - the first person claiming it - I will get your paypal email and send you a bill and ship it out -

The price is the Shipping - I wish I could do that for free , knowing that the fabric will be loved - but you know... kids in college and all that!!

hope someone will love it!!

Monday, April 08, 2019

Log Cabin Progress

Whoot Whoot!!

Our one Log Cabin Quilt top - now has enough blocks!!

Ta! Da!

So this is where it was on my design wall - Each block measures 10 inches and I wanted a 60 ish by 80 ish quilt.... That was the goal ( ish)

Then I went to  a track meet - watched this kid.... He's kinda my favorite runner right now.

Stopped by My friend Linda's, as  she had collected the blocks our other quilters were making. *( I had had to leave for the stupid dentist, from our sew session)   

and I put the rest of the blocks up, Moved a a few around - and then!


hopefully this evening I will get it Rowed!!

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Friday, April 05, 2019

A Double Slice FFA quilt

In February our Local FFA ( Future Farmers of America) Held their Spring Conference.  They decided to have local community service projects there - and of course - Quilts of Valor went!

We set up the room - had about 90 different stitchers - and!!


I quilted one of the Quilts they completed.

it will go to our Sew Day  at the end of this month to get bound

We used the Double Slice pattern from Missouri Star Quilt Co.
That is such a fun and easy pattern
and it gave us a little trim room to square blocks!

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Thursday, April 04, 2019

More QOV Finishes

Plus!! A few More Veterans Received Their Quilts of Valor!
This is always so cool to me 
to see the smiles, and the happiness for being recognized for what they have done
Makes a Heart Happy

This QOV below was made by Mary and Sue
I LOVE the Eagle!!

and the back - too cool right?

Sandi taught us all how to make these really cool string blocks
( Its a pattern she purchased for all of us)
and then we made the blocks and she did the setting 
The QUilting!
Is that not Fabulous???

Here is one that Rolland and Marilyn Made
it was Quilted by Joan

and this one was made by Kathy and quilted by Connie

and the back!!

Another Shot of the Smiles
one of the Veterans little boys was taking photos
( you can see his hand at the bottom of the page)
and no one could be serious
He was Just TOO cute!!

Happy Thursday!!

Wednesday, April 03, 2019

Mystery L1 - Clue 6

So this is your Catch up Clue - anything you haven't finished so far.... do it!!
This clue won't take you very long at all....

or maybe it did and I was just in a Chocolate coma..... you tell me!

L1 Mystery Clue 6

See you next Wednesday.... I know you will all be caught up by then - and ready to rock and Roll

Monday, April 01, 2019

Back to the LOG CABIN!!!

One of the first quilts I ever made was a log cabin!
Of course - it turned out 120 x 140
and almost broke me....

but I persevered - and still tried to become a quilter!!

My guild is doing a project - and somehow I got chosen to come up with the pattern ;-)

my son and I talked about it and we really thought a Log cabin would look cool

But we really liked the idea of small logs and big logs
( there is a story there - but I can't share it yet)

And so - I went to my strip buckets
Grabbed up the strips we liked
and took the bucket to my friends

we made 12 blocks so far
and then I came home - and I almost have the 36 more I needed done
See - Addictive personality

this may become my block for 2019 - and use up these strips!

and the weekend before
at my Quilt of Valor sew day

We made these

The story is.... I was organizing our supply of fabrics and found a huge stack of mis sized squares, and then I noticed our string bucket was almost exploding - and funny thing!  ( before the above log cabin)

I told our quilters - grab a square - make a dark side and a light side and we will see what we can come up with!  Ta-da!!

Fun right?  However - we still can make maybe another 100 blocks???

See - I have a job ahead of us!

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Thursday, March 28, 2019

TGIF Friday = Patriotic Edition!!

Whoot Whoot!! Glad you made it to Friday??  ( well its still Thursday in America.... but Friday is just around the corner!!)

This was a fun week - I have been on an *All About Strings* Bog hop, and finished a quilt, and watched a baseball game, and got a flat tire.... and Quilted with my Friends.... Its all Good!!

and now!! I have Patriotic Finish to show you!!

Ta da!!

Our sew groups did this Bullseye Log Cabin block (Pattern HERE)  - and we had such fun - Judy Put the Top Together and I quilted it! and even though the Photo doesn't show it .... It got bound , and will be awarded soon!!

Oh PS - It is a Quilt of Valor

This was my other finish for the week - I showed it off on Wednesday during the *All About Strings* Blog hop - but I wanted to brag just one more time.....

And NOW!!! It is time to link up and show us your finishes and brags!!  Let me see that eye Candy!

(Ps.... My Website did a change over... and didn't warn me of the timing... it seems emails are being returned - so sorry - we are working on that... in the meantime - I tried to change my setting here to a different email ( Alyciaquilts @ gmail) to see if that will help me...I love technology!! ha ha)

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