Friday, November 21, 2014

Plaid #4 - I think

I started this one as a Quilt a long on - and then I am not sure where I stalled out... but I did...  My goal for November's 'A Lovely Year of Finishes'  was to get the borders on it.

It has gone from here ( the rows, with a boo boo)

To the design wall with two borders on it...

To QUILTED!!!  Yay!! I got the final plaid border on it and I just didn't stop!!

Yay!!! I wanted to try lines in the borders and a new panto in the quilt. 
 Now all it needs is to be bound!

Ta Da!!!

Goal #2 for A Lovely Year of Finishes,

AND!! It is almost a Finish for FAL 2014

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

QOV 2014 - Enjoy!!

Here is the deal.... I can't just choose one or two photographs to show you today. I thought I would choose the final photo of all the recipients together, and then I realized you would miss the smiles, and the happiness... and then I decided - this photographer took a lot of photos - so why not share them all.

So!! How much time do you have? Do you have a cup of tea sitting next to you? Good - let's go!

Quilts of Valor was invited to a Community College ( Red Rocks) - they have a huge group of Veteran Students. We asked if we could maybe make a presentation of a Quilt of Valor to a veteran, and as I was working with the coordinator - we couldn't choose just one.  So knowing that we have AMAZING quilters here - we asked to do 10!!!!

It! Was! Awesome!

Eleven of our Quilt of Valor - ers came to help - each one had a quilt to present.

I spoke ( I am such a sucker lol)  I told them what a QOV was, and how they were made.

Seriously - check out those smiles ;-)  

I explained that each one had many hands that go into getting it to them - from the choosing of the fabrics.

The piecing of the blocks - sometimes through block drives, sometimes through Children, through sports teams and through amazing quilters over the internet , as well as our local quilters

I explain that there are piecers, and then machine quilters that contribute

I Love the Hugs!!! Don't you? This is  MJR H (ret. air force) presenting this quilt -  So awesome!

I tell them that each quilt is bound tight to secure all the love and the hugs and the gratefulness inside.

And then I do remind them that they have been washed and pillowcased so they should feel free to use them immediately.
So - here is the majority of them - The podium was blocking the rest . It was a great experience - and so cool to watch our quilters interact - seeing the final result of all that hard work.

We left the stage and the President of the University got back up and said - other that watching his kids be born  that was the coolest thing he had ever seen.... I guess we did alright?

Enjoy your day!!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Archives- Jelly Roll Quilts

Over at Val's Quilting Studio - she hosts an archive post on Tuesdays - this weeks is Jelly Roll Quilts.

Back in 2011 we did a Jelly Roll Race for a QOV sew day... but for some reason I am not finding the original Post...  But here is a link to one that was quilted...

And then I remembered that I made a Halloween Jelly Roll quilt, I think It might not even be bound yet!!  Sheesh

Link to an original post

The fabric was purchased in 2011 - and I know it was on the couch this Halloween.  And I am pretty sure we used it without it being bound.... sigh

Check out the others at Val's Linky Party

Monday, November 17, 2014

Wintery Weekend

I think that Winter is officially here! We celebrated by heading to the Dinner Theater with my parents - and we saw Miracle on 34th Street.  It was so great - the Candlelight Dinner Theater in Johnstown did a great production. And I was glad that Wrangler Man heated up the car before he made us get in it!!

I don't have much on my design wall today - as I might have finished what was up there and forgot to take a photo.... but I did get a lot done....I have officially passed my goal... I wanted to quilt 24 Quilts of Valor - and I am up to 26 now.  I might have another - but I am not sure where the photo disappeared to:

You will see them again in a Wednesday Show- but I wanted to brag now ;-)

This one was made from Orphan Blocks by Cowboy Bob .. I quilted it with a Baptist Fan

This one I pieced - it was the sample for last years block drive. I should be embarrassed that I didn't get it quilted earlier - but it sure brightened my weekend!

This strippy was made by Judy and I quilted water droplets on it - It is cool and fun and way busy!!

And this Beauty was pieced by Diana and I quilted stars on it.

And then I had a few Family sessions - can you believe there are crazy people who like to smile in the snow?  But check out what I saw while photographing people:

Staring us down

I think he wanted my snacks

An Eagle 

Friday, November 14, 2014

Plaid String Quilt - with a Twist!

I finished!! Finished!! Whoot Whoot - as in it is Quilted, Bound and ALL DONE!!

 While I was waiting for kids somewhere I made a list - this is the 3rd of 6 plaid quilt projects I have started this year.  The very first one was a Quilt of Valor ....  And I actually know where each of the others are in their progress!!

I quilted it with spiral Squares -  I thought that would be fun do due it's geometry ish ness ( new word! I just invented it!)

And the back - it is a lot of plaid with little Looney Tune Characters dancing across the top!!

Here is a close up - they make me laugh!!
This quilt is for sale:

This is one of my alyof goals for November - so yay!

And it is a part of my QAL quarter 4

I will also be linking up with Confessions of a fabric addict and Crazy Mom Quilts

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Quilts of Valor 2014 -

It is Happy Day After Veterans Day - I hope your Veterans Day was filled with lots of Thank you's.  We had quite a few presentations going on here through our state, and one was supposed to be today. Today's is cancelled due to weather. and boy - is it COLD!!  I am always the first to admit that I am a wimp - so to others it may not be.... but the temps dropped so low - my tank heaters are only defrosting a quarter of the livestock water tanks. To me... that means its cold ;-)

On to the block drive blocks received
Sheree in Colorado

Nann H in Illinios

Diann K in Denver

Aren't those great? a Few more packages came in - but , well, I didn't get home till really late last night and I left them on my sewing table.... but that's good - more inspirations for next week!

The first inspiration - a presentation. I am wandering around there some where - but I am hoping I got cut out ( tee hee)  . We invited some recipients to one of our sew ins and it was awesome!!

Everyone got to be involved - and there was a standing ovation.
One of the coolest parts to me - was watching these veterans interact after the presentation.

So  Quilt!! Inspirations!!   The lovely quilt was made by Vicki Welsh

This is another one by Vicki!
Two things - this is a free pattern - it is called allegiance - the link is in my header.

Secondly - this is the back - 
Vicki HAND DYED it!!  

This summer I was invited to speak at the Araphoe County Quilters in Denver - they are SO awesome.   They were a great guild and so fun - BUT!!! Then they decided to get involved!

Spinning Stars
Made by Linda S -
Arapahoe County Quilters

What an amazing guild!! Kathy - their guild president called and said - we had a sew day - we have a few things for you. And I met her, and tied my kids to the top of the car!

HOLEE COW - did they get to quilting!!
Made by Arapahoe County Quilters

I decided to take it one bag at a time - so you may have seen some of the quilts they already contributed !

The one above is called Uncle Sam ( appropriate!!)
It was made by Kay - but Kay didn't stop there!

She also made the one below.
It is called Patriotic Patchwork

I believe this one was also made by Kay - I made a note, I just can't read it!
I love this setting!!

The next quilt was made by Kay and it is called Stars and Bars
A long time ago I designed one and made a pdf copy of my pattern
It is not pretty - but here it is

And then we come to Ms Carolyn!!
She is in PA - and she works very hard on a farm with her kids
Yet she still found some time to make some Quilts of Valor

 All Three of these ( the one above and the two below)
Came from Carolyn

So beautiful!
Let's have one more smile to cap off today's show shall we?
I LOVE it when the families get involved !

Thank you again for all your support and your encouragements.

PS - you have asked where the pattern for a whole quilt out of the blocks is?

Monday, November 10, 2014


What a great weekend! My oldest son's Cross Country Team made it to the RMAC's - the Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference's Championship - so the family and I decided to take a little drive to go watch..... it was a day that started at 3am and we arrived back home at 8pm ish

Family Selfie!! We all fit!!
 We had a great time. Their team won 4th overall in the conference ( there were 16 teams - or maybe 17)   It was a gorgeous day. This time of year you never know what you will get - this one was about 45 when they were running, almost 60 during the rest of the day!

The night before it had snowed and the temps dropped. We were going to leave at night, but we figured it would be less scary on these roads to leave early and have the sun start rising.

We were right;-)

The clouds were SO low - you just drove straight into them.
 This is the team warming up. Don't worry I only took 450 photos so I can  keep letting you know that I got to see my son....

And then there was an elk.  I think it is a little elk farm along the trail that they ran on - but I am going to prefer to say he was wild and he wanted me to take his photo. ( never mind the fences that are keeping him in)

Sunday we were all a little beat - so it didn't take much convincing of the troops to finish chores, clean the house and then have play time!   So these blocks......

Became these blocks ( I switched up the layout)   and then kept ironing and trimming.....

And this is where I left it last night when I decided it was time to go catch up on sleep.

Other design walls can be found at:

PS - I'll be back with more Cross Country photos.... don't worry there ;-)