Monday, February 08, 2016

National QOV Sew Day in Colorado

Oh my Gosh!!! If you follow Quilts of Valor on Facebook you will ( or would have) seen a gazillion quilt photos for Saturday and Sunday!! IT! WAS! AWESOME!!!

And here is Colorado - I think there were NO slackers!!

In Greeley ( that's my group)  we had about 35 Quilters show up - we even had the Local 4H make an appearance!!  6 kids and their adults showed up to sew too!

We Did QOV sew day Italian Style and made Lasagna Quilts, while the 4H'ers worked on assembling some of our block drive blocks into tops:  want to see????

Here is a quilt in progress ( above)
And our first prize pack winner.She answered the toughest question of all 
What is your favorite soda?
Vicki Welsh graciously donated 4 stash packs of her handdyes and !!!  Oh goodness - were they coveted!!

And (below)
Our first finished top of the day
She also won a prize pack!!

Our first person to finish step 1 - although pictured - is her whole quilt
But she won a stash pack too!

And the crazy group
( tee hee - just kidding ladies- you know I love you!)
Another stash pack winner in this photo too, on the right)

And Ta-da!
Total - we made 18 Quilt tops
and then I got mine half done.... so really 19 

A special Shout out To Northcott Fabrics too!
They helped us out with our Patriotic Fabric Supply 
And WOW!! Their Patriotic Fabrics are Superb!!!!

Here are 2 of our 3 4-H teams
Mom and Sons and Their Quilt

And Mom and Daughters and their quilt!!!
It was fun to have them - 
they didn't think we were TOO crazy!

Over on the Western edge of the State - 11 Quilters got together and stitched up these Beauties!
Looks to me like 10 quilts at least!

In the Southern Part we had the Fremont Victory Quilters stitching away, and in Buena Vista Linda was a piecing... 5 tops!!!..... and even in Boulder - I think they finished 1, and in Denver Cathy and her friends pieced 2 tops!!! - I think Colorado had a good day ;-)

I know Judy V was piecing, and many others who haven't bragged yet ( BUT THEY SHOULD)

So at least 36 Quilts of Valor got their start and/or Debut on Saturday!!!!

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Saturday, February 06, 2016


No Excuses right??? Except.... I am making one....
We got our Photo challenges for the week and the ONE day I had open to shoot them was Tuesday....

and when we woke up Tuesday - it was a blizzarding away.....  as in 14 inches of snow and 8 foot drifts....

and so .... I decided to trek through it anyways - I had an idea.... and that didn't pan out..... and then I got cold - did I tell you the wind was blowing ( of course, that is what made it a blizzard - duh)

First, Because it was cold, I thought I would just go to my deck.....

And then I didn't like it as much as I thought I would

So we bundled up and trekked out to the arena
I thought the alleyway fence would be cool
As it was - Ice cool..... And I liked it

But not that much

And then I was just about to give up and say - well - I'll figure something out when this mare came up to the fence and starting throwing her mane all Farrah Fawcet like, and snorting, and well telling me - really - if she could be tough - I should be tough.... or take her in the house with me !

And this was my image! Barrier of the gate - saving me from carrying me dear sweet gorgeous girl into the house!

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

2016 Quilts of Valor Feb 3rd

Happy Happy Wednesday morning!!

Today will be a colorful Quilts of Valor show!! Hope you enjoy them!

First off we have some awesome Pillowcases from the Pride City Quilt Guild in Pueblo CO!!
They sent off a HUGE Stack of them!! LOVE THEM!!

Next we have some awesome quilts From AZ!! Meredith has outdone herself again!!
( The fish one!! I love it!!)

These two are also from Meredith

Next we have a great Tumbler Quilt from Julie 
She blogs over at:
She even has a book coming out soon!!

Next we have a quilt pieced by Shirley
and Quilted by Kaylene
She's a beauty!!

These NExt two quilts were quilted by Juliet
The one on the left was made by Carol H
and the one on the right was made by Tammy G ( cool colors eh?)

Sue E lives in AZ and is a fabulous quilt teacher
She teaches classes and makes her samples in RWB!! ( Mostly)
She designed these her self and most are cut with her AccuQuilt Go Cutter!

And the last quilt for today
It was Pieced by Nancy S
and Quilted by Cathy O

it is the Starry  Night For Josh Pattern! Love her colors
Pattern can be found in my Craftsy store

GO forth and Quilt!!!

Monday, February 01, 2016

One Monthly Goal and Design Wall floor

Heidi over at Red Letter Quilts started a One Monthly Goal linky - and you know me - I am always wanting a little extra push to keep me on track..... So I joined up..... and failed .... In the FIRST month!!!

it's all good though!! It kept me from maybe starting 10 other quilts!!

My first OMG was to finish my allietare - and .... well.... I didn't....I stalled

On a good note - I finished and wrote and had the pattern tested for our Mystery Quilt that will run over on Mystery Quilts 4 Military  - which is good - the mystery starts FRIDAY!!

I've been working on a super huge T Shirt quilt for a client - and that is now to the Quilting stage ...

AND - we hosted a huge Quilt of Valor presentation ( those always take more time than I think they will)

So I am not feeling too very bad - but I will make my Allietare my OMG for February as well - keep me focused ok????

This is where I start with it today...

On one of my Photography treks I found this barn
I think it is pretty cool. The sunrise was just perfect behind it for a very wintry look.

Don't you think if I finished my Allietare it would be fun to take back and photograph here?
I think I can remember where I found it..... Sort of....

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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Tack Sharp and Freeze Action

Two different challenges this week - both of them hurt my brain!!

Freeze Action -
That really shouldn't be too hard right? I mean I photograph a ton of sports I should be able to come up with something "in this week" . So I first thought - well I will focus on the basketball and catch it in motion.  Problem.... every time the ball came straight at me, I flinched! Yep!!

You try watching a game through a 200mm lens - you will flinch too!

Then I decided I will try to catch a pivotal point in the game - and maybe show the intent of stopping the ball - this is what I came up with:

A rejection.
I probably should have tried to get more feet in the shot - to show how high 40 is jumping,
But - well I didn't ;-(

the next challenge was Tack Sharp - 
and I'll tell you what - you practice and learn and hope to get that Bokah effect - trying to do the opposite - challenges your brain.

i went hiking one day and took a LOT of photos of nature - I tried all the Tack sharp techniques, but still - due to a little teensy tiny breeze -the trees were just a bit blurred.. ( don't worry - I will still show them to you later)

Then I decided to set something up inside to take care of the wind problem - and this is what I did.

The upper left hand corner still bothers me, so I will still practice this technique

That is my photo story for this week ;-)

Saturday, January 30, 2016

February 2016 Scrappy Block of the month

Hopefully you all enjoyed the January Block and reduced a few scraps?  The direct link can now be found under the Free Patterns Tab above.

Ready for February?

We are again working with our 2 ½ inch strips – so pull some lights and darks and here we go:

1 - 2 ½ x 2 ½ inch square
1 - 2 ½ x 4 ½
1 - 2 ½ x 6 ½
1 - 2 ½ x 8 ½
1 - 2 ½ x 10 ½

Color # 1  (in this ex : Blue)
1 – 2 ½ x 2 ½ inch square
1 – 2 ½ x 4 ½
1 – 2 ½ x 10 1/2
1 – 2 ½ x 12 ½

Color #2  ( in this ex: Red)
1 – 2 ½ x 6 ½
1 – 2 ½ x 8 ½

I cut 5 at a time and stitched them together like a traditional Log cabin – starting with the white 2 ½ sq and the Blue 2 ½ square. Then Ironed to the dark and added the 2 ½ x 4 ½ Blue.

Continue adding your pieces until your block is 12 ½ inch square as below:

Enjoy!!!  And hope you are using some of those 2 ½ inch scraps!!!

This will work for more color schemes of course - a while ago we did some in Yellow and Blues - I have done them in Grey and Black - just whatever scraps I had hanging around - 

If you would like a Pdf file - I have listed it in my Craftsy Store ( for free)
AlyciaQuilts pattern store

PS - if you do make this block - consider making them, or a whole top and donating it to Quilts of Valor - to show our Veterans touched by war some love. You can find a list of Regional Coordinators at  under the regional coordinator tab.  

Friday, January 29, 2016

2016 Quilts of Valor AND Finished Friday

I am combining both a Quilt of Valor show ( we will call it The End of the Month show) and a few Finishes ( of course Quilts of Valor) for me!

First -

A finish for me! This is a pattern I designed ( can be found in my Craftsy store) . This one was pieced by my wonderful friend Laura - and I quilted it!!

Then another on that I quilted
The 9 patches were made by Better
Sharon Pieced the Quilt
And I Quilted it

Next we have 2 quilts pieced by Agnes 
they were quilted by JoAnn in Sterling

Then we have a Yummy Yummy quilt
Pieced and quilted by Liz M in Co Spgs
Isn't that just fantastic??

Oh!! another one I quilted
It was pieced by Ronda In Sterling

This twister was pieced by Connie and Kathy
Quilted by Jimmie in the Springs

Mary has a group in Holyoke
They pieced these two and they were quilted by Ann in Co Spgs

The one below was pieced by Diana and quilted by Sue
( also - I finally got my tree down - in time for February)

Last one - this one was pieced by my Mom
and Sue S Quilted it

Happy Finished Friday
Happy End of the QOV show today

Go forth and Quilt!

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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

2016 Quilts of Valor Jan 27

This has been a great big Busy time - I have so many more photos to share - so this one - may be pretty photo heavy..... you can handle it though right?

First we have one Pieced by Connie and Kathy
Quilted by Sue S
( you see these 3 names a lot don't you! )

Next we have a quilt from Jackie S
Quitled by Sue S

Another Lovely from Kathy and Connie
Quilted by Sue

Next we have one From Jessica and her sewing gals
Quilted by Sue

This lovely String quilt was pieced by Pam
Quilted by Ingunn

A really cool Batik Quilt pieced by Sheree
Quilted by Ingunn

This one was pieced by Harriett
Quilted by Ingunn

Pieced by Diana
Quilted by Meg
Sort of funny story - I sent the quilt off to Meg to Quilt, She took it to High Prairie Quilt Store to show it off, Diana, who works there says - OH! That's the one I pieced.!!  Small world eh?  

Pieced and Quilted by Sharon B
LOVE all the various sizes of these stars!!!

Pieced by Fran F
Quilted by Jen

From the Colorado Springs Group

Pieced by Cindy Thomas
Quilted by Jack Thomas

I got a call from Nancy in Ft Collins
She says - oh I have a few Quilts of Valor for you
and, um, this is the few!!!

Aren't these all fantastic?
Each quilt shown today - wow - the Veterans will know they are loved right??

Go Forth and Quilt!!!