Friday, December 19, 2014

Plaid #4 - Finished!!

Whoot Whoot - Doing a little happy dance around here!!

I joined in with the Finish A long over at the Littlest Thistle - and I tell you what - it has helped me stay focused this time!!  This quilt was one of them I wanted finished this month for the QAL4FAL and for A Lovely Year of Finishes at SewBitterSweet designs.


This one will be going as a Quilt of Valor. It was designed by Judy at called Sunny Side up ( I think) it is under her free patterns.  I , of course, just had to try plaids ;-)

Because it is almost Christmas - you wanted a snowy bird right?  They land outside my sewing room window - constantly distracting me .... it's a rough life I tell ya!!

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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Pineapple Plaid Quilt

This - I believe is Number 5 .... 5 plaid quilts and I still have stash to sew with -

I should not be surprised!!

Here it is - in all of it's unbound glory.

I quilted each block with Circles and spikes and gave it a fun look - that of course, is totally hidden in the plaids - But I sure had fun quilting it - so it's all good!

I had it all laid out in the front room with the idea of getting it bound right then, and then.... I started to wonder what would bring the colors of the plaid out?  It is a little Muddied - with browns and plaids..... so maybe Black?  Or Maroon?  

So I have been contemplating this all week....I believe this might be another reason the binding always slows me down..... Sigh.....

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

QOV 2014

Happy Wednesday Morning!!

Hope you are ready for some GREAT eye Candy today!!

This is what our house looks like when I get back from the Laundromat.... All the Quilts that have not been washed get a cold wash, and an air dry - then they come home and stretch out for a minute - before we match them with their pillowcases and add journals..

 Need a little smile to start your morning?  This soldier chose his quilt and was so tickled - he just couldn't stop smiling - makes you happy right?
Need a Smile??

Columbine Quilt Bee has been so amazingly busy!! They just do a fabulous job!! These two are from Columbine,

The next three are also made by Columbine Quilt guild.

This one is from the Block Drive.  Our Greeley Group finished putting them into tops -
I quilted this one - I used a wave pattern - fun!!

This one - I apologize - I didn't take a far away photo.... or if I did - the Camera Ate it!  It was pieced by Judy P and quilted by me.

This is the back - isn't that a crazy fun pantograph?

This quilt was made by the High Country Kids 4H in Colorado.  They did a fabulous job!

The next two were made by the Red Hat Crafty Quilters and quilted by Kathy and Sue in Northglenn

I like this pattern - it is pretty graphi!

Here's a photo of the quilting - I really liked it!

Let me leave you this week with a few more smiles!  I love that this is just not a seasonal thing - that we can honor and comfort and hug on our Veterans Year Round...

PS - I love that I move to much to ever be in focus .... good for the ego ( giggle)

Monday, December 15, 2014


I just had to go to a quilt shop to meet two of my friends ( they really had to twist my arm, and bribe me to go in... it was tough - Right Cheryl and Judy)  I really was screaming as I went in.... yep - that's not the truth.... but I'm going with it!

I found this little package of 1/2 squares - I think They called it a Turnover.... but truly - I can't remember. It just looked cute and I am a sucker for pre-cuts.....

I also told myself I had better get busy - this had to be made into something before 2015.....  and

Surprise!!! Not only did I make the top - I quilted it. Yep.... just the binding awaits....  ( after I figure out how I want to bind it)

I had such a fun time quilting it... I had no plans so I combined a pantograph and bubbles and lines and just had a good time.

I used Quilters Dream - Dream Puff batting - I LOVE that batting. It is puffy ( duh) and light weight - but so warm..... and if you live in my house in the winter - you want warm .   Someone might not like to turn the heater up.....

I am thinking that I will bind it in Dark Blue

Or maybe Lime Green..... Ideas?

This is the back - I zig zag print.  There is a quilt shop in Fort Morgan - Inspirations- the boys had a Cross Country meet there - so I went a tad early and checked out the shop - and found this zig zag -

And now I have a puffy perfect yummy warm quilt... that needs binding.... But I am happy!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Log Cabin Challenges

Last week I told you about our Log Cabin Challenge at our guild. The cool part was I got to quilt a few of the quilts in the challenge.

So I thought I would Show you a few of them.  Now mind you - in all of my thinking and postulating about why I didn't care for mine so much, comes this theory.  I loved everyone else's and wish I had made that!!!  Too funny!

Isn't this one cool? With all the batiks and them running up and down?  I quilted feathers all over it in lines. It turned out pretty neat! And it softened the effect of the zig zag. Perfect for one of her Granddaughters!

Then there was this Wonky Log Cabin. This client pieced it SO beautifully!! She said it was out of her color and style range, but wanted to challenge herself - and I believe she rose to the challenge!
 Oh yes - the back....

This client did another amazing job!  She wanted a 3d Circly effect.  I had fun drawing up images to see what would look the best.

And of course - the back.
Those are my three finishes to show off this week. I didn't piece a one of them - but I sure enjoyed quilting them! And I was glad they liked them too!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Quilts of Valor 2014

The dark has encroached on my morning and my evening now.... I always imagined that living in the country in the winter would be like Little House on the Prairie - and we would sit around the table and stitch.....

Little House on the Prairie forgot that fact that chores still need to be done!!  Except now it's dark... and some of those dark animals - they creep up on you when you least expect it... or disappear only to scare the everything out of you when they reappear. My dog gets a kick out of this.... she's black....

All that to say - that I enjoy being inside to photograph these wonderful Quilts of Valor!

This lovely String Quilt was Pieced and Quilted by Glenna B

This yummy Scrappy Quilt ( which is now on my bucket list - was pieced by Deb and Lynn, and Quilted by Dawna in Colorado.

The one below was Pieced and Quilted By Judy V in CO.

The next one ( below) was pieced by Kathy and quilted by Connie.
They are a famous Duo... I talk about them all the time ;-)

This is another one pieced and Quilted by Kathy and Connie.
If I remember right this is an eleanor burns pattern.  Don't hold me to it though!

Colorado Quilt Council is our State Wide Guild. They do a cool block thing - and you turn in blocks. Then names are drawn ( from the block makers)  and the winners get to choose where the finished quilt will go. Ellen entered blocks and was chosen - and she chose Quilts of Valor to be the recipient.

The charity can use the quilts as they see fit - gifting, auctioning, fundraising etc.  We chose to Wrap a Warrior!

The next four quilts are from the Arapahoe County Quilt Guild.  - They held a sew day and WOW!

Did these quilters work their fabric off!!!   They made quilts - and they made pillowcases....

And they just had a great time!!

They did a great job!!

I'll leave you with a few more smiling faces!!  That ought to make your day bright and cheery!!

Monday, December 08, 2014

My Design wall might fall down

I might have maybe,sort of, kinda overloaded my design wall... maybe....

In my defense.... my brain is a little overloaded as well... so I might as well have it all out there... right?

I have been working on using my scraps, finishing projects, working on new ideas, and back to scraps ..... and you know how you work on stuff and it doesn't seem like you are making any progress - and then BAM!!! There's a lot almost done at once???? No??? you don't?  You must be one of those organized quilters I dream of becoming..... some day!

Are you ready for the full disclosure..... can you handle the truth?

My design wall.... I will not tell you how many projects are up there - but you can see at least.... well.... three???

So let's peel it off - this is the heart blocks - (Tutorial found Here)   I only completed 9 of the RSC color challenge blocks. BUT!! It is Nine more than I had at the beginning of the year - so I am good with that.   It is going into top stage Right! Smack! now!

And then under that - peaking out to the right hand side are my Scrappy Logs.  I have most of my scraps organized into these little bins, and when the bins overflow - I have to do something. This has been year of the Red's and Blues.....

My bins....

I made this from the bin

And made this one from the bin

And even after those two quilts.... I still have full bins - so I have been making these wonky log cabin blocks as leader ender type blocks.... I say type, because sometimes they are all I work on before my time is up.

My advice to myself. Do not put the bins away until they are empty.
I have the room on my table - so why not! Plus I have 8 more blocks in progress.
They finish at 12 1/2 inches so it will be at least one quilt when its all done.

And that is my scrappy advice for the month!

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