Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Quilts of Valor 2014

I hope this week finds you enjoying your summer! It has been HOT here... more so than we like. Keeping all the animals cool has been a chore!!

BUT!! I have some fabulous Quilts of Valor to show this week....

These are more awesome Quilts from the Interfaith Quilters of Longmont!

This one is called Peach and Goodwill. How many of you name your quilts? I am finding myself doing that a lot lately.

This one is called Circles of Faith.... do you LOVe it? I do!!

This one is called Stars...  I think it need a little more pizazz to the name... suggestions?

And of course - a LOVELY smile thrown in for good measure. This is a Jar quilt - and he fell in love. All the goodies in the jars just made him happy!!

This one is called Stars and Stripes forever.  I like this pattern - and I have a lot of 9 patches .... I could do this!

Another one called Stars...  You just can't go wrong with Red White and Blue

This is called Freedom Stripes....

This one is called United we Stand

And the last one.... is Sampler

Sorry about the Sun Glare here - but this was the photo spot.... She fell in love with the Log Cabin  - it had an eagle center panel in it.. and wow - she was ready to take that one!!

the Pueblo West Quilt Guild here in Colorado are Pillowcase making machines. I so appreciate them! They make sure each of our QOV's have a pillowcase to keep them all clean and safe for our Veterans.
 Thank you all for stopping by. Hope you found some inspiration!

Monday, July 21, 2014


This is such a cute quilt! Bright colors and whirly-gigs!!

Isn't that so cute? It made such a great little quilt!

Sunday, July 20, 2014


We spent a day hiking. The group of kids that I was with were fast hikers.... so  I mosey'd along behind and took photos... I might have had a better time ( just kidding)

The group was all cross country runners - they truly left me in the dust .. pretty much after the first 500 yards...

I had the more.... shall we say... photogenic trip... they just wore themselves out ( that was the coach's goal I believe!!!)  


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Quilts of Valor 2014

Well Goodness... here it is almost 2:45 pm Colorado time, and we are finally settling down.  I got up early to post the show - and well, it appeared that a stolen truck was in an accident and two armed men were roaming the area....

Those of us with outbuildings were a little , shall we say, nervous?

Actually - we kinda still are - the texting network is going on - one was apprehended, the other was still at large......

So the best thing? Settle down and look at quilts - much more relaxing! And I know where all of these are!!!


This first quilt was Pieced by Kathy in CO and quilted by Janice in NH. It is really lovely!

This was was also pieced by Kathy and quilted by Janice. I believe these were both mystery quilts from MysteryQuilts4Military - a Yahoo group

And a Smile!! I love how some want to just wrap it around them everywhere ;-)

This one is from Cynthia B at Arapahoe County Quilters. I went and spoke to their group - wow what a HUGE guild!! but so friendly and nice. I took Little Bit with me and asked him to take a photo or two of me speaking.... did you know - not one of them came back without my mouth open, or my hands swinging... sheesh ;-)  Cheap Entertainment I am ;-)

Anyways Cynthia brought this one to me, and said - well I really had wanted to try this block.... and oh man!! I was glad she did - it is lovely!

Lois in CO teamed up with Glenda in CO and created this quilt. I LOVE it!!

Another smile. - This was another Yellow Brick Road style quilt. He loved the way all the fabrics moved ...

This is the Second QOV for this show that Lois and Glenda teamed up on. Look at the subtle difference the polka dot fabric makes.... PS - I have that fabric - I am so excited!!

This one was made by Liz M of Colorado and quilted by Jean J - I assume of CO as well, but I am not sure I asked ....

This is another top by Liz - and it was quilted by Shawnee. I love that she put words in the quilting!

This quilt was pieced by MaryAnn in Co and quilted by Beth L in CO..  Sorry about cutting the edge off of the quilt - it must have moved!

And the last quilt for today - was pieced by the COVA quilting club. This is an online academy - and Ms Jen runs the international quilting club. They decided in the 2012/2013 school to attempt a quilt and it was a success - so the kids wanted to do another one for this last school year. - IT! IS. AWESOME!
 They made a special label.....

And one of the students wrote a poem

And the back.... isnt' that such fun!! Kudos to Ms Jen and her wonderful students!!  Keep up the good work!

This was the COVA quilt from the last school year - Totally made this Veteran smile ;-)
That's all for today folks - I apologize for being so late.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Wrangler Man likes to golf.... the boys wanted to go to a driving range... it was packed... and so....

Daddy Driving Range  ( haa haa haa!!)

They were ready for the real thing - so we found a course that was NOT booked.
nope - not telling you where.... they still might go again.

They got dressed up and Ta-da... Mom made them pose!!

Have a great day!!