Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Find More Time

I love reading other blogs, but sometimes I wonder how people get SO much done!!  And on one blog - please don't ask which ... I already forgot - she mentioned a book about more time.

I did a search at the library and one came up called Find More Time....

Wrangler Man and I had to travel a few hours to a Cross country meet - so I thought I would read the book out loud to both of us, and we would come back all organized.... yes - you may laugh now... It won't hurt my feelings...

We did enjoy the book - the first part is a 100 question quiz, all about how you do things. I tell you we laughed. You were supposed to rate yourself on that activity from a 1 to a 5 -

Example - "prepare for the next day the night before"   WM says Oh ya - I do that.... and I say oh no you don't - I give you a 1.... and then we talked about what getting ready the night before really meant.  He then agreed to a 1.... of course this was an area i got a 5 in  .... so it's easy to pick on him. ( But you all know I adore the man right?  Cuz I do!)

There were others I didn't score so high - like having an effective to do list - emphasis on the EFFECTIVE..... I have tons of lists.... but.....

We came home and took an hour and made some lists and some goals. I made a Master list. The book said to make a Monthly Master List - I thought I would take baby steps and do a weekly one.... two weeks in - I am making progress.

The shoes/boots in the mud room have even been culled. There is no one in this family going to wear a size 3 shoe again. And the hats.... the hats - oh my goodness that hats.... the favorite ones are now hanging.... the unfavored are elsewhere....

I also made a Master QOV list... it seems those things just pile up - lots of little 5 minutes tasks that get me off track for hours... so I thought ( yep that is dangerous) if I wrote them all on the same sheet of paper, I could sit at the computer once and do them all. So far - it's working pretty good. I have only had one person get frustrated. I do remind myself that I am a volunteer though - so I was good.
That person is my Son! Crazy man!

A friend of mine is an awesome blogger, and is organized - i even asked her for some suggestions - and wow.... she had great ideas that I am trying too...  and you all - I love blogging - it is like my own little personal journal that keeps track of dates better than I do!!

One of my main goals was to make sure I nurtured my creativity. I told my family, and that is always interesting. You tell them something and they are really helpful in making sure I get some goof off creative time. AND! They don't laugh if I drag them out to the floor to dance ....

Any time saving suggestions?  Send em on!!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Plaid #3

At least I think this is the one I have been calling Three....

After my Progress Report  on my plaids - it jump started me again... So the one that was in almost all row stage looking like this.....

Oh by the way - I saw a boo boo when it was laying like this - top right corner - I sewed to of the same blocks together. It looked good in the night..... but oops! So it had to be fixed.

And now:

I have another border to put on it.... and voila -

This is a pattern from Patchworktimes .com - called Sunny Side up.

Which is also where you will find lots of fun inspiration today at her design wall link up:
An other inspiration at Marelize's anything goes

Sunday, October 19, 2014

A Meandering Mood ( and Sunday Special)

Super Sunday Special

My Mind is in a Meandering Mood… want to take advantage? This is a Short Super Sunday Special! Read on:

1. 5% off any meandering quilting
2. Quilt must be to me no later than Wednesday the 29th (mail or meet in town)
3. Must have your batting and backing 6 inches bigger than the top.
4. Should be a fan of this page.  https://www.facebook.com/QuiltyGirl
5. Feel free to share this post!
To claim this offer – message me your name and email address or email me at alyciaquilts @ Gmail .com
Slots are limited so don’t wait! ( Quilts will be finished no later than November 7th- perfect timing for gifts!)

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Scrappy Scrappy Scrappy

That is the theme around here this week - and thank goodness my husband and kids don't care what my sewing table looks like!  They are even careful when opening and closing the doors this week ( wind damage to my designs results in NO dessert!)

I got my Orange RSC blocks finally done - this one was September's color

I was asked early on how I did these - so I wrote a quick little tutorial on how I did them.....

http://alyciaquilts.blogspot.com/2014/03/scrappy-saturday-teal-edition.html  I should mention - there is chocolate consumed, and that is what keeps me at my sew table... yep - confessions ;-)

Here are a few other Orange Quilts I have made.

This one is from the Monochromatic challenge from Patchworktimes - a few weeks ( alright years) ago. Still not quilted.... Hmmmm Maybe that should be a goal for 2015??

But with the scraps from that quilt came this little quilt:
And it IS quilted ... please notice.... it is BOUND!
Oh ya - extra credit!!

And now after my heart block - I think I might have enough scraps....

for a whole nother 6 or 7 blocks!! *accckk* how does that happen? 
I have NOT added any orange to the bag!!!

For more Scrappy goodness head to 

Friday, October 17, 2014

Cheering in the middle of the night

This has been such a great week - I have been making lists and checking them off..... and then I realized today is Finish Friday with COnfessions  and Crazy Mom and TGIFriday   and I wanted to be a part of it.

Oh! And Wrangler Man has been begging me to finish his quilt. You think that would be inspirations enough... but nope - I needed more!!

Last night after our Cross Country meet ( our team made State!! yay!!)  I pulled it out and got to it!

This is what it looks like when you finish and you throw it over your loved one, and hope your cell phone will make a flash...

 Boy was my hubby surprised.  He is used to me stitching late in to the night.... but he is also used to it not being for him ;-)

I think it looks much better this morning!  And the best thing - it is finished ! Before Football season has gotten cold!

And yes  - that green thing is a rope. A real cowboy rope. Except that is it clean.
Sometimes a cowboy needs to practice inside. 

When I started making this quilt it was just some purple and yellow scraps.

And I just wanted to see if I could make that Churn Dash block demo'd by the Missouri Star Quilt Company.  I had 4 blocks up on the wall - and Wrangler Man said - I want that!  *Surprise*  

It was awfully flowery at the time. So I went to my scraps and pulled out some less flowery ones.

I added them in and it  sort of muted the floral tones. 

Then when it came to quilting - I had a brilliant idea. What if I quilted his favorite team into it!
And Voila -  The Wyoming Cowboys came to be on a purple and yellow quilt.

I think that earned me at least a bag of Dove Dark Chocolates.... right?
Enjoy Checking out all the other finished this week. I like to look at them - its a virtual quilt show!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Quilts of Valor 2014

Out in Haxtun Colorado there was a fall Festival. Marsha and her friend Elenna set up a booth about Quilts of Valor and even entered a quilt in the show!! it was fun to hear about all that went on - and Bless Marsha for the photos!! 

Didn't they do a great job?  I think there was quite a bit of interest generated... I have heard from some veterans that live in that area! Awesome!!
 This was the prize winning quilt. I do believe she is keeping that one -)

let me show you some more quilty inspirations!!
One of the ways Quilts of Valor hears about Veterans that have not recieved a Quilt is by individual Requests. These are made at qovf.org . we hear about them, and then get to head out to make the presentation. Sometimes they take a while to arrange, some get to happen almost immediately. Here are photos of a few. 

Check out this yummy quilt - it was made by Cindy B. I got to meet Cindy when her son came home from his deployment. She is awesome - and funny!

Here is another quilt that she made - she made over 150 Quilts of Valor - impressive  ( and that was during her son's 9 month deployment)

Here is another that Cindy made. I believe these are all flannel - and they will be SO loved!! It's getting cold in this country!

This is a big flannel Quilt - it was pieced and quilted by Jeanette in Denver. It's really snuggly!

The next two quilts were pieced by quilters in the Columbine Quilt guild QOV bee - and Jeanette Quilted them. Her quilting time is a little limited right now - she has to watch her granddaughter. I think she might really enjoy that ( grin)  The little one is cute!

This is a prep photo - this is what my house looks like weekly. As quilts come in and are finished I lay them out in order over my couches and the boys and I do a photo shoot *giggle* and they have to put them back in the exact order they picked them up. so we can get all the pillowcases back to them.

You never knew I was that organized did you?  

Have a great week.... and here is a hint.... do you have some extra 2 1/2 inch patriotic strips hanging around? Do you want to be a part of a Quilt of Valor Quilt?  Get those strips out and sorted into Reds, Whites and Blues.... there might be something coming up that you want to do ;-)

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Scrappy Blues

Now this quilt needs a name....besides Leftovers.... ( or maybe Leftovers is good?)

Here is my strip bucket....

And then I had these little Bright Pink triangles.... I like Bright Pink.  So I started adding Blues to them.  I kinda sorta forgot that triangles don't make great squares in this manner...

But I had fun - and that is what counts.

Some of them finished square - most of them finished triangle - y.... but when you stack them, you sort of forget that they might not be square.   But I pulled out my cream scraps - it was a BIG ziploc bag. And when I opened it - yep - I added oxygen - and it exploded!

And then I started adding cream, and started cutting, and rearranging.

And started making a row ish type layout.... ( this was at night - I just kept sewing and sewing and watching the West Wing. Cool show by the way)

And Now.... This is where I am.

I think that I want to make Blue Borders - goodness knows I still have blue scraps, the lid still doesn't quite close .....

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Monday, October 13, 2014

Antique-ish quilts

I have a friend who does Estate Sales, She and her business partner are just amazing. They go in and clean up these estates and get everything sold and ready for the families - it is quite impressive.

Every once in a while she rescues a forgotten quilt top and works some magic on it. Sometimes she finds blocks - sometimes partial tops.... sometimes doozies - but she turns them into snuggles of love.

The latest one was so adorable. It is ALL hand pieced, scissor cut squares , We think it was from remnants of her children's clothing. They are all juvenile fabrics.
What it looked like on the machine - all the excess the would
need to be worked it ;-)

Upon inspection, we knew it was going to have some stretch - the fabrics were a combination of cottons, flannels, and a few little stretchy ones in there.

Before any of you ugh ( grin) remember - we were not finishing it for show - we were finishing it for the cuddles and the history.

And Ta da - I worked a lot of lines, a lot of squiggles, and ... got it to lay relatively flat with relatively square edges ;-)   The orange squares were left flopping ( or flapping) and my client thought she would straighten that line so it is easy to bind !

Ta da!!

PS - Need a quilt finished ( quilted) soon - contact me - I am currently at a two week turnaround .

Friday, October 10, 2014

Progress on the Plaid

I have been slowly working on plaids for a while. The intent was to reduce the amount of plaid I had in my stash. I tell you - it is NOT working.... just sayin'  I think more people are bringing me their leftover plaids..... too funny!

The plaid phase started with this quilt - it was a Quilt a Long with http://imperamagna.blogspot.com/

She says it was 2011 - I say it was just yesterday!

But! It is NOW finished - bound, and ready to be used!! I am so excited.

I then started in with Judy and her Mystery Quilt... I got stalled! it is now in the row phase.  You know that means the rows are put together - but that is it...  it is seeing some progress this week. Don't hold your breath though okay? 

I would hate to see you turn blue.... but it will get done - I promise!

Then!!! Heartstrings had a sew in - and I joined in. I am proud to say that now! It is Quilted, and it is waiting to be bound.

Again - don't hold your breath - but it will get bound - I Promise

Oh - and the back - isn't this the funniest? I know it is blurry - but my intent was to take photos yesterday  morning, and then the day got away , and then we came home and we were out of power - so I took them in the dark *ish*  (Boys were holding flashlights lol)

AND!! Then there is a fourth quilt in progress. I won't tell you when I started this one, but my Quilty friends were teasing me that it is the same project I took to a sew day a year ( or maybe two) ago!

A few more sew days - and I may have it done..... but it will get done - I promise;-)

That's a lot of Promises isn't it???

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Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Quilts of Valor 2014 - reminiscing

Good Wednesday Morning!!!  Hope you all have had a great week!! 

I gave a little sneak peek of this next quilt on Facebook yesterday – and promised the whole story today. 
I am not sure how many of you have followed me for while? But! Some of my quilting students are now getting old – of course, I am NOT!!  The following quilt… the Quilter – we will call her KJ was in one of our 5th grade QOV classes. She did a great job then! 

She is an avid horse lover, and in one of my buckets- I found some great Horse Fabrics. I asked her Grandma  if she thought  KJ would be interested in making a Quilt of Valor out of them.
She worked with her grandma all summer long, and at the beginning of the school year – she gave me a top!  I quilted it up and brought it back, Last Sunday we (please know – a real binder – Not me) taught her how to bind!   PS – she is a Junior in High School now!

The next quilt was made by Sue S and quilted by her Sister in law JoNell. I just love a quilty Family!

Here is another one – Pieced by Sue S and Terri. This time Sue Quilted it.

And a Final Quilt from Sue and quilted by JoNell.

The picture below is a detail shot of the apple cores- crazy!

All of these quilts go into a Pillowcase. I think they are cool – they keep the quilts clean, they make them easy t transport, and the Veterans LOVE to use them on their beds.  So I think they are a win win!

These Pillowcases were made by Connie. Connie is just awesome. She took homework this last week, and is piecing a million gatrillion backs for some of these tops e have finished!

From the Pride City Quilt Guild in Pueblo – more awesome pillowcases. These quilters have really done a fabulous job over the years ( YES YEARS) keeping these quilts in pillowcases! Can’t thank them enough!

The last quilt for today – This one was pieced with blocks from the Machine Quilters Exposition QOV block drive. I love it!  It was quilted by me ;-)

Hope you all have a wonderful quilty day!