Tuesday, April 21, 2015

FFA Quilt

We live in a smaller agricultural town, that is really cool. In our Schools we have FFA ( Future Farmers of America).    It is such a great organization. Every year they have a silent auction and live auction to raise funds for the kids to pursue their projects, events, and competitions.

This year I made a Quilt for the Silent Auction..... It's also my ALYOF April goal.... the Auction is May 2nd.... No procrastinating here !!

Ready to see it?

Ta-da...  I took it to the Ag Teacher/FFA Advisor - and the kids posed for me ;-)

And this is it laying on the floor

In the small areas between the Emblems I quilted FFA

And in corners I did a Star.
As Farmers/Ranchers/Ag kids are rising Stars
( PS - if you ate tonite.... thank a farmer/rancher)

Then in the big Borders I quilted the FFA Creed
Learning to Do
Doing to Learn
Earning to Live
Living to Serve

And that is it - Ta da

It will be in the Silent Auction
the first weekend of May

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Collaborating with Kevin the Quilter

Once upon a time, a long time ago, in a blog far away, Kevin the Quilter left a comment on my blog. And he said he would do ranch work for free, and I responded back and said hired!

I never realized how quickly bloggers can become online friends, and become friends in reality!!

Do you know how I know that we are friends?  He cut up my scraps... yep!! That seals it right there.
AND!! He was at Houston the two times that I was there - and said hi! IN PUBLIC!!! oh ya....

Oh!!! And!!! he also sewed labels on a bajillion QOV's!!!
(PS - he passed the horse test - they accosted him - he laughed. So he is good in their book)

When he emailed and asked if I would like to collaborate on a Quilt with him - I seriously hesitated!  Why?  - well have you seen his quilt Radar?   It is winning all sorts of stuff - and he is like this "real" quilter, and knows all these important people - and well.... I quilt in the basement......

So I panicked..... and then I said - Sure..... because I mean really - he lives far away - he can't beat me up if he doesn't like it. And I live in the middle of my place - it's not like I couldn't see him coming and have time to hide ..... right????

So he bravely sent his Quilt to me ( ps - it will be a Quilt of Valor when he is done with his *speaking tour* - see I told you he was imporant)

 The quilt arrived.... and I panicked again - Oh my - I want to do a great job, but I want to get it done in this lifetime.  So I layed it out an started planning. Oh! And I watched Castle - that's always a great thought provoker .....

 I tried to remember what I am good at, and what are my strengths - circles.... I love circles.... and so..

Here is the whole quilt... Kevin is posting all the Quilt info on His blog - So don't forget to check his post out:  http://kevinthequilter.blogspot.com/2015/04/collaborating-with-alycia-quilts.html

I did these Star Motifs down the center. I thought they would be the focal point of the quilting, and since it is a QOV - I wanted it to be able to be awarded to either a female or male.

I used both Gold and Navy Threads.  I was hoping to blend in a little on the top and let the Quilt itself shine, but then on the back the quilting would have a moment of it's own.

I hope that you will go over to Kevin's blog and read all about his Quilt as well.  I am somewhat of an early bird ( chores start at 5:30am) so his may not quite be posted yet.....  Keep checking back lol

Friday, April 17, 2015

A little Purple Scrappy

I have this pile of magazines that I have not read, and I was organizing them - I am GOING to read them some day.... I was putting them in order. It dawned on me - Why do I think I have to read the oldest one's first??? Why can I not just jump in with the current one and work my way backwards?

That is sort of how I have been feeling about getting caught up on my RSC blocks - that I really HAD to do March's first - before I Could start April.

I then I had this epiphany.... If I just jump in where we are supposed to be, I won't feel *behind* as I will have done the current color, and I can work on the one I missed at any time. AND - I will feel like part of the crowd!!!


I jumped in - ironed all my purple scraps and looky what I got all cut up and prepared for the next time I sit down at the machine!

PS.... You are IGNORING that yellow pile.... it is waiting for me ;-)


Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Quilts of Valor 2015

Alright.... who knew it was Wednesday and forgot to tell me????

We had a track meet yesterday  - and mostly those are on Thursday.... so today was...well.. Friday in my head!!

Some Great QOV CO news - we are covering a Women Veterans Retreat - and there are 60 women total for the year attending. We wanted to make more feminine quilts - and need them by the end of May.... As of today - 30 are completely ready!  AND!! Two of our other groups have checked in - one of them has 11 more, and the other will count Friday ( another reason why I checked my calendar lol)

I am proud of all of us quilters!!!

On to the Quilt Show:

These two were put together by the Greeley Group - and they were Quilted by Crystal in Denver.

This one is some Blocks from the MQX QOV block Drive - and put together by Carolyn. It was Quilted by Dawna in CO

These blocks were made by Lori and put into a top by Cheryl M, and Quilted by Dawna

( that there is beautiful team work my friends!!)

The next two were pieced by Darlene - this one was Quilted by Helen.

And this was one Quilted by Ann.  Ann and Helen worked with there Quilter friends and I think this is quilt 6 and 7 that they have made for this year ;-)

Then Ms Crystal ( whoquilted two at the top of the post) got together with her Sister and Deonna - and they made these 4 quilts, and Crystal Quilted them!!!   Aren't they lovely!

This last one that they put made was made in the colors that were their Dad's favorite. I LOVE that!!

And of course - a smile. The more I study this quilt .... I am tempted to dig back into my strips......

 Go forth and quilt!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The View

Remember I told you I took 700bajillion pictures????  I did not lie ;-)

You can see forever ..... of course you had to hike forever to get there 

I am still working on my Monthly Quilt goal
It is taking forever and there aren't any exciting photos to show....

I feel like a boring blogger

Monday, April 13, 2015

My Son

My design wall got no attention over the weekend.... but this guy did:

It was Prom....
He and his Date were So Much Fun!!!

Now... back to reality (which means I should pay bills ugh!!)

Thursday, April 09, 2015

Spring Break Photos

My family and I headed West for spring break, and my children tried to break me.... but I showed them!!  We found some of the most gorgeous places to hike, and had such a fun time - I did take a bajillion photos - are you ready??

First we have the little yellow bird that kept saying... "Run Away...if you hide now they can't try to leave you on the trail"    But I didn't listen... I went anyways!!

We all headed out - we were joined by some of my son's roommates.  Note to self:  when they are ALL runners ( as in Distance Runners)  set some boundaries or mileage limits before the start!

This is such gorgeous Country. So different from where we live - yet still the same state!!

One of the views - we just kept climbing higher and higher.
Only you didn't realize it until you looked down!!

This one just Cracks me up!  We are in the middle of nowhere. We found some old equipment, and it had patent Numbers on it. So instead of writing the numbers down and looking them up when we get back to civilization... they pulled out their phones!!

And - yes - they did find out what it was ( I just can't remember)

We were never more grateful for a fence,
We couldn't go any farther - so alas we turned back around.

But check out what our view was on the way back!!!

We headed back to civilization and food.... lots of food.... and water.... but mostly food - food is always important!!

Just a fun one - I was trying to be all artsy ;-)

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Quilts of Valor 2015

Happy Happy Wednesday!!

It's that time again!  I tell you - one of the most fun ( funnest?) things about being a Volunteer with Quilts of Valor.... is the weekly quilt show that happens in my house!  And it makes me keep the house picked up - so total win-win right?

This is an older photo - but I thought I would show you - it cracks me up. If Quilts come to me not washed, I go to town to the Duds and Suds Laundro-mat and wash them.  Jim has a bunch of racks that he pulls out for me, and we dry them on the racks.... then I come home and lay them all out one more time - to make sure they are ready to be loved on,

Crazy huh?

Alright - let's get on to the quilts!!

Thes next three Quilts were made by Marsha G in Colorado.
She made these and had them at their local quilt show, set up in a QOV booth.

This one ( the baskets) won a Ribbon. It is beautiful an the quilting.
Oh My!!

This is the third one today from Marsha
That twist is pretty cool!

We have a Freedom Quilt - Made by Kathy at Arapahoe County Quilters - LOVE it!! How about that bell?

This one was pieced by Jessica V in Colorado and Quilted by Alycia ( me - tee hee hee)

This lovely plaid quilt!!  PLAID!!! LOVE IT!! was pieced by San - who blogs over at http://gypsyquilterdesigns.blogspot.com/   It was quilted by Me .. of course, how could I send a Plaid quilt to another to quilt?  I mean seriously... plaid.....  My weakness

And now - from our prolific Columbine Quilters!!   They did this lovely Dancing 9's quilt.  ( its a free pattern at Quiltville.com)  I LOVE it!!
Here;s a little close up - I really LOVE this pattern! 

Another beauty by the Columbine Quilters

This last one from them is also a Free pattern at Maryquilts.com I love how theirs turned out!!

These are two block drive Quilts.  The first one was pieced by Cowboy Bob and Quilted by Ellen P

And Ellen didn't stop there - she quilted this one too!! It was pieced by Carolyn N

Thanks to all who help make these quilts, and work on them in any ways!  It is fun to say that your quilts were touched by many hands!!

Ready for your smiles for the day????   Check em out!

Go Forth and Quilt!!!

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Q2 FAL List

It is now the Second Quarter of the Finish A Long over at On the Windy Side.

The Q1 helped me stay a little more focused - because I had Sticky notes every where!!  So.... Q2 has arrived and I need to make another list!    Quarter One List

One of my first goals ( just for a little bit! Heaven forbid that should be a long term goal!!!)
For the first quarter I did okay - I did purchase a few items.

Sticks 3 or Plaid 9 
PS ( the pattern for this one is Free in my Craftsy Shop:  Alycia Quilts Pattern Store

My RSC 2014 top
Heart pattern  is free too

And my Blue Crumb top
( it needs a name)

Wish me luck 
Tell me to stay on track !!