Wednesday, May 23, 2018

More CO Quilts of Valor

I have a few more awesome Quilts of Valor to show you! I hope you are ready???

I will tell you that summer has started for my kids - and I was all ready to sit by the pool, read a book, you know hang out - and the kids that are here have had us running like crazy!! It's fun, It's nuts, and we need more that 24 hours in a day!

With that - I will have you running now - to make another quilt!!

So this first amazing quilt - Pieced by Sharon D and Quilted by Lori C - How amazing is this one? and that BORDER!! Wowzers!

This is another one from Sharon
and quilted by Cathy F

I have a stack of 9 patches! 
I am inspired!

And another from Sharon - 
Also quilted by Cathy F
 and yet a FOURTH from Sharon
That gal was just a stitchin! wasn't she!!

Again Quilted by Cathy F

Cathy F really took on a lot - 
she also quilted this 4th one for us 
It is from Our Block Drive
I think we called the Block Log Cabin Triangle?
Jan - who blogs at Colorful Fabriholic wrote the pattern for us
You can find it here:

And last - but SO very Appreciated
The Pride City Quilt Guild in Pueblo CO
Provide us with these AWESOME pillowcases!!
I swear its just a little bit more love and they are adored!!

Oh and remember my home improvement project?  I tore out wallpaper, and scrubbed walls - and I may have painted.... yep - and found out that 16 foot walls are a little tough to reach - but I prevailed....

now I am working on the flooring - but that may take a bit - did you know that floor is Waaaaayyyy down there on the ground???? *sigh*

Have a great Wednesday! Hope this gave you a little inspirations!

Monday, May 21, 2018

Rattlesnake Kate

My son had to do a report on Local Lore - and he chose Rattlesnake Kate.

She is pretty famous around here for defending herself and her young son from an onslaught of Rattlers. Story is she killed 140 snakes and later used the skins and made a dress.

he did a lot of research, and then needed a photo. Well! the museum that has Kate's dress and old house is closed until the end of may. So I went with him and we found her grave site.

Pretty cool what you can learn in a cemetery....

We found her headstone.
It was a really small cemetery - so no directory or anything. 
And I think it might be an older one, most of the headstones were dated a while ago

Proof that we were there
( you know, so that no one thought we just copied it off the internet ;-)  )

Look what we found walking around tho
There were probably 7 or 8 of these - headstones just like Arlington

we thought that was pretty cool.

And of course, on our adventure we found this Veterans Memorial
( sort of still under construction I would guess)

So of course - we stopped and took photos

It was a pretty cool day
Not Quilty related at all 

But my Son and I enjoyed traipsing around our state 

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Colorado Quilts of Valor

Good Morning!!

Are you ready for some Quilty Inspirations today?

Well lets get to it!

This first one was pieced by the University of No Colorado Softball team
We used Kevin the Quilters Block Drive pattern
and Ingunn ( by high prarie quilts) quilted it

This was pieced by our NoCo Group using Block Drive Blocks from last year. These blocks didn't quite get pieced according to the pattern ( which - believe me - I do a LOT) so we saved them up and played around and this is what our team came up with

Quilted by Ingunn

This is another one our group put Together - This is the block drive block we used a few years ago. We had kids make the blocks, we set the top -and Pam F in Kansas Quilted it

And this beauty - this is the Mystery Quilt called THe Patriot from earlier this year - It was pieced and quilted by Ann W of Bunkhouse Quilts.... I put the label on ( see I do do something - ha ha)

And last night - Holeee Cow - did we have a cool lightening storm

Hope you got a little inspiration and want to make a Quilt of Valor or two!! I know they are greatly appreciated!

Friday, May 11, 2018

May's Pile Progress

You know your brain is a little tired when you can't even think of a cool blog title.....

I have made more progress on my Binding Pile - and YAY!!!

Are you ready??

Bound Quilt Number 3

 I truly to not remember when I made this one - but I sure like it!

Bound Quilt Number 4

This one - I remember -
I worked the hospitality part of Quilt Affair - our State Quilt Guilds huge Quilt show/Sale and I found this fabric and loved it - and then I left without it

My Dear Ethel got a FQ bundle and gave it to me for my Birthday - I was So Suprised.

I made the Top Immediately ( its called SnapShots from Atkinson Designs) and I used the top for a while, then I quilted it and used it un bound - and Now!! It is finally bound - AND on the couch!!

 And Binding Number 5
Just to prove I did it  ( and didn;t beg someone else)
here is the Full Quilt
This is my pattern, and one that is so easy and fun! Gives a bold look!

So Number 3 and Number 5 will make there way to my Etsy Store - So if you know someone interested in a finished quilt - send them that way....  ( remember... two kids in college UGH)  ha ha!!

Alycia's Quiltygirl Etsy Store

Enjoy your day!!

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Wednesday, May 09, 2018

More Quilt of Valor Inspirations

Connie and Kathy got to quilting again
When those two get together 
No telling how many Quilts they can make!!

The top two
and the two below
all came from them!!

and for our next Sew day
Connie has cut kits to make this star ( below) so we can make a bunch
of Quilts of Valor like this one!
I am so excited!!

This one below is from Nancy H
She makes a BUNCH of quilts too

Usually she quilts them herself - but I had the honor of quilting this one
It will go to on of our Women's Veterans groups that we support

Here's a close up
( cuz its my blog - I get to be unpredictable - ha ha ha)

Hope you are inspired!
Go forth and Quilt!!

Monday, May 07, 2018

Plugging away

In between the chaos that is May - I am still working a little on my design wall project....

Its angley - and florally - and I like it ;-)

I am not 100% sure how I will lay them out yet - at this time I am just making blocks and getting them up on the wall - we will see what looks good when I have enough blocks

and look!
Little Bit - He is the Vice President of FBLA - and they do a candle lighting ceremony. I actually caught him in the process!  Yay

And just because I am on the subject of Little bit

I sure do not know how they got so old..

Don't laugh... one of us may have started a Home improvement project too... and found out she was a little short to finish.... so now... ladders are up and I am back to work ;-)

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Friday, May 04, 2018

Some finishes for Friday

You all may be really,  really tired of my One Monthly Goal by the end of the month.... or you may be telling yourself - yep - she is in over her head....

At any rate!
I started in on my binding pile:

I really thought that I would start on the ones that already had the binding made - and it would make me look good. Imagine my surprise when I found that NONE OF THE BINDINGS had been made! Stupid Binding Fairy - she skipped my house!!

Since the bindings weren't made my next thought was to bind by size - the smaller the better... and after I realized I was being stupid - I grabbed one and just got to work!

First one up was this Spiderman Panel Quilt. I quilted two of them last year - and got one completely done and sold it. It made me think I should hurry up, finish this one, and maybe sell it. You see where that got me right?  Anyways its finished now and ready to be sold. Goodness - I do NOT know where my kids learned how to procrastinate!

Second up is this ChurnDash Quilt. Please don't tell me you remember it - I may have to pretend I don't know you ..... or at least don't know what you are talking about....


 I used scraps from the back for the binding. and it will be a Quilt of Valor - somebody will like mostly red right?

So that is my Binding Success for this week - I *may* have even chosen my next one to start to bind, but I don't want to jinx myself!!

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Wednesday, May 02, 2018

The Patriot - QOV's

Did you ever have one of those morning that just totally got away from you? and you realized that you hadn't quite finished your Tuesday list - yet - Wednesday was already starting.... Ya?  Me neither!

If you remember the Mystery *The Patriot* that we did earlier this year?

Some of you are so good at sending me photos - so I wanted to share!

Look at this awesome one from Donna T!
I love it!!

and then look!!
One is being Awarded
This photo made my Day!
Dani sent it and the whole day got better!!

Want to Make your own?  The clues are still in my Craftsy store - however - you now know how it turned out - ha ha!

Alright - back to catching up on my list

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Monday, April 30, 2018

May's One Monthly Goal ( um er pile.....)

I know - its not exactly May yet - but that;s where we are headed - so I am cutting a corner or two.

This is my May's One Monthly Goal

It's a stack of indeterminate size  and number and needs to be bound. and if you see Halloween fabrics in said pile... turn away... I did not miss a deadline.... ever... sorta....

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Friday, April 27, 2018

The Teal Brick Road ( an OMG)

I so appreciated all of the feedback!!! I was so tickled to get ideas, and it sorta turned my brain back on!!  So!! The one that really caught my attention was Weedy Mama - she said Hot Pink... and my brain went *whaaaat???*

An I had Hot Pink in my stash!! and!!! I even knew where it was .... sorta.... or at least the general area of it....

and so.....

My Teal Brick Road is Topped!!!

On to find a backing and get it quilted - but the goal was to Top it!! so yay!!  We can happy dance now!

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