Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Scrappy- ness

I keep a tote of scraps right next to my machine, and when I am cutting scraps I feed the tub.... they are all widths - and approximately 10 1/2 inches long....

We had a little sewing retreat this weekend and I finished all my planned projects - so - yay me, I had taken my scrap tote!

and it was awesome - I could stitch away and listen to all the conversations and not have to concentrate.... and ta da!

50 scrappy 9 1/2 inch blocks!! Whoot Whoot - I am so happy - my light pile was completely used up!

The next day was Fathers day - we headed out to the golf course... got 3 holes in an immediately got drenched, hung out in the gazebo for a break in the rain, and got a rain check for another day!!

The best laid plans - right?   Weather wins.

Oh and ps - we didn't mind getting wet - it was the extreme lightening that scared us - and the Very extremely loud thunder!

Monday, June 17, 2019


I am not sure if I bragged on this one or not yet.....

But this happened!

I think that if I don't download the photos, and I don't admit it happened... then I get to keep him right?  Ha ha!! He is very worried already...

about me taking over his room for quilt storage!!!

This is him with one of his basketball idols... Jason Smith - he is a graduate of our school system and went on to play in the NBA - my kid is catching up to his height.... crazy!!

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Photo Challenge: NightTime Photography

Night Photography:
I live in the country where oil and gas seems to abound. On our east property line they have been drilling natural gas wells for about 6 months now. Living in the country it is relatively dark.... except for this... Out my bedroom window. 
I didn't know if I could capture the intensity of the lighting, and the way it blares into our house - but I think I might have!

and another one just for good measure!

PS - just in case you were wondering.... this is about 3/4 of  mile away from my house....

Friday, June 14, 2019

Progress, QOV's and more

What a busy crazy week - did you know today is Friday?  I can not tell you what all I did this week - but ... I was surprised to see that it was Friday!!

My latest group of amazing Veterans. I LOVE all of these Quilts of Valor - it was so cool to see these Vets wrapped in some of my favorite. The Vet - Third in from the left - his Quilt had Eagles ALL over it - so we made a deal. I get to make him a steak dinner, and I can visit the quilt- haha!

This one was a few years ago - but the family sent me these photos just recently. Their father is still loving his quilt, and even in the summer uses it. He was so amazing to talk to - Sometimes when I do the home presentations they don't really encourage you to stay a long time - but this gentleman... I remember didn't want us to leave - we enjoyed him

This is the project I am working on now - I have a ton of others in process - but I packed them all up in my to go box... as I am "to- going" to a sew day and needed projects that I could sew, not think to hard , and be able to chit chat!!! Catch up on all my quilty friends' lives!!

This is the block my QOV group is doing for the summer months. I designed it so you could use a jelly roll ( or just 2 1/2 inch strips - but I had a jelly roll)
 I thought I had shared the pattern - but can't seem to find it... so here you go - just in case you want one too - two blocks take 3 2 1/2 x wof strips!

and just because
Every one needs a little mountain time!

Quilt on!!

Sunday, June 09, 2019

Photo Challenge : Joy: and a Flags for Sue

My photo challenge Theme this week was JOY 

This is two fold for me - 1: I have such joy making these Patriotic Quilts ( they are called Quilts of Valor) and this one is a favorite of mine.

2: I was able to award the Quilt to a WWII Veteran as a thank you for his Service in the Military. The look on his face makes my heart so happy - to know that he loved the quilt, and better yet, to know that his service was appreciated.

Thursday, June 06, 2019

Quilting Finishes

Whoot Whoot!!! They are quilted!! and now in the pile for Binding.... gotta love that progress!!

Plus - its starting to get warm here ( you know - over 70) so the basement is my friend!!
I had fun quilting this one - don't you just love to put the music on and quilt away 
without a care in the world??

This quilt was made by Sheree 
She decided the pattern is called a pinwheel!

This one was made by the University of Northern Colorado Softball team
We used the Kevin the quilter pattern to make it

and this one.
well I am a tad embarrassed that it took me so long to get to
but it was made by 
and she sent it to me to quilt for a Quilt of Valor

Isn't it awesome?
And the backing!!
I love it!

and in all of that - 
I even got a book read!

I am not the biggest reader anymore

I used to be - I had swim practices and ball practices
and roping and all that stuff

But now that they don't need me to drive
I find myself occupying my time with activities for me!

and this time
I chose a book!
Its a good one!!!

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Tuesday, June 04, 2019

More Flags for Sue QOV's

Gina - an awesome QOV quilter... took a few sets of the Flags for Sue Quilt blocks and she worked her magic!!!

Don't you love the extra little red in the border?  This one was quilted by her friend Julie

And you all know how much I love gold!! That just makes these quilts pop!!!
Gina Quilted this one!

Thanks ladies - and all the quilters who submitted blocks!! Can't wait to award These Quilts of Valor!

( 18 have been awarded so far!!)
You can research all the Flags for Sue Posts  if you are interested ;-)

Thursday, May 30, 2019

A Cute Scrappy Quilt

I showed you a little glimpse of this fun quilt
and now - here is the Whole thing

Isn't it cute?

Every once in a while I get a call from someone clearing out, or cleaning up, or even throwing things away... this dear sweet gal called and asked if I could come help her sort through some of her quilting things.

Being ever curious - I went. She had a lot of thing that weren't really of value, but could help different charities - so we sorted and delivered to the charities.

Then she pulls these quilt tops out, and she tells me they aren't worth anything - but she sure had a good time making them. So I unfolded one and she proceeded to tell me about each and every fabric.

She could remember the clothes she made, the ones she wore, the ones that were scraps from quilts she had made.   It was just so sweet.  and so sweet to see her with her memories.

She said she just wanted them to go to a good home, and she wanted me to keep one, for all of my hard work.  ( She doesn't know me well - fabric is not Hard Work for me! Ha Ha)

This is the first one I have quilted, and will get the others into my cue as time goes on. I loved the Springy ness of this one.

It wasn't all that small by the way - it measures 72 x 96 ;-)

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Steppers Progress

Liz - over on my Stashbusters Yahoo group is leading us through a Fun Pattern she created called Steppers - and she just posted the layout

So you know I had to lay them out right away!!

I like it!!!  I will add a border to it I am sure - but first I will start *Topping* these!!
I am so excited - and I love these plaids!!

On another note - in between Thunderstorms I quilted this cute quilt.  Once it is trimmed I will take a full photo and tell you my story about how I got it!!

Happy Quilting!!

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Monday, May 27, 2019

Memorial Day

This brings tears to my eyes - to see the Respect, Love and Admiration.
I was so honored to witness it.

Arlington National Cemetary
Washington DC