Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Finish Along Quarter 3

Oh !!  Quarter 3 already - this has been a pretty cool thing for me - so far I have made lists and I have completed 5/6 s of the items I put on there - That's accomplishment for me!!

So here is my list for the next quarter - In No Particular Order......

The Chevron Tutorial from MSQC - Now If I finish this this year - it will have been started in May and finished in the same year - whoa.....

Orca Bay -
We won't talk about when it was started

Blueberry Crumble
This is a hold out from last quarter
I just can't get motivated on it..... so fingers crossed!

I will be linking up with 

Monday, July 06, 2015

Row by Row

Have you heard about the Row by Row Experience in the different states?  My quilting buddy showed it to me, and I thought - how COOL!!! So we have been shop hopping a bit on or travels around the states.  I picked up quite a few rows, and have been getting a license plate at each shop.

They are so neat!!  

Here's some of the plates that are here in CO:

This one is in Littleton - we had a QOV presentation - so I sort of ..... well, planned around the quilt shop ( that's legal right???)

Then Wrangler Man had a meeting down towards this shop.... I might have said something like , "If you love me, you'll go to this shop" . Only might have said - no one taped me - I think ;-)
This one is my local shop - They are the greatest people - so I ran in with blinders - just the plates Ma'am  ( and the row)   and I might have thrown a couple of other things up n the counter too - but I'm not telling.
BTW - I am going to start their row first - I LOVE it!!

Next - we went to this shop -     It has needles and machine and gadgets oh my!      It was cool to visit!!

This next shop is 5 hours away from me, and one of my children was driving through that town - and I might have said, "If you ever want me to cook for you again, you might check out this store."   Apparently my cooking is worth something...... That is not to say it is good, but at least you aren't hungry ;-)

And then I headed over to Ft Collins - there are a lot of stores that way - so I'll have to show you those another day..... But ......It was fun!!

How many of you are collecting these?

Oh - and I took the plunge and joined instagram. I did it a while ago - but I am still not 100% sure I know how it all works - but I'm enjoying all the photos - I am AlyciaQuilts over there.  If you Instagram let me know, I'll follow you ( or is that stalk you???? hmmmm????  Ha ha)

Sunday, July 05, 2015

QOV 2015 - July Show #5

Alright!!!! We are really cooking now aren't we?  Have you seen any quilts that you just have to add to your bucket list?

I will tell you - the absolute WORST part of this job ....wanting to make SO many of these quilts!! Oh well - as long as I have a bucket list, I can purchase fabrics!!

There is a spectacularly wonderful Groups of Quilters - Called the Amelia Island Quilters - and they do such FABULOUS work.... the Quilts today all come from them!

I have to tell you - I tried to pick a favorite, but each time I unfurled another quilt.... I chose it!!!
These are just beautiful -
Gail you and your quilters are just fantastic!!

Hope you enjoyed the last 5 days of LOTS of Quilts of Valor
I will now return to my regular Wednesday posts
( and the personal stuff in between!)

PS - mark your calendars for September 2015
i think we will do another Quilt a Long like the 
Starry Night for Josh 

Saturday, July 04, 2015

QOV 2015 - July Show #4

Happy 4th of July!!!!

I know today is usually a busy day - but I give you permission to drool for a minute or two over this Quilty Inspiration!!!  It's okay!  Plus you need to cool off a bit right?

So this First quilt was made by our Greeley group of orphan String blocks, extra string block and fun stuff. I sent it to one of the National Quilt of Valor LongArmers - her name is Teresa . She did a fabulous job on it!!  So we have adopted her !!

This one - I am stealing.... okay not really - but I took a lot of photos!
It was made by Connie and Quilted by her. Isn't that just the coolest effect?

Here is another one by Kathy and Connie.  Another one on my bucket list!

This one is also by Kathy and Connie
They sound like trouble don't they?  Tee hee hee

Well - they are not trouble.... I love them !!!
This is the 4th quilt they made this month! ( below)

This quilt ( below) was made by the Palmer Divide Quilters. The fabulous John Alden quilted it.

Then we have the fabulous Ms Judy V - 
She made this one - it is really cool!!

Somehow this next one ( below)
Ended up in my hot little hands from my travels around the state -
but there was no label or name attached to it....
Anyone recognize it???

Marsha and Elena - out in Eastern CO are another fantabulous Duo!!
Over the QOV National Sew Day they hosted a quilting time
They had quilters come in and they made a bajillion of these blocks....

They turned in to fantastic quilts!!
Thanks Marsha for all your hard work in doing this!!

This is a back - I thought that was just so cool 
Its the back of one of Marshas quilts

And  a few smiles - 
to make it worth your while in clicking on my blog

Enjoy your day!!!

Friday, July 03, 2015

QOV 2015 - July Show #3

Welcome to the Third Quilt of Valor Show this week - I know that is a lot - but we average 100 Quilts per month, and I realized that showing you 40 a month.... I was doing the math..... ummm.... It didn't add ( or subtract) up!!  So here you go - lots of Great inspirations. Maybe something you'll want to try.

The TEN Quilts today all come from Buena Vista - Linda hosts a Great QOV group called Chaffee County Quilters - and they are so amazing.  

it is SO fun to open these boxes - I feel like it is Christmas... and Its a party - all at the same time!!

Probably you don't know this - But I LOVE blue and rail fences..... this is one soothing quilt!
This was a fun presentation 
An Iraq Vet with his Grandpa , a WWII Vet 
Pretty cool!

Don't forget  - tomorrow will be some more great inspirations!!!

Thursday, July 02, 2015

QOV 2015 - July Show #2

Ready for some More Beautiful Quilt of Valor Inspiration??

Let's get to it!!!

Our first four quilts are from Columbine Quilt Guild in Colorado. This is a another VERY prolific Quilt of Valor Group. and they do such great work!!!

This yummy Log Cabin was pieced by Margaret and Quilted by Kathy &Sue

This next one.... the 9 patches were all made by Betty.
Betty's Husband is a WWII Vet that received a Quilt - and now she is the fastest 9 patch piecer in the world!! She really is!!

I bundled the 9 patches together and made this pattern - then I send them to a few different Piecers
This one was pieced by Connie and she also Quilted it!
Isn't it great???

The one below was made all by Connie

And this Next one was pieced by Connie - the blocks around the edges are from the Machine Quilting Expositions QOV Block Drive.

And now for a few smiles...

The photo below really gets me, he just stared at his quilt,
The tears in his eye got me, and It made me SO glad to be a part of this!

And one last photo for the day.... it's this guys Birthday.,,, and he is not a baby anymore ( sniff sniff)