Saturday, March 06, 2021

Green Rainbow Scrap Challenge!

Green is such a happy color!!!  And it is the color that Was chosen at Super Scrappy

So I went to my trusty bin of blocks, and started to dig. by the way - This is month three of using this bucket, and I still can not lift it myself to put it back on the shelf.....

Here are some of the Greens I found to work with this month:

They are just so bright and happy - and totally make my front room look good!!

I also got three more of the yellow ones from last month quilted .. ( I have 3 yellow ones to go)

Oops - thats the back of Number3!
I wonder where the front photo went!!

And!! I got two more Pink ones bound.... Progress is being made!!

Friday, March 05, 2021

Memory Quilts ..... and Finished ( or Not) Friday

 This week went by very fast for me!! each evening I said - oh I am going to get *this* done, and then it would be bedtime.... and whatever * this * was.... wasn't done.... Oh well!  Tomorrow is another day right?

I am working on Memory Quilts! - The first one is pieced, and the backing chosen, and now this one is really pieced - I promise! but it started raining ( YAY - bring more!) when I wanted to take the photo of the top....

This one is all the light colored shirts - where the first one was the Darker Colored Quilts.  I didn't choose a One Monthly Goal this month - but really these two quilts are my OMG - as in Quilt and BIND!!! Oh that binding - that's a big one!  So!! I am declaring it now - THIS IS MY ONE MONTHLY GOAL... haha!! Think I can do it??

Alright - it is now your turn!!! Show me what's going on!!!

 *Link up your direct FONF post
* Visit at least 3 pages and leave a comment 
* Bonus points if you visit them all
* have fun
* keep Quilting!!


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Wednesday, March 03, 2021

A12 - Dakota Inspired - Clue NUMBER ONE!!!!


Dakota Inspired

Clue #1

Red Half Squares:

You will need 80 Half Squares that measure 4 inches  using your Red and your Light Fabrics. This step took me 1 ½ hours.


My Method: RED ( Dark #1) and LIGHT


Red: Cut 5  - 4 ½ inch Width of Fabric ( wof) Strips.

Subcut into 40  4 ½ inch Squares


Light:  Cut 5  - 4 ½ inch Width of Fabric ( wof) Strips.

Subcut into 40  4 ½ inch Squares


On the Light side draw a line diagonally across the piece.

Place the Light on top of the Dark - and Stitch ¼ inch on either side of the line.


Cut along the line and press open.



You will have 80 – Red/Light Half Square Triangles that measure 4 inches

Click here for a Printable PDF Version

And above all else.... Have Fun!! Clue 2 is Next Wednesday!!

Oh If you are new!!  These clues stay up the duration of the mystery - once the mystery is concluded, the Clues come down, and in about 1-2 months it will be for sale in my etsy store.  So make sure you get the clues now,

Also - for past mystery patterns - check out my Etsy Site Quiltygirl Etsy site

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Saturday, February 27, 2021

Yellow RSC and Table Scraps

YELLOW!!! Here is my Final Count of Yellow Placemats - for my RSC and Placemat Project


The top 6 are not quilted yet, but!! I have the backing prepared for my next QOV and I added extra to it - so they will be quilted soon!!!  The Bottom Three are quilted... and of course, need binding. But I found a cool little yellow stripe in my stash - that I really think wants to be the binding....

A better photo of the 6 pieced ones
and a recap of the quilted ones

I did not Make these Blocks - they came from another person - and that full story is here:
Yellow Statistics  .  I thought they would be a perfect way to participate in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge and Joyfuls Table Scraps Challenge and!! Give a little something back to my community.

oh!! and you know - to make it about me... cuz really.... practice some fun quilting motifs ... I mean! If I don't t like them I don't have to take a photo, and I can give them away and we will NEVER know they existed - haha!!

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Friday, February 26, 2021

Bichon OMG Quilt and...... Finished ( or not) Friday!!!!

 Happy Friday to you!!!!!

My February One Monthly Goal was to get started on the Bichon Log Cabin Quilt. I actually wanted it topped - and bonus if it was quilted.... I didn't make the bonus, and now that I am looking at the top.... I kinda think there should be ..... more.....

Here is where I am:

it is all put together as a top - so I am going to say... Finished! my One Monthly Goal.... but, I am also going to put it aside to contemplate on how/what or if I want to add anything to it.

For other OMG's check out Elm Street Quilt

and now - it is time for you to brag!!! Show us what you Finished!!!

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* Please visit some of the other pages and leave Comments

* Tell me what your favorite Low Carb meal is:


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Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Mystery A12... Are you ready?

If you haven't heard.... it's time to Pull Your Fabrics!!

Next Wednesday... IT IS COMING - Clue NUMBER 1.... and its a cool quilt.... 

Check the tab up top.... it has the intro, and the Fabric Requirements!!

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Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Surprise and her Horsey Friend


Little Surprise is growing and kicking and running .....

And meeting her Barnyard Buddies....

This Barnyard Buddy is new and she is not sure what to make of the new baby.  We got her ( the horse) this fall, and she is awesome. But she lived in a cow free zone, and boy does she snort and look at the cattle strangely. She is just not sure they should be here... but it was kind cute watching her meet Surprise.

Surprise took off running, and the Mare watched. As soon as Surprise stopped.. The mare took off bucking a kicking - it was quite funny!

Monday, February 22, 2021

Tri Your Luck

 That is Februarys Class for the Debby Brown . Com Color Block class.... And I did it!! Got all my Blocks made!!

Now to work on the setting and maybe this  will move to the Top pile soon!!

I don't know if you remember my Size 15 shoe box FULL of 5 inch squares? Well - this is Quilt 2 with these 16 patch blocks ( and I am using my 5 inchs squares to make the 4 patches) .... and I can almost see them bottom!!! Whoop Whoop!!  ( of course I made like 7 other quilt tops with them so far!)

And!! I am a Winner!!! Cheryl had a Blogiversary!! and she did a drawing and I won these Beautiful Fabrics!! They are totally right up my Alley - Can't wait to see what I decided to make with them!!

Thank you for the prayers! We found out my otherwise Healthy Mom has Cancer. What a week right?

Happy Stitching...

and don't forget: 

The Fabric Requirements for Dakota Inspired - the Mystery....
are up!!  Join In - have fun - start one more project - don't worry about it 

Friday, February 19, 2021

OMG Progress and ... Finished ( or not) Friday!

 Sometimes when life changes - it sure changes fast! We have had just a lot of stuff going on here, and while we will survive.... my sewing time got cut down.... And I would be glad to take a prayer or two....

But! Here is where I am on my One Monthly Goal for February... My Bichon Quilt!

All of my blocks are done, and I have laid it out - 
I think I like the top layout the best....

now it is your turn - 
Blast me with your awesome finishes!!!
Visit a few others
Have a good time!!


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Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Mystery A12 - Dakota Inspired.... The Fabric Requirements

 its here!! 

Todays the day!! 

The Fabric Requirements are here for the Next Patriotic Mystery!!! 

Dakota Inspired!!!!

All the posts about Dakota Inspired will be in the tab at the top of the page too - for easy reference!

If you have never done a mystery before - jump in!! they are fun!! You will get a clue each week that will last 1-2 hours worth of stitching, and at the end - you will have a Patriotic quilt in the perfect size for a Quilt of Valor ( that is my donation of choice!)

Dakota Inspired

A  Quiltygirl Patriotic Mystery

Finished size:  65 inches x 81 inches


Fabric Requirements:

Navy Blue (Dark 2 – the darkest of your fabric choices)     1 ½ yards

Red:  ( a contrast to your Navy)  Dark 1                                 1  3/8 yards

Medium Blue ( should be lighter than the Navy and the Red  1 1/4 yard

White – a Light that Highlights the darks -                        2  1/2 yard


·        Please do not assume that we are done with a fabric at the end of a clue, save it, there may be multiple steps using that fabric.

·        We will cut what we need to accomplish each clue.

·        There are many ways to piece some of the parts – I will provide one, and tell you the finished sizes of the pieces – you can determine the method you would like to use.

·        Above all else – have fun ;-) 

If you would like a PDF of this file - click Here A12 Dakota Inspired PDF