Monday, September 01, 2014

Around the World Blog Hop

I was invited to Participate in the Around the World Blog hop .... such a fun concept. It gives you ways to go backwards to the people's posts about themselves and to go forward to another blogger. What a great way to get inspired and maybe even find a new blogger you click with!!

I was invited by Amy over at

And will introduce you to my two invitees at the end of the blog post.

What am I working on?

Well.... that is a great question!!  I seem to have that QDD bug, and have a lot of things in process right now. Since it is also Design Wall Monday  - I will bear all and show you my design wall... ready?

This is the first half of it. I made all these crazy blocks, and now am working on the setting of them.

This is the other half... a Quilt of Valor. My goal is to always make/quilt at least 12 Quilts of Valor a year.

And the other thing I am working on - Photography. I am also a photographer. (I even have Prints for Sale )
I do family/senior photography as well. What fun that is!

How does my work differ from others of it's genre?
Alright - this one is tough for me. Remember that QDD?  Sometimes I follow along with others in their creation process, sometimes I have to take off on my own!  I am a Machine Quilter for Hire so most of my time is focused on making sure that my Clients are taken care of, so my piecing comes later. Which come to think of it, may not differ than others at all!  Hmmm.... Maybe you know how I differ?

Why do I create/write what I do?

Easy peasy - to Inspire!!!  I want everyone to know that what you create is perfect - even if it is not!  It is all all a learning process, and a creative process. Did you start a pattern and have it differ? That is called design inspiration, and its all good!!

I also want to let everyone know about this amazing philanthropy - called QUILTS OF VALOR - maybe you have heard of it ;-)  I really love this organization - and I love that the hugs that are received by a quilt can really change lives.  I try to provide patterns , block drives, finished quilt inspiration, and show you ways to jump in.... at any level!

Who am I?

I am the mom to these three knuckleheads, and wife to their daddy.
I am a machine quilter... That is always a fun one. People say oh - you knew quilters your whole life right? That's why you got your machine. And I laugh and say no... I bought the machine first, then really learned to quilt!  ( I made ONE quilt prior to my machine, and I purchased the machine to finish that one quilt... go figure)

I was looking for a photo of me, apparently I am hard to find.... but there I am - in the pink!

 Let's see - I bet you can't guess what I am doing here?

Enough about me, I am getting uncomfortable.... the bloggers that I have tagged to continue on in this Around the World Blog hop are:

   Pat and I met through blogging, and I am so glad. I think we would make a lots of mess in real life!! She is a phenomenal quilter - and i LOVE seeing all that she does. I think she might like hockey a little bit too !

   I also met Bonnie through blogging. She is another amazing quilter. She is a part of the QM scrap squad and has so many amazing quilts.

Both ladies are also Quilt of Valor quilters - so we have that in common!
Go check both of these bloggers out. 


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Quilts of Valor 2014

Oh boy.... Buckle in and get ready for today's show.... LOTS of inspirations here!!

We had our monthly sew day on Sunday and oh man - everyone came. ( well almost) and it was crazy and sew much fun!! I enjoyed seeing every one again.... and my car was full!!!

So.... I haven't gotten all that we finished photographed, and not all these quilts came from that day - I just wanted you to know we weren't slacking ;-)

So.... this one was a block that we worked on at a sew day. I took the blocks ( free pattern on my patterns page - rectangle block) and put it into the top... and quilted it up.

If you remember - another way that we find Veterans that have been deployed is thru the website We get these requests and then I try to get one of our awesome reps to present the QOV in person. My dear Sandy presented this one. It was so awesome. This Veteran could not get over the love that went into it, and that Sandy went to him to present it!

Here is another one. My wonderful Liz presented this quilt. She did a fantabulous job - and they were so thrilled.

Here i s another presentation. The whole family got involved in this photo. I think they were going to adopt Liz!!

And another one. Liz definitely stayed out of trouble traveling to do these for QOV. What a gem!

This is one I made. I blogged about it   and was surprised that I still had strips left in my bin.... okay - I might have been saddened. I really wanted to empty something!

These Next 5 quilts are already at their forever homes. We had a request for a specific group of 30 veterans. My dear QOV peeps had us covered. Kathy and Sue were the Quilters for all of these tops. They also do embroidery at

This top was made by the Red Hat Crafty Quilters.  ( I think it is the pattern that was on kevinthequilters blog!!)

This is another one they made. LOVE the prints added in!!

This one was pieced by Margaret - Quilted by Kathy and Sue

Pieced by Wilma quilted by Kathy and Sue

And the last one - pieced by Candi and quilted by Kathy and Sue.... I sure appreciate all the work that went into these. And when I made a call for a quick 30 quilts - they jumped right in!!! LOVE it!!

The last two quilts are from Bonnie in Virginia - Bonnie has an awesome blog:

Plus she is a QM scrap squad quilter ;-)  TOO cool!!

This one that Bonnie made is an atkinson designs pattern. It is all cowboys and western fabrics... so you know there was a lot of ohhing and ahhing here!!!

Happy Quilting!! Hope you love today's quilts!!

See you again real soon!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Oh gosh - a lot of you have asked about Farmer Boy's pigs... well he wants to write their story = he just keeps running out of time.... seems to be a trend here ;-)

He took two pigs to the county fair, and really enjoyed it. You can enter them in the state fair as well, but he just wasn't interested. After learning that there are 500 pigs that show up for the state fair.... this mom was somewhat relieved!!

Here he is with his pigs - showing them.

The first night was a breeder's show. ( if you had a pig from a registered breeder you could show)  And he had a Chester White - so this one got shown that night.

We thought he did pretty great, considering that most of his nightly walks took place in an alley way, with steers and horses staring at him. He only oinked at the other pigs a few times.

The next day was the actual breed class show. So he showed that white one, as well as this one, He is a crossbreed. I have to tell you - he walked that pig in the ring an I was sure it was the wrong pig. He was a dirty pig at our house..... they clean up nice!!

This one was crazy - he likes to run into things. Sort of like some kids I know!!

He didn't sell either of them. Again - he was glad about that. Maybe next year, but it is hard for them to let go. We still have both of them, and in a few weeks they will go be bacon. That seems like an easier transition for this kid ( and his mom).

PS - if your local ( with in 60 miles of us) we will have half hogs ready in a month.... ;-)

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Gift Quilts

When I first starting quilting I thought making one quilt a year was quite a feat. And then.... I became addicted!!  Of course, when I first started I owned a company, had 9 employees, and 3 little bambinos. So sometimes the piecing part of quilting was stuck way at the bottom of my list.  ( PS we were a clothing manufacturer - so those orders came first)

BUT!!  One of my aunts started inviting me to her retreats, and after the first one. I had almost a whole quilt top finished....  So I knew there was hope ;-)

I had decided at that retreat that I would start making quilts for all of my aunts and uncles. I think I only have one uncle left ( Oops I had better go check my list!!)

My Mom and Dad recently visited one of the aunts I gifted a quilt too and she immediately made them go see her room.... here is why:

Ta da!!! They are using the quilt that I made for them. Talk about making a heart happy!! I love it.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Busy busy Busy... but fun

We are officially on the 3rd day of school. One of my children had to be there at 6am this morning for practice. You can bet that I gladly Volunteered to do the chores if someone else would take him ;-)

I sometimes wonder how much of the rest of my life ( besides quilting) is interesting to others? Do you?

Since I print my blogs at the end of the year, I kinda want to include some of the other stuff we do... plus I love to play with photos.

One of my goals is to get good Vintage and Black and White photos every year. Years ago when my littlest was about 9 months old, a photographer came to town. He set up in a hotel and took the greatest Vintage Photos. They were SO cute!!  So every year, I try to shoot a roll of Black and Whites.

With digital it sure makes it much easier to go back and forth!   So here are some of this summers vintage photos:

Now I realize this is not really a vintage setting with the 4 wheeler... but I liked it. This is my middle son. The mare is one we got from my brother in law. It was quite funny. She was my anniversary and Christmas present. My other SIL got a diamond . She was just sure that this was not my whole present.

I, on the other hand, was so tickled to have this mare. I love her to this day. BUT! She is huge - that child is 6'3" and he looks just right on her.

Of course - Wrangler Man. (swoon)   This is another gelding that he trained. He is another one we  have had since he was a young colt.

This is my nephew and Sister in law. They make a great team don't they? She has a palomino and I really wanted to see what I could do with that color.

And of course, my baby. A chip off of the block I tell ya... anything and everything he can get involved in... he is there. He is loving learning all about ranching from his Daddy.
Alright... back to work. I am so blessed to have a line up of quilts for this month. I am really trying to keep quilting full time.  Keeps me out of trouble ;-)  Let me know if I can help you finish your quilts!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Quilts of Valor 2014

School Starts Today.... It was a little crazy getting my guys up... they like summer mornings ;-)

I will be honest - this is the first year I have actually been ready to get back on a schedule, or at least a schedule that I can work with, and get lots of quilting time in!

Are you ready for a great quilt show??  Me too!  I love show and tell at guild meetings!! I love them on blogs too!

So here we go!!

This first quilt was pieced and quilted by Carolyn in OH. She blogs at

I believe that this was a Mystery from the yahoo group MysteryQuilts4Military   - check them out!!

The next two quilts were put together by the University of Northern Colorado Softball team. They had such a great time playing with our Block Drive Blocks and coming up with great combinations.

Both of these were quilted by Carolyn R at the Quilters Stash... ( PS - if you are going through Windsor CO - stop by - Quilters stash is a great quilt shop!!!)

Tada!! This is the Allegiance Mystery Quilt - instructions start  and each step is listed unde the Allegiance Tab above.
 PS - this was pieced and quilted by me

This is one of the quilt tops that my guild made - I quilted it.
 I put a fleece back on it.... it needed some snuggliness!

 This lovely Quilt of Valor was pieced by the Columbine Quilt guild. Isn't it great?

Another beauty pieced and quilted by The Columbine Quilt guild.

This is another group effort. Marci Baker donated the strippy top, and Joan K donated the borders backing, and the quilting.

The last yummy quilt for this week... pieced by Janelle and Quilted by John A.

 I put quite a few photos of this one in as the quilting just made me so happy. I loved the look it gave!!

Seriously - the back... I can see myself using this side as the top too!!!
Hope you enjoyed today's quilt show. I sure appreciate you stopping by to see all the lovelies that will be heading to their forever homes!!