Monday, March 19, 2018

Stitching Slump

I feel like I have been in a little slump as I don't have these wonderful finishes to show you. And I was complaining to my kid - and then he laughed at me.  The nerve of him!!

He reminded me that I have been quilting - A LOT - just not on piecing stuff.  That really confuses a girl I tell ya!!

I finished this quilt:

My Friend passed away 2 years ago, and I helped her husband with her quilt kits and UFO's.  She had this one pretty much complete, it just needed a little stitching, Quilting and Binding... So I did that - and took it back to him. He was really tickled. But the best part - his house is just full of her quilts... so good to see!

Then I quilted this one - 
This is the next Quilt of Valor the Kids at School have made.

You'll have to come back Wednesday to see who we awarded the other 2 they have made to.

And then!
My dear friend rescued this quilt from demise!
Her family was cleaning out a family members house, and this one had some issues, so they were going to throw it away. She rescued it, and we fixed it up, and then stitched it to a larger quilt base so it would fir her bed.

I had fun!

and then!!!
I lamented that my 2 1/2 inch strip bucket was empty
and my child laughed
( he really is mean isn't he?)
and he led me to where I hid 3 more buckets of 2 1/2 inch strips ( oops)
so now my bin is full again and I need to make a quilt!

and then!!
Baseball started
and I wanted to try Baseball Photography
This is my kids friend
( and one of the kiddos who is helping do QOV in the school)

So now that I figured out I wasn't really in a slump
I am feeling better about my quilting life....

and ready to get to another project
Like my One Monthly Goal.... cuz March is swiftly marching by!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2018


Mystery A7 - THE PATRIOT
Clue #5

MQ4M Clue 5

You need to gather your 16 Blue Star Blocks, your 12 Red White Red Rails, and your 8 White Red White Rails – basically all of the blocks ;-)
You will sew 4 Big Blocks that look like this:

  you will use 2 of your white/red/white blocks, and 3 of your Red/white/red blocks, and 4 stars per block 

Putting it all together!!    Are you ready?

Lay out the inner top like this:

I then stitched my Star/Stripe pieces to the Rail piece.

Then sewed them into halves, then the whole – and it worked pretty slick!

Next you need to measure the top – it should measure about 55 x 73. 

You will then add a little Navy Blue Border – it is 1 ½ inches wide.  I needed 7 Width of fabric strips to piece the tiny border, or you can use scraps.

Add the border – top first, then the sides.

Next you will take the two smaller peppermint pieces and lay them out as sewn. 

Because they all won’t be the same length, lay them out – then measure what is left.  Add ½ inch to the measurement and cut a 3 ½ inch wide piece by that length, in your White

Do this for both the top and bottom, then apply those borders.

Next you will lay the larger peppermint pieces out, and do the same thing to make the SIDE border.  These will go on the right and left sides.

And ta-da! Your quilt top is finished!!

Because I get to do mine before you ... I even got mine Quilted... and ... are you ready for this??? I bound it!! I didn't even beg someone else to do it - so I could keep it a secret.... I get points for that ... right??

The PDF file is available in my Craftsy Store ( for free)
you are looking for Mystery A7 The Patriot Clue 5

I hope you have enjoyed putting this one together - and maybe putting your patriotic pieces to good use?

I'd love to see you quilts - feel free to email them to me, post them on my Facebook page - or send me the link to your blog.... that'd be cool!

Ps... I've got some new fabrics added to my Ebay page too....  and I have more to add !!

Monday, March 12, 2018

Time Change on the Ranch

This time change is always my favorite - I LOVE lighter nights, and being able to be outside more.... It's not always warm.... but who cares ?? The Sun is shining!!

A Roping Series starts here in January - usually on New Years Day, and it ended yesterday. So we try to spend a lot of time out working the horses ....

Sometimes I get to take my camera too.... just sometimes ;-)

I have a wall that has my Grandpa in Laws Spurs, and a Photo of My other Grandpa in Law riding a steer. I love that old timey look - so may end up putting this one next to it. 

and then my Girl
When she is being funny.... she smiles at you  ( or laughs at you - however you want to take it)

Mostly she's pretty nice - but I think they were sharing secrets!! or maybe they were planning dinner?

This is 'Ol Blue Eyes herself....

Working on the Run - well actually, she is learning to stop once  a catch is made.... it's a challenge ;-)

And when they catch and make a great run - it's really fun! 

Hope you survived the Time Change!!!

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Friday, March 09, 2018

Getting into Green

I'm having a slow Green Start... but I'll get there.....

Green is the color for our Rainbow Scrap challenge.....

it's a challenge this time for sure - my Green is getting low!!!  I *gasp* feel the need to shop!!!

So I have a pile of Greens:

These will become blocks.....  

And then I started wondering if I had done anything with the Green blocks I made before....

And Look what I found!!!
Of course - I only had 11 blocks, but I do have a half and half!


Wednesday, March 07, 2018


MQ4M A7 Clue #4

For this clue you are making 8 Rail Blocks.  The blocks need to finish at 9 ½ inches.

You will be using your Reds and Whites.  This block needs to be White, Red, White, Red, White – It should be more than 3 rails, and up to as many rails as you like AS LONG AS IT IS BORDERED BY WHITE ON BOTH ENDS

I did mine all scrappy as I needed to use Strings up – and I like scrappy.  You can also do them with yardage. 

Scrappy Rails
Cut your Red and White Strings at least 10 inches long, using various widths. I sewed White/Red/White/Red and then pressed. Then I measured the width and decided it I could use thin or wide strips to finish them – some ended up only 5 rails, most ended up 7 to 9 rails –

My goal was to make them 10 inches by 10- ish inches, then trim down to 9 ½ inches.

You can cut each strip even – this math works out to 2 5/16 inch strips – well I suck at that cut – so how I would do it is – used the White rails at 2 ½ by 9 ½ and use RED Rails at 2 inches by 9 ½ inches – then you get an easy cut and a block at 9 ½ by 9 1/2 inches.

If you decide to use yardage – you need 36 White strips and 24 Red strips

Step 2:

You are making Peppermints!!

You can make them Scrappy – varying the width of the Reds and the white, or you can make them symmetrical – and use approximately 3 ½ by 3 ½ inch squares

This is what you need:

Two pieces that Start and End with Red  at 3 ½ by 30 ( ish) inches long. If it turns out 29 or 31 – it’s okay – keep it – it will work so amazingly well!!

And you need Two pieces that Start and end with Red that are 3 ½ by 41 ( ish) inches long – again if it turns out 40 or 42 you are ok!! Keep it

I made mine all scrappy – and because I did it took a little longer than if I just used yardage – but I sure had fun playing in my scraps

And that’s it!  Catch up on everything else so you are ready for the next clue!~!!!

Pdf's can be found at my Craftsy Site - Enjoy!!

PS - if you have a blog post about it - tell me - I have been posting some of them on my Quiltygirl Facebook page!!

Friday, March 02, 2018

Finished!!! Blue Blue Blue is done!!

Ta da!!!

My Rainbow Scrap Challenge BLUE Quilt is all finished!! I started these blocks in 2015? ... wow ...

I put it into a top in January with the Color of Blue..

and I snuck it on to the Quilting Machine a few days ago.... and then! I came right upstairs and I bound it!!!  And there wasn't even an earthquake ( that I know of!)

I was even able to get a photo in the sunshine! and with a quilt holder....

I feel like a lot of things were going my way in this event....... 

On saturday head over to the RSC blog ( link on the photo) and check out the new color and all the *goodies* everyone is working on

AND! I am still adding some more fabrics for others to love on and use.
Quiltygirl Fabrics

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Thursday, March 01, 2018

March's One Monthly Goal

It's that time!!! Time to Pick a 

and I did it ;-)

I could tell you were worried that I was running out of projects....  

Somehow I ended up with a jelly roll ( or 6 but who is counting?)
And I found this pattern at Busy Hands Patterns

and so
It spoke to me and said

and so.... I am!!

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This is Puppy
He says 
"Really???   You are starting something new? Let's go walk"

The end 

Wednesday, February 28, 2018


MQ4M Clue #3

For this Clue you will need your 3 Different Light Blue Fabrics.
Out of each blue you will need 12 - 3 ½ by 9 ½ rails – I used yardage, so I cut 3 strips width of fabric of each of my THREE Light Blues

I then stitched them in to strip sets, 

And then cut them into 9 ½ inch blocks

Each Block measure 9 ½ x 9 ½ inches

Once you have your 12 Blocks you will need to stitch them into 4 sets of THREE blocks – alternating Directions just like the photo below:

If you are doing scrappy – arrange them in an eye pleasing color scheme – I used yardage, as I discovered my light Blue scraps – were Empty!!

You can find the PDF files in my Craftsy store ( for free)

Monday, February 26, 2018

Sapphire Stars Revisited

My January One Monthly Goal was to piece my Sapphire Stars - Kevin the Quilter Mystery quilt.

and I did   ( thank you, thank you very much)

And this last month!!! I finally got it quilted ;-) Oh ya.... you can applaud now

Bless my heart - I pawned the binding off on another Quilt of Valor quilter - cuz she can't say No - so in my book.... IT IS FINISHED -- Whoot Whoot!!

It's a big Quilt!
My batting is only 90 inches long, so I had to piece batting to make it long enough ;-)

I quilted an all over on it 

Ta -da!
One more quilt ready to find it's forever home 

PS - If you are looking for some fabric deals.... I have started cleaning out my studio ( just a little bit) and... mostly you know - I have boys, and mostly, I make Quilts of Valor... so some of this yummy fabric will never make it into my quilts.... so!!  I a starting to list things on Ebay.....

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Rainbow Scrap Challenge - February

This is my progress on my Scrappy Irish Chain  - that is my goal for this years Rainbow Scrap Challenge.... It took me a while to make a decision - but!!!

Now that I have -


January's Blues, and Februarys Pruple blocks are all finished.... and Now....

I await the March color ( but it's okay - don't hurry March along ok???? I'm just getting used to February)

It may not stay laid out this way.. but for now... its whats on the wall ;-)

You can find all the info for this project here:
Scrappy Irish Chain Info

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