Monday, September 16, 2019

Simply Sensational Summer Scrap Quilt

Designed by Kevin the Quilter.... 

Is slowly but surely getting there!!!

I sorta like it!!  I tell you - Had I seen this I would have been - no way - Its too hard - but  I think that is the beauty of Mystery Quilts - You make something you may not have just because you are intimidated - and each time I learn something new... a new technique,  a new thought process, or just a new quilt idea in general .

I have the other three corners laid out and ready to stitch, and then we will keep on going and see what I make of it!!

And!! I cleaned in my studio a bit - I have 2 scrap boxes - these are the large boxes - They weigh about 8-10 pounds each and they are all yours... I have two - they are $20 for flat rate shipping - if you want one of them email me at:  AlyciaQuilts   @  Gmail . com ( remove the spaces)

First two to claim them - i can bill you thru paypal and Bam! They will be heading your way for lots of scrappy goodness!

and just because
It was a crazy busy week
and a crazier Weekend - but 
We all need some Serenity...

Off the coast of California.
I am ready to go back

In the meantime 
I will share the photos I took from my last trip....

and bore you to pieces
Scrappy Pieces
Ha ha

Friday, September 13, 2019

My Favorite Block....

Carla over at Creatin' In the Sticks hosts the most fun and amazing blog hops!! I always add to my bucket list - and I love it!!

This time she put a call out for *My Favorite Block*  and I knew I had to jump in!!

And do you know why? I was getting ready  to start on another of !! My Favorite Block!!

Can you guess what it is?

Yep!!! The Churn Dash!! I even have one on my barn!! Which I need to update, we added on to the barn and moved the block to a higher even better location!! I can see it from my front room now!!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Tutorial by Missouri Star Quilt Co - it uses ALL 5 inch squares. and I LOVE to cut my leftovers into 5 inch squares

This is my Bin of 5 inch squares! It sits by my Sewing machine, so anytime I need a leader ender - I make a half square or a rail block. I just stitch them and put them in a pile...

Then on Sundays - I cut and iron what I have and keep on going..

And my wall fills up until I have 30 blocks - and Bam!! I put it into a quilt top!!

So the Tutorial that I use is here:

Churn Dash Block Tutorial

And then one day I wanted to make an 8 1/2 inch block and because sometimes Math Eludes me - I made a ton of sample blocks with different squares - using the same method - and Ta -da ! I have a measurement chart for you.... ( I mean there is no reason for math to be hard for you too!)

( Click on it - you can save it to your computer!!)  Fun math right??

This is what I made with all of my Sample Blocks - and I awarded it to a Veteran and it was hilarious - I told him about the MATH that was required - and he got a kick out of it - turns out... He was also a math professor - so he appreciated my struggle!    
I also designed a Mystery Quilt using a Churn Dash! You can find the pattern here - I called it a Dash of Chains... Smart right?

 Pretty Cool right?

And then!!! ( are you bored yet?) I saw this Modern Churn Dash in a Modern Patchwork Magazine. 

And I could go on until you were bored.. Or maybe you have already finished your breakfast.....

But !! I have one more!!!

I had all those squares in my bucket ( above) and I have been using them as leader enders.... but because today was the reveal of our favorite block!!  I finished it!!!

And TA DA!!!
Here is my Scrappy Churn dash
and it didn't make a dent in my bucket
But now!
I want to do one in the opposite color way!!

So!!! FOR TONS of other Favorite blocks - check out this post:

and after the FInished Friday Link up - I will have the Friday Links posted too... Just in case!!

BECAUSE today is also FINISHED or NOT FINISHED FRIDAY!!! and man has it been a week!! I am so glad I have a finish to share!!


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And now!! The links to the Friday Favorite Blocks:

Friday, September 13th

Go show some love!

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Mystery A9 LONE RIDER... Clue # 2

Mystery A9 – Lone Rider
Clue 2

For this clue you will be using your Dark #2 (Red in my example) and your Light.

You will be making 40 – 8 ½ inch Half Squares.
So you can go totally scrappy or use width of Fabric. I know there are many ways to make them – this is mine.

1.   Cut 5 strips WOF Dark #2 and subcut them into 9 inch squares – you need 20

2.   Cut 5 Strip WOF Light and subcut them into 9 inch squares – you will need 20

I draw a line diagonally on my light – Some people don’t need this – I get easily distracted when sewing so I do!
Then sew ¼ inch on each side of the line.

Cut on the line
Open the half square up and press.
You will have 40 -  8 ½ inch Half Squares.


This clue took me 1 hour and 15 minutes from cut to press

A PDF for Clue #2
PDF for Mystery A9 Lone Rider Clue 2

Did anyone finish Clue #1? Comment so I can go check out your blog!! 

Monday, September 09, 2019

Come to the Source

Probably you don't know this... but around here...  We like Horses!
Sometimes a little too much ( as in I can't say no when another comes home with us)

Wrangler Man's Sister and her Husband run an Amazing horse ranch ( Merritt Quarter Horses, Colorado)  - and raise some of the most beautiful horses around.

They started a breeding program years ago and the horses they raise are super ranchy, super athletic, beautiful animals.  I might quite possibly own 4 myself today!

22 years ago they hosted the first "Come to the Source Horse" sale to sell some of the progeny... and we have been to as many of them as we are allowed.

This last one was super fun for me - I took my camera!

Oh... and their Sale is Called *Come to the Source*  and My Family has a Facebook page for their horses - Merritt Quarter Horses  ( go follow it to see some beautiful creatures!)

Alright - that was my plug

Want to see what I saw?

  This here is my Beautiful Family - The gal in Yellow is my Sister in law - the guy in white is a nephew and the one speaking - none other than.... my Brother in Law - the head of the Merritt Clan.

( there is another nephew hiding in the back - black hat!)

He can't get away from me tho!

We also have a phone in bid process - so even if you can't be there in person
you could get your hands on these Hancock Horses

Isn't that the cutest baby?
I sorta wanted it
but I didn't bid...
( I tried to remember the 3 kids in college thing)

So this is the Bid pen
Maybe you all know this but .. I'll tell you again
These three see the bid and call them out to the auctioneer
And they were awesome
( and funny!)
There was a lot going on and they were right on top of it

The Auctioneer in the Blue shirt on the right?
He was the best.
I picked my seat so I hoped I could see the sale ring, and then he showed up.
the first horse that came out - he stepped dead on in front of me
And I thought... fine - I will go move

He looked up - saw the camera
and I swear NEVER got in my way again

What a super nice guy!!

I totally love that this is a family affair
This is my youngest Nephew
He wasn't even alive when we held the first sale
 but he has been a part of if since he was born

This is my other nephew
He too is a Major helper in the whole operation
Its been awesome watching them grow up to where they are today

and my Famous Brother in Law
He's the best
You can learn so much just from hanging around him.
( Don't tell him I said I like him tho - he will tease me mercilessly and make life rough on me)

And because you know I like Black and Whites
The little Colt on the left was for sale
but Momma goes in the ring too
Makes it easier for the baby to be happy

Another Sweet baby
I tell you - they are the best horses

I love the way she handles horses
Kinda like the way she goes thru life
She doesn't get ruffled
She's patient and kind
She accepts and includes everyone
so everyone feels relaxed around her.

If you ever want to head to Laramie WY to a horse sale - this would be the one to go to. It's a lot of fun and a lot of beautiful animals.

I am super proud of my family

They are carrying on a tradition that started a lot of years ago when Chip's Grand Dad owned Blue Valentine - He was a blue Roan from Joe Hancock and the genetics that are in these horses are hard to beat.

PS There is a really really cool blog hop starting today... Your Favorite Block hosted by Creatin in the Sticks!

Go check out all the cool ones - and don't forget to come here Friday for Mine!! as well as Finished or Not Finished Friday!

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Sunday, September 08, 2019

Quilt of Valor Inspirations

Since we have the Mystery ( Lone Rider!) going on on Wednesdays - I thought I would do a Little QOV post here today! My group has been pretty prolific in creating and you all need to see the cool quilts right???

This is a Wonky Stars
We did this as a block drive in 2015 
So it is fun to see people working on them again
Margaret Mary and Faith pieced it
Crystal Quilted it

NExt is a top from Laura
It is a Zig Zag Rails
We did this as a block drive in 2014
But it's timeless
I designed the block as a way to use all my 2 1/2 inch strips!

Here is a great Strippy quilt
Made by Miracles 
Quilted by Beth

Beth Also quilted this one
Made by Evelyn

And this one
Made by San

Kathy made and quilted the one above
and the Flags for Sue was Kathy and her familys joint effort

you see - Sue is Kathys Sister
Even Kathys and Sues Brothers helped make this one in her Honor

Hope you enjoyed seeing these awesome quilts that will be heading off to Veterans very Very Soon!

Thursday, September 05, 2019

Jelly Roll Waves Quilt - AND Finished or Not Finished Friday

Welcome!!!  Hope you enjoyed Finished or Not Finished Friday last week!!

Today - I have a finish ( well an Unbound finish) but the quilting stage is FINISHED!!

AND!! It is HOT off the Longarm!!

As in as soon as I came home at 2pm I ran downstairs to finish.... and then ran upstairs to take photos... and I am NOT even getting sidetracked!! Are you impressed?

Ta Da!!!  My Jelly Roll Waves quilt is done!

Myra at Busy Hands Quilts hosted this as a Quilt a long - and I so kept up.... until... I didn't... But that's alright - its ready to be bound now. You may see it again - I may actually show you when it is bound!

My Finished Quilt was 58 x 71

Alright - Lets link up your FONF's
That way we can always see this weeks finish ;-)
and have a blog viewing party!!!


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Wednesday, September 04, 2019

Mystery A9 - Lone Rider - Clue #1

Mystery A9 – Lone Rider –Clue #1

For this Clue you will need your Dark 1 and your Light.

You will be making 80 -  4 patches! 

They will measure 4 ½ inches when finished.
If you decide you want to go completely scrappy you will need 160 -  2 ½ inch Dark 1 Squares and 160 - 2 ½ inch Light squares.

I used Width of Fabric
Cut 10 Dark 1 strips 2 ½ inches wide
Cut 10 Light Strips 2 ½ inches wide
Pair them together and stitch.  
  Press to the Dark side.

Sub Cut the Strips into 2 ½ inch units – you should have 160 units.

A quick tip for me – I press the strips, then I lay 2 strips sets on top of each other, in opposite colors and cut my sub units. The seams nestle, and they are ready right away for sewing into a 4 patch.

After cutting you should have 160 twosies – as you can see here – I have 80 pairs – as I already have the 4 patches paired up! It’s super easy to chain stitch this way.

This is them all chain pieced and sitting on my Ironing board to be pressed. I leave them stitched in rows as it is so easy to lay them out on the board, press multiples, then clip the strings.

This clue took me under 2 hours –

1 hour and 20 minutes to Cut and sew the Strips and re cut – then 30 minutes to sew the 4 patches and press

with this clue

A PDF for this clue is Here:
A9 Lone Rider Clue #1

Monday, September 02, 2019

A Memory Quilt and the Korean War Memorial

That sounds like a weird mix right? Well - it is.....

So first off - A Memory Quilt

I got a call from a man who had recently lost his wife. He said - could you take her fabric and make me a memory quilt. In my head I pictured a HUGE quilting room with all the fabric organized by color, and that I would go in and select some fabrics and make a quilt for him.

Please don't judge me on the organized thing - in my world everyone else is SO organized in their sewing rooms.... and I always hope it will rub off on me!

Anyways - he says I will meet you with her fabrics..... how can this be? I have a huge room pictured of thousands of fabrics.... Instead it is in a box, and her cats have slept on it... hello... I am HUGELY allergic to cats.

But I can't say no - so I took all the fabrics to the Laundromat and washed them 3 times and now.... I am halfway done with the quilt top.

And now - the Korean War Memorial

The first time I went to DC with my son, we walked on the National Mall - and  I kept feeling like something was behind me, and it was night and I felt eerie.... We later learned that the Korean War Memorial was behind me!

We have been back to see it quite a few times - this time I took my camera and I wanted to try Night photos.   it was such an amazing experience - that memorial gets me every time. It was silent and the people were very respectful

But this image
( below)
Is what I was really trying to capture
and it was hard not to scream YES after I got it.

It is not perfect I know- 
but the Korean Wall has these men in the wall... and their images really speak to me
I wanted to capture them as well

Do you see them?

The American Flag always gets me 
and the one flying there just spoke to me that night.

So while these two aren't related .. They are both Memorials... I hope you still like me 😉

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Thursday, August 29, 2019

Sorbet Quilt Finish!!!

Welcome back To:
Finished or Not Finished Friday

I had such fun last week looking at all the  projects - you all just made my Bucket list get bigger!!

But that's okay - here is what I learned this week:

How about you??
Ha ha!!

I was asked about a FONF Graphic - and you all know my Graphic Designer went to college
So here is my Attempt

And Now!!

Here is my Finish for this week:

So one day I was browsing Instagram ( I am @alyciaquilts) and this quilter was giving away this top - with the intent that the new owner finish it and send it off to a charity.  I immediately said - ME!  I would love to quilt it as a Quilt of Valor...... We support a Womens PTSD unit and those Amazing Women Veterans LOVE our Girly quilts!!! So we always try to have a couple on hand!!

And now this will be one of them!!

Isn't it fun and bright?

And to keep it really bright - look at the back I used! This is what it will be bound with too - I will take it to my QOV sew day and one of the amazing Quilters will bind it.... adds a LOT more love!

Alright - Lets link up those great projects now - and let me have some more Ohhing and Ahhing this week!!

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