Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Placemat Project ( RSC) and knitting


So September is getting away from me.... I only have one orange placemat made - and not even quilted....

I also got a Blue one made  - and again not quilted. But its good - I have a lot of  Client quilts to quilt, so haven't been able to sneak in one of mine ... when I sneak in mine I add backing to them - so I can just quilt the placemats.... it will happen 

These were being created for our Local Senior Center - we aren't close enough to town to do Meals on Wheels - but our Senior center does weekly lunches - so soon these will be accompanying the lunches - they only needed 32 - so I have delivered those already.  These extras - well I am sure they will find a home ;-)  

and knitting!!
I got a box in the mail from TEXAS... and look at these goodies!! Can't wait to start knitting up hats for M with them!!

These are the two hats I got finished this week... and then we got an update from M - she needed 200 total - and she now has the first 100 all filled, and of the second 100 - 30 have been made... so She is feeling like her goal will be accomplished... but she told us to keep knitting haha!!

I had car time - but it was really truck time - and we are so dirty after riding that I really didn't think it would be good to knit in the dust!! So.... to all the knitters out there.... how do you wash these hats?

Do you use a lingerie bag so they don't stretch???

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The Joyful Quilter said...

Yarn often "blooms" when washed, Alycia. That's why patterns recommend knitting a gauge swatch. Congrats on getting your one ORANGE placemat pieced!

Sherrill said...

I've never washed anything that I crocheted..never even blocked the stuff so I'm no help in that dept. And yeah, knittin' dirty probably best avoided! HA But on a good note, the goal is in sight. YAY

Delighted Hands said...

Considering all of the adventure travels, it is no wonder you are down only a bit on the quilting! lol The hat yarn will come in very handy--just toss in the washer and dryer as long as the label says they can!

Linda said...

I like that orange placemat! Have fun knitting - I can't help you any but I love to see what you're doing with your yarns. I just bought a skein of hand-dyed yarn from a destash and am planning to selfishly crochet myself a scarf (that I hope I'll need soon!)
Take care!

Bonnie said...

Looks like a nice group of yarn you have to choose from. The big problem with being a quilter and a knitter is you have a fabric stash and a yarn stash. And, boy howdy, they both grow when you least expect them to! Have fun with your hats.

WeedyMama said...

If you are using acrylic yarn, it will be alright to wash in the washer. Lingerie bag if you want, but it must be dried in the dryer or it will fit an elephant.

Wool yarn really needs to be hand washed (even if it says otherwise), and dried flat -- never in the dryer unless you are planning for a Barbie doll to wear it.

Do you know how to tell the difference in fibers (looks like you might have some mysteries there)? Synthetic fiber will make a black ball/bead in a flame with a chemical smell. Natural fiber will burn to ash, with an animal smell.

Pat at Bell Creek Quilts said...

you're doing awesome with your placemats give aways! congrats on the knitting...I had to give up knitting when my arthritis started acting up.

Kate said...

Place mats look good, at least you have a couple constructed, the quilting will happen eventually. Good luck with your hat knitting project and the customer quilts. You definitely have enough going on to stay out of trouble.