Monday, September 27, 2021

A Jeep Tour ( on Day one)

 After we Attended the Military Reunion - we headed out on our adventure! The first thing we did ( after the Wine Tasting of course) was take a Colorado Jeep Tour!  This company was awesome!

I had never been to this region, and so we thought - why not take a Jeep Tour - learn what is out there and then - we can go adventure on our own... BEST decision!!

Our Jeep Driver was Scott - and I wish I had taken a photo of him - he was awesome. He is a school teacher in the regular year and a guide in the summer!

I should warn you - I might have a lot of photos in this post... go get your coffee??

This is looking back at the Territorial Prison. Maybe you knew this - but before Colorado could become a state they had to prove they had a place to lock up the bad guys... Can you believe that? so this is the present day prison - but they started with a small Territorial prison - and a Women's prison.  The first woman arrived at the prison system in 1873 - having been accused of Manslaughter - and they didn't have a place for women - so ... the built a women's prison It was built in 1884 with only 6 cells.

A new one was later built with 40 cells... and they housed women from other states too - Wyoming, Utah and South Dakota.

That little white thing there in the center? That is the Steeple of one of the oldest churches in the town - and for perspective - I wanted to look down on it - to see how high we had climbed. 

Looking down into the river. I think this is the pretty part - then it heads into the gorge - and to me - that was a bit scary to look at - solid rock walls!!  ( and yes - Claustrophobia is a problem ha!)

My dads rule when we were kids was - the First one to see Wildlife gets an ice cream. and so! I documented that I saw the wildlife - and yes - I was actually the first one to point these two out.  We also saw some deer - but I was not fast enough to get the tour guide to stop.

We thought these two were amazing - their horns are so big!

Then!! We got to the Royal Gorge Bridge!! They stopped letting traffic cross it after 9/11 = but the Colorado Jeep Tours has an agreement with them - and so we got to drive over it!

Oh man - my feet got the Jitters SO bad!! I mean really bad!! You are high up there - 

And it is not very wide - Two cars could not pass each other. If I remember right he told us it was one way traffic -  but still - I held on tight!

I tried to get a little brave and stick my camera out for a downwards shot. I am not sure you can see the train tracks and realize how FAR down that is. K was videoing from his phone and I was yelling at him to hold that phone for dear life!!

Just a rock - but see the edge of the jeep there? ( to the left) Scott left the big door open for me so I could take photos.

The Aerial Tram = this goes over the Gorge from one side to the other - too cool to watch right?

This was such a cool trip - there are way more photos of just this half of the day - but I know you are out of coffee!  If you go to the Royal Gorge - I totally recommend Colorado Jeep Tours! Its a great way to see the area. and if you get Scott - you get THE best history lesson....

Come back soon... There is more....


Donna said...

Added this place to my bucket list! Great trip and pictures!

Sherrill said...

Oh MAN!!! You got to see the big horns! DANG! I am always on the lookout but have never seen them anywhere. I didn't realize the bridge has been closed for so long. I distinctly remember my dad driving the camper (on the back of the pickup) and my sister and I up in the part over the cab watching through that narrow window across the top. It was pretty scary from that vantage point!! And you could feel the bridge moving. Looks like a fun jeep adventure so far.

grammajudyb said...

We haven’t been to Royal Gorge in quite awhile! When we did go, they were still allowing traffic. We were on a motorcycle and so we rode out Gold Wing across. We were with a group . It is pretty awesome! Thanks for the photos and the memories they evoked!

The Joyful Quilter said...

MORE?!?! Good grief, Alycia! You really know how to make the most of a weekend!!!

Quiltdivajulie said...

You are braver than I am to cross that bridge! Heights and movement at thise heights really in-nerve me. But those photos … amazing scenery.

Delighted Hands said...

What an incredible adventure! The heights and depths are intense! I like the wildlife!

Judy in Michigan said...

I was there a long time ago...maybe 1976? Royal Gorge is amazing!!! Looks like I need to go again.

Sue in Scottsdale, AZ said...

I am petrified of heights. When we were there (back in the late 1980s), we took the tram across the gorge and I had to stand in the middle of the car and hold on for dare life. We walked across the bridge to get to the other side and I tried to stay in the middle but there were cars going by. You can also see through the wooden planks and I was scared silly. My then boyfriend (now my husband) made me get closer to the side so he could take a picture. I was not a happy camper! It is definitely beautiful country.

Nancy @ Grace and Peace Quilting said...

Super interesting jeep tour and narrative, Alycia!!! Love reading about your QOV presentations, too.

Kate said...

What a great way to see the back country sites. We actually stopped at Royal Gorge this last Spring, but we don't go across the bridge. You got some beautiful shots.

chrisknits said...

Man, you are making me wish I had been able to go with Hubster to Colorado this week. We go out to visit friends who live about 90 minutes from Canon City. Even though I hate heights, I have wanted to see the gorge, maybe next trip. I stayed behind this year due to our daughter's high risk pregnancy. Mama can't be 20 hours from her baby, who's expecting her baby!