Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Quilts of Valor 2014 - October

Good Wednesday Morning !!  

Hope you all have had a great week! We had a great weekend – a QOV sew in on Sunday netted a lot of tops! The University of Northern Colorado Softball team joined us  and it was AWESOME.  We also had the opportunity to present 6 Veterans their Quilts of Valor – what an honor!

As I show you all the quilty goodness that has happened this week – I would like to answer some questions and put aside some rumors about the Quilt of Valor organization.
Pieced and quilted by Sue S of Colorado
this was a block of the month ( overachiever she is... she made 2)

QOV is making some changes and going in some AWESOME directions. And we all know change is hard – but this change is so awesome – really!! And you know me – I have been involved since the beginning – so I am probably the most resistant to change (ask my kids… its true… always maple syrup , no cinnamon!)

Made by Sue from blocks made by her friend Mary
Sue quilted it also

One of the things QOV is doing is asking different sew groups to register. Now it does cost $30 for your group to register, and then $5 per member  that wishes to be a part of your group. IN COLORADO:  I have a group – and about 75% of our regular sew-ists have joined. The others – they are SO TOTALLY welcome to be with us…. And we want to include them all.

(please NO one leave me)

But those who do register with the $5 get a 2015 ( really – its 2015 soon?)  Get a 2015 commemorative pin , so that’s a $5 value right there. AND you get a Personal ID Number.

With this number you will be able to take advantage of the sales and bargains that QOV is going to offer on their website. Maybe fabric,  T shirts, thread….digitized QOVF logos,  QOVF logo patch (for those of you who don’t have an embroidery source), quilting tools and fundraising merchandise.

Why are they going in this direction?

One: to comply with the government 501(c) 3 regulations.
Pieced by Sue S and quilted
by her Sister in Law - JoNell
there's a ton of quiltyness in that family!

 Two: so that each group can set up their own account under the National Foundation. I like this!  I can submit any fundraising checks right to QOV, they can help me make sure the donator gets the proper documentation to get their write off, and I get to purchase more supplies for our QOV’s – 100% of all the funds that my group raises goes back to my group. (Love)

Three: My voice counts. When QOV goes to ask the batting companies for a special rate, or a large corporation for donations – they have me registered as a proud quilter, and that speaks volumes to those companies.

Of course there is more, and there is so much goodness in store – but I wanted to get that out there. You don’t have to join up, you don’t have to pay for each quilt you make, and you don’t have to jump up and down and rub your tummy. We want you!!  I love the big hearted ness of quilters, and I love the LOVE that our veterans feel when wrapped in our Quilts of Valor.

I am sure there are more questions – if you have one – would you do me a favor and email me directly ( addy at the side) so that if I don’t know the answer I can forward the questions to Susan ( or illustrious Executive Director) or Sharon ( our Asst  Executive Director) . These women work almost full time for this organization AS VOLUNTEERS…. But they are so willing to help us!

PS – looking for the Coordinator in your area?  Check out The QOVF regional Coordinator page

After all - the big picture is to honor our Veterans and let them know how much we appreciate them and what they have sacrificed for our Country.

Keep on Quilting!!!


Anonymous said...

Awesome!!!! <3

KeyQuilter said...

Excellent post, and thanks for all YOU do!

Andi said...

Thanks for the update. We are lucky to have you as a spokesperson and coordinator!

Anonymous said...

Great Quilts and those smiles at the presentation are such happy ones. Keep up the good work Alycia. Love your blog and I look forward to it every week.
Thank you.

Nikki said...

Love the quilts....but ADORE string quilts. The poppy is gorgeous!!! Thanks for sharing.

TLC said...

Thanks for sharing. The pic of the little girl waving the flag in the background of the last picture is so neat.

Kate said...

Love the last picture of all the guys (and girls) with their quilts.