Monday, November 11, 2013

Waterpik Oral Care System Winner

Wow!!! Thanks to Waterpik for the sponsorship - and for offering an Oral Care System. I tell you - THIS - is an impressive system!!

Check out how cool this system is:

I did get one of these for my son - he had braces, and I really thought it would help. Imagine how happy I was when both the orthodontist AND the Dentist told me his teeth looked good.... I am thinking I will get one next!

So the winner of this system is:

Drum roll please.......

Raluca in MD !!! Congrats Raluca - I will be emailing you and getting your shipping address!!

And Happy Veterans day. I hope you have been watching all the other Veterans with their quilts. This guy! Wow - what a decorated Veteran. His stories were impressive.

I have Three more drawings left to post - so keep coming back today - they will be done soon ;-)

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Tami C said...

Happy Veterans Day!!!