Wednesday, November 20, 2013

QOV show - Eye Candy for the Soul

I am back!! I am so excited to start showing you all of these finished Quilts of Valor.

Many of them have already been presented - we had a big run of presentations over Veteran's Day - and we are doing more. I love that we are getting to show our appreciation !!

This quilt was pieced by Many!!! These are the blocks that were collected at MQX last spring. ( PS - the class list is out now!!)

Liz put them together and she quilted it!!

 I love this quilting pattern - I really though it enhanced the quilt!!

Here is another one - You could piece two different blocks -and we had a great time mixing and matching!!
 This one was also Quilted by Liz!!  She is wonderful!!

Now to be honest - this one speaks to me!! I love the solid cream breaking up the colors!! Again it was quilted by Liz - she is a force!!!

This one was made and quilted by Liz too! She tells me that they go camping, and her relaxation is to piece. She has a whole set up that she can put outside , right by the door - Impressive!!
 See the peace quilting? Too cool!!

The Next 5 quilts were made by ZoeAnn and her quilters at the Columbine Quilt Guild - The guild did a panel challenge - and I am proud to say that a lot of them became Quilts of Valor. I love how they used the panels to create such beautiful quilts!

That is it for Today's show!! Hope you enjoyed it. Do you have a new idea for that panel that is sitting in your stash????


Terri said...

No Comments? I don't understand how you could just pass by these quilts - without commenting. They are spectacular! (And Liz is a force, I agree. What's her secret? She sure knows time management!) Thanks for sharing the pictures, Alycia. I always enjoy this blog.

JL said...

I love seeing these blocks from MQX last spring being put together, quilted and keeping our soldiers warm. You do such wonderful work for our soldiers and veterans. You ROCK Alycia!

Rosie said...

These quilts give me a case of the warm fuzzies. Love them all.

Barob Book Blog said...

Love these quilts. What a great bunch of settings and beautiful finishing touches. Thanks for sharing.

Merrily said...

Thanks for sharing these beautiful quilts, an inspiration for sure.

Margaret said...

I see many, many of my 208 blocks there. The finished quilts look great. We'd better get our blocks for this yr nailed down so I can get started!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I love those beautiful blocks and the bright cheerful colors. They are probably warming the hearts and bodies of some great veterans. Marilyn

Jan said...

I love seeing all these quilts---they are so nice. Quilters really are the most generous people!

phxquilt said...

Another smashing QOV show! I love the variety of settings and blocks. The panels provide such a wonderful starting point for all that creativity. Glad you had these wonderful quilts ready for the Veteran's Day rush. How is your stockpile?

Tami C said...

These are some really lovely quilts! I'm like you Alycia, the one with the solid cream alternate blocks speaks to me as well. I really like Liz's peace quilting as well! I guess I should start thinking about what to do with the panel sitting in my stash! Thanks for sharing Alycia.

Kate said...

Beautiful quilts! There are some very talented and generous quilters out there.

Kevin the Quilter said...

Yum! Candy!