Tuesday, November 05, 2013

International Quilt Festival

I took way way way too many photos - and had such a great time seeing all the quilts... I think I may have to do a few posts - so you can see the yummy quilts!!!

I got to Houston on Wednesday night - just in time for the grand opening of Festival... along with 400 million gazillion other people!!  It was crazy - but so much fun. I met so many wonderful quilters. Loved the enthusiasm!!

 Here is me working... (stolen from kevinthequilter.blogspot.com)  But I really was working!!! I promise. I am not sure sitting down ever felt SO good!!!
 Kev, Dar, and Ann came and took me to lunch... well really - they took me to wait in line lol - I tell you - those lines for food were long!!! People get hungry shopping though - I get it!!

And then - I found the Moo-ston display.... these are not all of them - I have a picture of each one - I promise - but these just tickled my little soul!!!

A lot of them I remembered to take the picture of the quilt card, and then I must have just gotten so excited... as I missed a few!

Just so you know - this cow is totally on my bucket list!!!It comes from Out of the Box: with Easy Blocks  written byMary Lou Weidman - and I am totally getting it.... My own Christmas Present!!

A long time ago - before I married Wrangler Man I had purchased a few Dairy cow items for my kitchen. And of course, Dairy Cows are not really considered "ranching" to my cowboy family, so they have been stowed away.... and Beef Cows have taken their place.... ....  don't you think I could get away with a quilt like this though????
 I showed my family these pictures and they all just cracked up - Love it!!
So.... have you ever made this cow before?  and would you like to see more of International Quilt Festival quilts?  ( please say yes - I took 574 bazillion pictures!!)


Paula, the quilter said...


Magoo47 said...

Never seen the cow before -- LOVE it! And YES to more pictures!!

Pat R said...

Houston Festival was great and I really appreciated dinner with you, Kit, and Mary....fun times! The 'cow' exhibit was so funny!! I wish I had Mary Lou's imagination. Since I didn't take many pictures at Festival, I would LOVE to see yours!!

Terri said...

Yes! More!

Cows are so fun.... since cattle also Moo, you should be able to get by with one that says Moo and not cow. But female cattle are cows, so I'd say go for it. Anything should qualify.

Thanks for sharing the show. Some (few) of us couldn't make it.


ytsmom said...

I saw the cows in Des Moines. They were hilarious; everyone was laughing and having a good time looking at them! Yes, there is a cow in my future! My sister and I had lots of fun thinking up different cows to make, can't wait to see yours.

Judy V from Thornton CO said...

Yes, yes, yes, do post more pictures! It seems quilts are getting to be more colorful and fun!

Sherrill said...

I have never made a cow but have seen photos here and there online. Too funny the names they come up with--PanaMOO Canal. HA

Vicki W said...

Those quilts are so cute! Show me more. :-)

Lori said...

The cows are hilarious! Yes to more pictures.

Kate said...

Love the cows!