Friday, November 08, 2013

Vicki Welsh Hand Dyed Fabrics Winners


Our first Drawing is for Vicki Welsh Hand Dyed Fabrics  - Vicki generously donated 2 stash packs of her yummy hand dyed fabrics. Vicki also did a Guest Post  for us and really discussed her dying process - so check that out!

Here are the stash packs..... and the winners are:

Stash Pack Number 1 - Lori M in Nevada. Lori and her mom made a bajillion blocks!!! Hope you will love this Lori!!!  

Stash Pack Number 2 - Marsha P in Los Angeles CA - Marsha - You are wonderful!!! Thank you for participating!!

Ladies - emails will be coming your way - if you could please respond with your addresses.... I will get these on your way to you!! For a happy sewing day!!

Oh!!! Would you like to know some statistics?  I know a few of you are math geniuses - I promise - you will not need to worry about me taking over your job!

First:  THE TOTAL number of ALL blocks are:   4133 !!!!  That is approximately 86 quilts worth... we may be busy here !!

Second:  there were 766 cards in my drawing basket.... Lawsy Mercy - I kept having to get bigger baskets!!

And ....Here is why we do what we do! They are smiling - I promise, it is so overwhelming to find out people have been thinking of you, and to honor you with a gift as amazing as a quilt.. it truly starts the healing!


Vicki W said...

Wow! That's a lot of blocks! Congratulations to Lori and Marsha!

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I have just recently found your blog and did not take part in this, I think this is a great cause - are you doing this again and how can I do my part another time? do you take the quilts of valor that others send you and distribute them?

Anonymous said...

You can send tops anytime.

Tami C said...

Oh my! 86 quilts will me around 86 Veterans! That is so wonderful! Thank you to everyone that made blocks and thank you Alycia! You do so much for our Vets! God Bless you all!

Barob Book Blog said...

This is just fantastic Alycia! We will all look forward to seeing the 86 completed quilts in the future. It was such fun to participate. Thank you!

SherryB said...

WOWZA!!! That is one tremendous block drive! You will have your sewing machines on super-drive to put these blocks into quilts. Great job, everyone!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful news about all those blocks you received. Now the work begins when you have to put them all together for the quilts. Bless you for all you do for our vets. Thank you

Kate said...

Wow! What a great success! Congrats to the first winners.

katie z. said...

That's an awesome number of blocks! Thanks for encouraging all of us to do a little to help you.