Friday, May 10, 2019

California Day 3

So the "Real" Reason we went to California was for my cousins wedding.  but you know - you have to make things all about you first - ha ha

The morning of her wedding we went to the Newport Aquatic Center and learned to Paddleboard.

It! Was! Awesome!!  I highly recommend it

BUT! Since my friend ( who was teaching us) said there was a pretty good chance I could fall in the water - I left my cell phone in the car - so... no photos!

We did however take a groupie at the end  - to prove that none of us fell in!

we went pretty early in the morning so we could get back, eat lunch and take showers. But see all those boats in the background? As we were getting out a TON of these things started launching - it was practice time!!

See! The boys clean up nice! This is them giving their undivided attention to their Grandpa
I am sure he is telling an amazing story ( he has lots of good ones)

And the Happy Couple!! My Cousin ( in the wedding dress!!) had a beautiful outdoor wedding. It was so fun - all of my cousins except one made it- and all of our kids made it - so it was pretty cool.

Their *officiant* was his brother. He is one of 3 boys - and each  boy has taken a turn - officiating for the others. and I tell you - that was just the BEST!  there was a LOT of humor in their vows, and we were left laughing a LOT

The wedding photog captured this one and we died!

I have no idea who the lady in orange is - but the rest of us!

are related

The party lasted late into the night
and it was so fun

What a great time to catch up 
Altho.... It's kinda weird being the adults

Just sayin'


The Joyful Quilter said...

What FUN!!!

Farm Quilter said...

They aged, you didn't, right??

ButterZ said...

So good to all be together.