Saturday, May 04, 2019

Back to Cali

When you are so SO close to the beach
You really don't want to stay in the Hotel
After Our Arrival and afternoon of Dolphin Watching

The next Day
we headed to another beach over in Laguna

it was high Tide
and it was awesome

The boys!
We all were able to go and it was so great.
I love doing things as a family - and of course,
when they are older it is harder to coordinate...

But so glad they agreed to be a part of my goofiness!!

The tide kept messing with our sand castles 
so one of them drew a line to keep the ocean out.

You see how well it worked right?

As the boys were out surfing
this Seal just started swimming out with them - 
he swam between the boys and was just happy

mom might have been happy to see him moving on....

and you know
at the end of the day

A good novel
and a tiny bottle of wine
Ha ha

I did not know they sold wine in tiny bottles
It was hilarous
and of course
I got teased that I Should get out of the house more often!


Libby in TN said...

What a fabulous trip! Beautiful shots of the beach, too. Enjoy the boys while you can.

Kate said...

Looks like a very fun trip. It does get so much harder to get together when they are older. We just have the one and trying to get her to family events has been a challenge this year. Between work, exams and homework, it's hard to fit in a trip to any place (even home). Hope you got to lots of fun family time.

The Joyful Quilter said...

Thanks for sharing your vacation is such detail! It's like I was right there with you. Without the cost of airfare!!!

Ranch Wife said...

Great shots!What a great trip and fun memories! I'm so glad all the boys were able to make it. You're so right - it's hard to coordinate everyone when they leave the coop.

Julie said...

I LOVE oceans! I used to live in Portland and it was only an hour to the beach. We went about once a month. I miss it. It was too cold to swim that far north, but it was still soothing. I finally got to see the Atlantic last summer! said...

Another Jack Reacher fan! Oregon coast with pocket beaches is equally fun.

Farm Quilter said...

How fun that they had a seal swimming out to visit, but I totally understand mom's objections!! I love to watch the waves crashing on the rocks!! Lovely time with family!