Friday, August 06, 2010

Quilts of Valor from The Quilter

I met the Quilter a few years ago, and I honestly can't remember how. But since then I got to go to a quilt show with her, had her explain to me where the quilt shop in Loveland was, and even had her direct me to the sewing machine fixer guy. All in all she is a handy gal to know.... you know ?

Plus she makes quilts - and she made some more Quilts of Valor for us. And they are WONDERFUL!!

I love this fabric line that she used - it is beautiful!
Thanks Quilter *smile*


Cheryl Willis said...

The 3rd top is interesting. 4-patches framed and then set. What a neat way to use up odds and ends. (I am a fan of the scrappy especially in RW&B!)

paula, the quilter said...

Thanks! BTW, the 3rd top is a Disappearing 9Patch with sashing.