Thursday, August 05, 2010


We headed over to the Weld County Fair on Saturday to see how everyone did with all their projects. I think they should all get ribbons for getting things done ( each person at the fair, not just my kids). I just don't know how everyone can fit everything in these crazy schedules anymore!

First we headed into the vegetable. Wrangler Man entered some of his veges from his garden. This was his first year - and he did well! His Spaghetti Squash got a first place. And it tasted good too, or so the kids tell me. ( I had gingerale) He entered tomatos and pickling cucumbers too.

Then we headed into photography. Middle Bit decided to enter a photo this year and he took 3rd place. Not to shabby. Now he wants to take pictures of everything. Our favorite was taken by a lady we knew - is was an eagle landing on a tree with its arms outstretched. Beautiful.

Next it was on to the quilts. In the 8 to 13 yo class, Little Bit won first and Middle Bit won second. It was fun to watch her judge them, because she had a horrible time making a decision. It came down to... the star on the black and red quilt was left unquilted, and she said that it would affect the integrity of the quilt in the years to come. *Now, in my mind* I wonder how she knew that for sure, since so many of todays batts say they can be quilted as far as 12 inches apart without any problems.

In the 14-18 class Big Bit took first place with his quilt. Which led Little Bit and Big Bit to be in competition for Grand and Reserve champion. ( plus a 3rd quilt, but I didn't know that kid....sooo....) 

Big Bit won Grand and Little bit won reserve in the youth division. Here was the bummer tho - the fair labeled my oldest sons quilt with his younger brothers name on it. And even though we pointed it out, they did not change it. So for the week the quilt hung there - no one saw his name. He was a LOT dissappointed. So was I.

Oh - and they had project board for archery and .22 sports, with their record books. They did well on those too - but I can't remember who got what. I was trying to hard to remember the others!!

All in all - it was a good fair I believe!


marilyn said...

Tell your boys congratulations. And congrats to you too for making it through the fair and not going insane! We haven't competed in a couple of years because the kids always put everything off until the last minute and we are running around and making 7 trips to drop everything off and I just needed a break. Plus, it seems like the people running the fair don't really care too much about the kids. That makes me sad. But good job on the quilts and the 4H record books (aren't those fun?) and on feeling better!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations all! Well done. Glad you're feeling better as well Alycia. With your schedule getting better was a feat in itself.

Shari in AZ

Sherrill said...

WOW! Sounds like your family took a huge chunk of the fair ribbons this year..that's GREAT! But I would pay BIG MONEY to see the picture of that eagle with ARMS!! LOL

Pat R. said...

Congratulations to the boys and to the Mom who keeps all these things going in the right direction, even when feeling really icky! Glad you are better.

Diane said...

What size is that star quilt?
Is it large enough for a QOV?

Quilter Kathy said...

Congrats to everyone for even being organized enough to enter items!

Anonymous said...

The boys all did great on their quilts. I am so sorry for Big much time would it have taken for them to change the names anyway?

That is cool about WM's veggies. I am actually thinking about entering some next year...we will see! I also want to get the kids involved in 4-H and stuff. We shoot quite a bit, but it would be really fun for them to do some in an organized fashion.