Sunday, April 25, 2010

Quilts for Sunday

What a weekend!!
Sometimes I think that by blogging it is the only way I will remember what we have done!
I just got back from binding quilts with the Binding Buddies. My oldest son came and made some string blocks. One of the gals came and brought her Accucut Go Cutter. I think I am in love. She let me play with it and she had the 2 1/2 inch strip die. I think I cut enough strips to bind 100 quilts but I Loved It!!! And bless her heart she said she would bring in next month too - I think I will just cut fabric all that time!!!
These Quilts of Valor for the Warrior games are from Sue E in arizona. This heart quilt that Blogger put upside down was a wonder cut ruler pattern. It is really cool!.
The next one is a Nine Patch,
The next two are Strip Twists - Sue made them using the pattern over at I am so glad Bonnie shares these with us - the Quilts of Valor program has benefitted greatly!


These Last three quilts from Sue are Crumb Quilts. Do you know how much fun it was to check out all of these fabrics? I fell in love with these quilts.

Sue - Thank you SO much for all you do for QOV!! It is SURE APPRECIATED!!

The next three quilts in today post come from a Famous Author. You might even recognize these quilts from her blog - . Do you know who it is yet? Judy L!!

I loved these quilt while looking at them on her website - but I gotta tell you they are much more cool to see first hand.
Thanks so much Sue and Judy!! You gals are awesome!!


Elaine Adair said...

"Blogging is the only way to remember what we have done!" I agree - some days when I'm kinda in the dumps, I read/review my own blog and it DOES lift my spirits, especially when some things were forgotten until I read it myself!

What a BUNCH of beauties!!!

Anonymous said...

These beauties are going to make some soldiers feel very they should.

Shari in AZ

Mary Johnson said...

I love my Go cutter too. That 2.5 inch die helps me prep a lot of bindings way more quickly than I can without it.