Thursday, April 29, 2010

Quilts for a Thursday

Whoa baby are the boxes arriving... so does this mean quilters like deadlines ??
I came home this morning to boxes piled up in front of my door so high I had to come in a different door!
These first three Quilts of Valor for the Warrior Games come from Pat in Colorado. Pat is an awesome quilter, and an even better longarmer! She has been so helpful to the Quilt of Valor movement in Colorado!
Thanks Pat for these beautiful quilts!


These Two Quilts in the Center came from Maine!! ( ME is maine right?) Joline F made them and they were quilted by a quilter in Kansas. They are beautiful. And Joline - thanks for being patient with me.... ( long story LOL)

The last three Quilts of Valor come from Judy K in Ohio. It was made by members of the Heart of Ohio Quilters Guild in Newark OH. Thank you!!

You know one of the benefits of having these quilts all over the house? I can not see the laundry piles building up!! I have had a few emails asking how I am getting it all done, to be honest - I am not. I am letting a lot of things go. So if I am slow in answering your emails - please know I am not ignoring you, just running like crazy. ( Unless it is a negative email - most likely I am ignoring it LOL)
Have a great evening!


Cheryl Willis said...

amazing love from around the country-this is the American Spirit I adore! Bless you and the ones these are going to. cw

Elaine Adair said...

My word - each one is better than the previous, but that SECOND ONE, kinda log cabin-y is really KEWLLLLL! Thanks for eye candy!

Pat said...

Elaine...I agree....every quilt just gets prettier and prettier!

The log cabin-y looking quilt is made from my scrap bin and I have made near 100 like it and the scrap bin does not go down! hmmmm