Thursday, April 08, 2010

More Warrior Games Quilts of Valor

Did you ever look at your to do list and go - ugh! I want to DO it all, I just need more time? That was my day today. But the good thing is I did get to the best part- blogging about the wonderful Quilts of Valor for the Warrior Games.

The one on the left came from Wendy M in Painesville OH. I LOVE it!!

You may notice that some groups and peoples names are showing up in one or more posts. That is because I have unloaded boxes in a pile, and just grab the first box to start photographing. If they have sent quilts in more than one box.... they may not be right next to each other in line.


That makes sense right?

`So the Turning Twenty and the one right after it both came from Betty S in Lufkin TX. They are wonderful!!!

There is a wonderful group of Colorado ladies over on the western side of the state. They are the Chaffee CO Quilters in Buena Vista.


A long time ago when I was just getting started quilting for Quilts of Valor, quite a few of the tops I started with came from this group.


Thru those quilts I met Linda L - and I tell ya, the lady has no "stop" to her!!! She and her group do a wonderful job,
The 6 quilts are from that a way!! ( I know there is another box from her group too - can't wait to open it!)

And the very last quilt in the post tonite comes from Julie H in Newark DE. I LOVE the patriotic fabrics she used. Great job Julie! Thank you SO much,

You all are wonderful! I am off to sew binding on one last QOV for my 5th grade class. Wish me luck - I need it done by tomorrow morning!

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Lori said...

Oh Alycia--I do enjoy your blog. Every post I read and study the pictures.