Monday, April 19, 2010

Tuesdays Thimbles and Betty in TX

Whoo hoo the count is growing every day!
I am at a total of 144 quilts with all the boxes opened so far. I wanted you all to know the numbers even though I haven't shown you them all. ( They come faster than I can take pictures LOL)
So these first 4 on the right are from Betty S in Lufkin TX. She has sent in a total of 8 quilts for the Warrior games . Very busy lady!!
She makes the neatest bags for them too.

Thanks Betty for all your hard work!!

The next 7 quilts come from Washington. From the Tuesday Thimble group that meets at
I am guessing that this group has a good time sewing. I can just imagine the smiles and fun they have.
And the quilts - they are wonderful!!

So - remember that sore throat... it turned it to a real cold and I am not happy with that. I NEVER get sick - I don't allow it.... I must have had a moment of weakness.... And then my boys had swim meets on Friday and Saturday. We were working on breaking our times - and I HAD to yell.... just so you know - that did not help the throat!!

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