Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Honor Flight Delivery

For my Quilters Accountability this week I would really like to account for where a LOT of Quilts of Valor went!! This was quite a week.
First off - although I have no pictures of this - 32 Quilts of Valor went to the Dave Roever Eagles Summit Ranch. He does an intensive camp with Wounded Warriors. The Soldiers were so touched, and amazed, and these quilts brought tears to their eyes.

Secondly on Saturday night the Honor Flight Northern Colorado arrived back home from a wonderful trip to Washington DC to see the WWII Memorial. They were greeted at the hotel with a standing ovation and a very enthusiastic crowd.
Each WWII vet was presented a Quilt of Valor as they walked down the long hallway. It was awesome. And the smiles - oh Lordy the smiles. If you could just bottle a few of those up you would never have sad times again.


Even though these were presented on a Late ( and boy do I mean LATE) Saturday night - I have already recieved a few thanks you's.
And they asked if I would share. I do make a small booklet to go with each QOV on how a Quilt is made, and that many many people all over the US have helped to make this possible.
"Please share with all of those who were involved. I enjoyed meeting some of you upon our return from D.C but tired and emotionally drained would only begin to describe my state of mind!

Neat Quilt!! For an army blanket kind of a guy this is a very significant upgrade. I can only imgine the time, effore and concern that went into its making. I am honored X 12.
Thank you so very much

Want to see what 120 quilts look like before they are given away?

Thank you ALL from the bottom of my heart for helping out and encouraging our count progress.


LizA. said...

Aww, this post brought tears to my eyes. And I just LOVE the grins on the boys faces!

Lori said...

Cool...That is all I can say!

Pat said...

I LOVE today's posts!

Mary Denise Haddon said...

Alycia - I volunteer with Rocky Mountain Honor Flight, and when I had time, I loved to quilt. I know what a simple gift of a quilt can man to someone. We are making a trip to DC in two weeks and plan another large trip in the Fall. I hope that over the summer, when things quiet down a bit, I can make some quilts for our veterans. We have been taking fleece lap throws for those in wheelchairs who can't move around to keep warm. About half of our veterans are now in wheelchairs. RMHF's territory extends from Ft. Collins to the New Mexico border, and from the Continental Divide to Kansas - quite a large area! If anyone in your group would be willing, and has the time, we would love some lap quilts! Quite a few of our veterans are living in VA facilities, assisted living complexes, and/or have no family nearby. A quilt would be a lasting memory of their Honor Flight to DC. Several of us will be taking part in the Warrior Games and we are looking forward to making friends with those warrior heroes. Thank you for what you are doing to make a change in someone's life.
Mary Denise Haddon