Friday, April 02, 2010

5th grade Quilts of Valor

Our Quilts of Valor are getting done. They are working on the labels now.
The first picture is of Group 8 and their quilt. The patterns we use are the Turning Twenty pattern from Tricia Cribbs at
The title of this quilt is "One Nation Under God"

Group 3's Quilt
The Title of this quilt is "Star Stitches"

Group 7's Quilt
The Title is "A Drop of Heaven"

Group 6's quilt -
The title of this quilt is
"One Nation"


Anonymous said...

They are all awesome and I love those kids' faces! They are beaming!


LizA. said...

What a proud looking bunch of kids. How fun.

Lori said...

Great job!!!!

Pat R. said...

What an awesome job these kids have done!! Well done, quilters!!