Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Quilters Accountability Week 12

My March Goals were to finish all of the 5th Grade Quilts of Valor - that was a total of 9 quilts - and.... drum roll please.... all 9 of them got quilted. Yay!

*edited to make a seperate post for each of the QOV groups in 5th grade*
I also wanted to get Step 5 of my Carolina Christmas done - I didn't - I think this last week I didn't even sew on it, I might have ironed some pieces - but that would be it. Oh well... It will be there when I get to it. (grin)

My Munchkin had a birthday, and we took in treats to share. His teacher has them do a poster all about them, and he got to share it with his classmates. His favorite thing at school: Lunch. His favorite things and home - Breakfast, Dinner and Snacks!
We met a soldier from Ft Carson. He has been injured 3 times, and has been in the Wounded Warrior unit, but missed our quilt deliveries - so we caught up with him. Because he had recieved 3 different injuries, they are not letting him go back overseas. ( kind of makes sense to me). But a quilt was presented to him, and he LOVED it. There were tears - but I thought that would be mean to post that picture!!

Last but not least - as quilts are taking over my house I am finding some things that I will never finish. This started as a Saturday Sampler. The picture shows what is finished. There are 3 applique packs, and a picture of the final pattern, and fabric scraps from what was made. No other fabrics. If you want it, I will send it to you - just leave me a comment before Sunday night that says I want it - and a way to email you to get your address - and it is yours. If there is more that one of you that wants it - I will draw names.

Quilters Accountability Goals - I think that today I will just set goals for the next week....
Goal 1: To keep taking pictures of all the BEAUTIFUL Quilts of Valor arriving for the Warrior Games.
Goal 2: Bind One more 5th grade quilt.
I think that might be enough *grin*
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omashee aka Barb said...

Hi Alycia, if nobody else has spoken for your Saturday Sampler I would love to play around with it to see what I can do. What's done so far looks lovely.

Loving all your QOV pics! I've got one that just needs binding yet and several others in the works if I could judt get busy.

omashee at msn dot com

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

hey girl!!! Some words of support... "one lil' piece at a time." ;0)
Meaning: you and I are on about the same part of Carolina Christmas. I have moved mine into the Leaders-enders pile because other projects have moved to the fore-front. little block at a time (finishing up the broken-dish/HST blocks from step 4). We both know this top will get finished sooner or later---wd don't need to be in a hurry.

Thanks for the accountability update!

Anonymous said...

The quilts of valor are awesome! I love that quilt being held by the soldier. Is taht a dissappearing 9 patch?

Tell your Munchkin happy birthday!

Also, I think your goals are admirable for the week! I told you this accountability stuff is flexible! LOL - and to get all those quilts quilted! Way to go!

I think you and I should put your Carolina Christmas and my Jinny Beyer Mirage in the same pile...really want to work on but other stuff has to get done now!

I have a QOV for the Honor Flight to put in the mail Monday.

Keep it up!


Janet said...

I am amazed you have any time to sleep! I like your Saturday Sampler. Janet in NY