Sunday, March 21, 2010

From Meredith and Linda in Caly

Someday I am going to Caly to go fabric shopping with Meredith....I just sayin'

These 6 quilts come from California - they were all quilted by Ron O in New Mexico. I think that Meredith and Linda keep him very very very very busy!
The first three quilts on the right were made by Linda L, they are just wonderful and very creative. Linda - thank you so much.

These quilts are going to the Wounded Warriors Unit at Fort Carson.

These next three quilts on the left were made by Meredith. I should have taken pictures of the backings too - they are just great. I really truly wonder where she finds all this fabric!
Meredith - I thank you very much for these quilts. They are also going to the Wounded Warriors unit at Fort Carson. This is part of our No Soldier Forgetton Quilt of Valor Project.
These quilts are greatly appreciated!

Hope you all had a great weekend. I know yesterday was National Quilt Day - did anyone do anything fun? I did - I will just post about it later, once I download my photos.... you might be surprised!

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